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Difficulty of founding a Nation
Difference between a Nation and an Empire.
Peculiar Organisation and Teutonic Character of the Franks -
Clovis, Frank Chief of Tournay, attacks Egidius, the last

Roman Officer of Gaul, and defeats him; the Vase of Sois-
sons; Clovis's Marriage with Clotilda; his Conversion and

Baptism by St. Remi - -

He defeats the Burgundians at Vouglé; Rivalry of Clovis and


Death of Clovis, 511; Succession of his Four Sons ; Accession

of Theuderich, King of East France; Clothaire reunites the

Frank Empire, 558 -
Division of the Empire into Neustria and Austrasia; Difference

of Habits and Laws between them .

The Major Domûs; Rivalry of Sigebert and Fredegonde .

Assassination of the former; Brunehild's Quarrel with the

Austrasian Noblesse -

. .

Her Death, and the Accession of Clothaire the Second to the

whole Empire, 613; his Son Dagobert in Austrasia, 622;

his Expedition against the Slavons

Rise of the Family of Pepin; Battle of Loixi, 680, between

Austrasians and Ebroin, Mayor of Neustria ; Austrasians

defeated - - - - - - -

They take their Revenge, 687, and under Pepin win the Battle

of Testri over the Neustrians; Descendants of Clovis con-
signed to nullity by the Austrasian Mayors

Pepin of Heristal, first of the Carlovingians -

His Son, Charles Martel, once more crushes the Neustrians at

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Vincy in 717; Rise of the Austrasian Aristocracy or Chi-

valry; Charles Martel repeoples the West with them - 15

Defeats the Arabs at Poictiers -



Batters the Cities of the South ; Labours of the first Mission-

aries beyond the Rhine; they are superseded by Anglo-

Saxon Monks

Boniface founds the German Church; Pope Gregory offers

imperial Supremacy to Charles Martel - - -

Charles Martel is succeeded by Pepin, who defeats the South

Germans on the Leck

- - 19

Pope Stephen applies to Pepin for aid against the Lombards - 20

Pepin marches over the Alps and reduces Pavia; he returns in

754, again overcomes the Lombards, and grants the Exar-

chate to the Pope - - - - - - 21

Death of Pepin, called the Bref, in 768 ; Division of the Empire

between Charles and Carloman ; Charles reduces the Aqui-

tans - - - - - - -

He marries the Daughter of Desiderius, King of the Lombards - 23

Death of Carloman, 771; Charles sole Monarch; First Expe-

dition of Charles against the Saxons, 772 - - -

Marches against Desiderius, proceeds to Rome, and confirms

Pepin's Donation, 772 - - -

Charles' organisation of Empire; his Dukes and his Missi;

Resistance of Witikind; Defeat of Roncesvaux .
Saxons lose two Battles, 783; the Huns conquered ; second

Visit of Charles to Rome, and his Coronation
Charlemagne, Emperor of the West, 800 -
Private Habits of Charlemagne -
His judicial Arrangements; his mode of Warfare ; Causes of

disunion in his Empire - -

Charlemagne's Death, 813; His son, Louis the Debonnaire; his

Character - -

Rise of Feudalism ; Distinction between it and the Social and

Political Principles of Classic Antiquity ·
Basis and Peculiarity of Teutonic Institutions -
The Monarchy not divine or universal ; Rights in Inequality -
Causes of the Cessation of Slavery; Rise of the Letes - -
Division of the Empire by Louis the Debonnaire
Revolt and Murder of Bernard, King of Italy; Struggles

between the Emperor and his Sons
Death of Louis the Debonnaire, 840 -
Struggle of Germans and French united against Imperialists at

Fontenailles, 841; Defeat of the Emperor Lothaire -

Meeting of Strasburg, 842; Treaty of Verdun; Division of Em-

pire into East and West, notwithstanding its nominal

Re-union under Charles the Bald -

- 43

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