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Books upon the liturgical, historical, topographical, and genealogical Antiquities of England; with separate sections relating to Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.


IX. Wales: History, Topography, Genealogy, Language



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offered for cash at the affixed net Prices by



LONDON, MAY 1, 1879.


Weiss's English Language and Literature. Origin, Progress, and Destiny of the English Language and Literature, by John A. Weiss, M.D. 8vo. 701 pp. cloth, new, published at 21s New York, 1879 "The other nations of Europe may esteem themselves fortunate that the English have not made the discovery of the suitableness of their language for universal adoption."-Dr. K. M. Rapp's "Physiologie der Sprache." Vol. III, p. 157.

Dr. Weiss's book is a most valuable contribution to English Literature and Biography. He treats his subjects in the only mode in which they can be satisfactorily discussed-. chronologically. Beginning with the Fifth Century he comes down regularly to the Nineteenth Century.

He has compressed a vast amount of information into his generous pages, and he who cares nothing for philology, can gratify himself by the literary history, which will aid him in the understanding of the English portion of his library. We commend the work especially to all teachers, who will find here much to interest their classes. He who does not possess this volume will find himself at a great disadvantage compared with its fortunate possessor. S. Austin Allibone, Philadelphia, March 13, 1879.

"Dr. Weiss's account of the Origin and Progress of the English Language is an eminently laborious, and on the whole we may say meritorious work.

"The most interesting and most useful part of the work is not the philological, but the historical portion, the sketches and specimens given of English literature from the earliest to the latest period. The first works wherein English was employed as a written language, and by which its form was gradually fixed, are little known to any but professed students of English antiquities and philology; and a book which gives the ordinary reader a general account of them is a valuable contribution to the education of a people of whose higher classes Lord Beaconsfield has said that they know no tongue but their own, though they really know less of the history and origin of their own language and the method of its structure than those of half-a-dozen dead and living foreign tongues."-The Saturday Review, Feb. 22, 1879. Yarkand. Scientific Results of the SECOND YARKAND MISSION; based upon the Collections and Notes of the late Ferdinand Stoliczka, PH.D., now publishing under the Editorship of Allan O. Hume, Esq., C.B., F.Z.S., in impl. 4to. with illustrations

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Calcutta, by Order of the Government of India, 1878
The following sections are now published; they are sold separately at the
prices affixed.
MOLLUSCA, by G. Neville, plate,

38 6d


REPTILIA and AMPHIBIA, 139 W. T. Blanford, 2 plates,


GEOLOGY, by the same, 3s 6d

ICHTHYOLOGY, by Francis Day, 5 plates, 78 6d

NEUROPTERA, by R. McLachlan,

woodcuts, 1s 6d

HYMENOPTERA, by F. Smith, coloured plate, 38 6d

Or the six parts together for £1.
Other parts will follow.

Withie's (John) Heraldic MS. entitled: The NAMES and ARMES of them that hath beene ALLDERMEN of the WARDE OF ALLDERSGATE since the tyme of KING HENRY VI, beginninge at the 30 yeere of his reigne until this present yeeare of our Lord, 1616; reproduced from his MS. in the Harleian Collection and annotated by F. C. Price, 24mo. 32 coloured Coats of Arms, and 32 pp. of explanatory text, hf. bd. 78 61 Very few copies were produced of this interesting LONDON ARMORIAL; it will soon be very scarce.


Wyatt (M. Digby) Specimens of Ornamental
Art Workmanship in Gold, Silver, Iron,
Brass and Bronze, impl. folio, 50 plates,
printed in colours (pub. at £6. 6s), cloth,
£2. 108
DISCHEN Gesellschaft, Vols. I-XXXI and
parts 1 and 2 of Vol. XXXII, mit Regis-
ter I-XXX, 1847-72-Jahresbericht für
1846, und 1859-67, von Gosche, 3 parts,
8vo. plates, two vols. in cloth, and the rest
in parts, £15
Leipzig, 1847-78
Five parts are wanting: Vol. XV pts 3 and 4;
Vol. XVI part 3; Vol. XXIII pts. 1 and 2.
Zend. BURNOUF (E.) Commentaire sur le
YAÇNA, l'un des livres religieux des
Parses, 2 parts, 4to. all pubd. sd. £2. 10s

Paris, 1833-5

History, Topography, Genealogies,


See also ante, pp. 749-757

14746 ANEURIN, Y GODODIN, a Poem on the Battle of Cattraeth, by Aneurin, a Welsh Bard of the sixth century, with an English translation and historical and critical annotations; by John Williams Ab Ithel, crown 8vo. (pub. 88) cloth, 38 6d

Few copies remain for sale.


