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Foreign Classics for English Readers




“ The man,

Who in this spirit communes with the forms
Of Nature, who with understanding heart
Doth know and love such objects as excite
No morbid passions, no disquietude,
No vengeance, and no hatred, needs must feel
The joy of that pure principle of love
So deeply, that, unsatisfied with aught
Less pure and exquisite, he cannot choose
But seek for objects of a kindred love
In fellow-natures, and a kindred joy.
Accordingly, he by degrees perceives
His feelings of aversion softened down ;
A holy tenderness pervades his frame.
His sanity of reason not impaired,
Say rather, all his thoughts now flowing clear,
From a clear fountain flowing, he looks around
And seeks for good ; and finds the good he seeks;
Until abhorrence and contempt are things
He only knows by name ; and if he hear
From other mouths the language which they speak,
He is compassionate, and has no thought,
No feeling, which can overcome his love."


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