The Gododin, the subject of which is the disastrous battle of Cat raeth. contains upwards of 900 lines, and is the oldest Welsh poem extant, having been written in the early part of the sixth century.

14747 BARDDAS; or Bardism, a Collection of original documents, illustrative of the Theology, discipline and usages, of the Bardo-Druidic System of the Isle of Britain, with translations and notes, by J. WILLIAMS AB ITHEL, Vol. I, all published, thick 8vo. xxxv and 425 pp.—a portion of the second volume, containing "Privilege and Usage," pp. 9-168, being all ever printed-together 2 vols. 8vo. cloth, 158


14748 BRIDGMAN (Rev. the Hon. G. T. O.) History of the Princes of South Wales, roy. 8vo. (subscription price, 21s), cloth, 18s

Wigan, 1876 14749 CAMBRIAN ARCHEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION: ARCHEOLOGIA CAMBRENSIS, complete, from the commencement in 1846 to 1877, or Fourth Series, Vol. VIII, with the Supplement to the First Series and 3 extra publications as described below, in all 36 vols. 8vo. thirty vols. neat and clean in cloth gilt, the rest in parts, £32 1846-77

The extra publications are: The Lordship of Gower in the Marches of Wales, edited by Grant, Francis and Baker, 3 pts. forming I vol. 1861-70Gesta Regum Britannia, a metrical history of the Britons, edited by Francisque Michel, Bordeaux, 1862-Brut y Tywysogion, the Gwentian Chronicle of Caradoc of Llancarvan, 1863.

This set is from the library of a member, the late John Stuart, Esq., F.S.A., Scot. General Register House, Edinburgh.

11750 ARCHEOLOGIA Cambrensis, a set complete to 1876, or Fourth Series, Vol. VII, with two supplementary vols. in all 33 vols. 8vo. the first 5 vols. in hf. calf, the rest in cloth and parts, £30 1816-76

The difference between these two sets is that the latter has not the supplement to the first series, nor the Brut y Tywysogion.'


14751 CAMBRIAN REGISTER, complete, 1795-1818, 3 vols. 8vo. front. and maps, a rare and valuable periodical, bd. £2 1795-1818 Full of important contributions illustrating the Language, Literature, Antiquities, and History of Wales.

14752 [CARADOC of Llancarvan] HISTORIE OF CAMBRIA now called Wales, written above two hundreth yeares past, translated by H. LнOYD and continued by D. POWEL, very sm. 4to. black letter, Coats of Arms and woodcut portraits of the kings, bound in




old English red morocco, gilt edges, from Ormerod's library,
£6. 68
the same, sm. 4to. large copy, having the numerous Coats
of Arms and initial letters heightened and coloured, some in a
very artistic manner, title mended, brown morocco, gilt edges,
the same, sm. 4to. fine and large copy, in brown morocco
extra, gilt edges, by Bedford, £10

(1584) Very scarce. The Duke of Grafton's copy sold for £8. History of Wales, translated by Powell, augmented by Wynne, with Topographical Notices by R. Llwyd, 8vo. bds. 78 6d Shrewsbury, 1832 The Description of the Country contained in the Notices occupies 330 pp. 14756 CARLISLE (N.) Topographical Dictionary of Wales, 4to. bds. 38 6d


14757 CHRONICLE of the Kings of Britain, translated from the Welsh copy attributed to Tysilio, with notes and dissertations by P. Roberts, 4to. bds. 328 1811 14758 COLLECTION of Welsh Travels and Memoirs of Wales, containing: The Briton described, or a Journey through Wales, frontispiece; a Trip to North-Wales by a Barrister, frontispiece; a Funeral Sermon preached by the Parson of Laugwillin; Muscipula, or the Welsh Mouse-Trap, a Poem; in 1 vol. Svo. hf. morocco, 18s J. Torbuck, n. d. 14759 COXE (W.) Historical Tour in Monmouthshire, LARGE PAPER, only sixty copies printed, 2 parts in 1 vol. thick impl. 4to. 2 maps and 90 views, portraits, and plans of ancient Castles, Encampments, Abbeys, and Ruins, drawn by Sir R. C. Hoare, half russia, £4 1801 14760 DAVIES (John) [FLORES POETARUM BRITANNICORUM] Adargraphiad Llythyrenol o Flodau y Beirdd Brytannaidd, a gydgunnullwyd gan y dysgedig Dr. John Davies o Fallwydd; Ynghyd â Rhagdraethawd ar Farddoniaeth Gymreig gan yr enwog Gadpen William Midelton, 12mo. facsimile, cloth, 58

Privately printed, Llundain, 1864 (from the original,

Mwythig, 1710)

Literal Reprint of the Flowers of the British Poets, collected by Dr. John Davies; with Captain Midelton's Essay on Welsh Poetry. Highly valuable for Welsh scholars, the original edition being no longer obtainable. The reprint was carefully made by the late Rev. Mr. Jones of Rotherhithe at his own private press, and he has added a facsimile of Midelton's handwriting. 14761 DODRIDGE (Sir John) History of the Principality of Wales, Dutchy of Cornewalle and Earldome of Chester, smallest 4to. first edition, painting on vellum of the arms of the Duchy of Cornwall inserted, calf, gilt edges, RARE, 25s



Historical Account of the Principality of Wales, the Dutchy of Cornwal, and Earldom of Chester, sm. 8vo. calf, 6s

1714 14763 DOSPARTH EDEYRN Davod Aur: Ancient Welsh Grammar, compiled in the 13th Century by Edeyrn, the Golden-tongued : with y Pum Llyfr Kerddwriaeth, or Rules of Welsh Poetry, and

Translation and Notes by the Rev. J. Williams Ab Ithel, 8vo. (published at £2. 28), cloth, 258 Llandorery, 1856 14764 ENDERBIE'S (Percy) CAMBRIA TRIUMPHANS, or Britain in its perfect Lustre, shewing the Origin and Antiquity of that Illustrious Nation, folio, ORIGINAL EDITION, many Coats of Arms, fine copy, old calf, rare, £6 1661

Such was the rarity of this old book and the estimation in which it was formerly held, that Bryant's copy sold for £30. 9s; Heathcote's for £29. 18s 6d, and Montolieu's for £32. 10s.

14765 EVANS (E.) yr Adgyfodiad, 1851-Davies (R.) Arweinydd i'r Anllythyrenog, Dinbych, 1820-Catecism yr Eglwys, Ngwrecsam, 1794-Joan Tegyd, Traethawd-Knight (W. B.) on Welsh, and its Orthography, 1830-an 8vo. parcel, sd. 78 6d

14766 FENTON'S (Richard) Historical Tour through PEMBROKESHIRE, 4to. portrait and 30 plates, russia, rebacked, £2



the same, 4to. portrait and plates, ILLUSTRATED with additional engravings, MANUSCRIPT PEDIGREES and notes by Sir S. R. Meyrick, uncut, £3. 3s


A book full of interesting matter relating to the History and Antiquities of Wales; published under the patronage and with the literary assistance of the late Sir Richard Colt Hoare.

14768 GENTLEMAN'S Tour (A) through Monmouthshire and Wales, 1774, sm. 8vo. front. old calf, 68 1775 14769 GIRALDI CAMBRENSIS Itinerarium Cambriæ: Balduini Cantuarensis Archiepiscopi per Walliam legationis descriptio; cum annotationibus D. Poweli, 4to. portrait, green morocco super extra, joints and gold borders, £2. 28


14770 GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS, Itinerary of Abp. Baldwin through Wales, A.D. 1188, translated into English, and illustrated with Views, Annotations, and a Life of Giraldus, by Sir R. C. Hoare, 2 vols. royal 4to. sumptuously printed by Bulmer, maps, plates of Roman Inscriptions, Views, &c. LARGE PAPER, only fifty copies printed, russia extra, £3. 10s


14771 GROSE (F.) Antiquities of Wales, impl. 8vo. maps and 74 views by Lysons, Sandby, Moses, and Griffiths, half russia, 128 HIGGINS' Celtic Druids-see ante No. 14104.


14772 HERALDIC VISITATIONS OF WALES, and the Marches, in the time of Queen Elizabeth and James I, by Lewys Dwnn, Deputy Herald at Arms for Wales: from original Manuscripts, together with an Introduction and numerous explanatory notes; edited by SIR SAMUEL RUSH MEYRICK, 2 vols. impl. 4to. facsimiles, pedigrees, and coats of arms, NOW OUT OF PRINT AND RARE, cloth, £12. 168 Welsh MSS. Society, 1846 the same, Vol. II, impl. 4to. facsimiles of autographs,


cloth, £5


These volumes are most important and interesting to the ancient Families of the Principality, and to those who claim a Welsh descent; as they embody an inexhaustible stock of genealogical History from the earliest ages to the time of James I, and in many instances the descents are, in the notes, continued to the present representatives.

"The work is one of those standard books of reference without which the Welsh antiquary can hardly prosecute his genealogical researches."Archæologia Cambrensis.

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