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14774 HUGHES (J.) Hora Britannica; or Studies in Ancient British History and Antiquities, 2 vols. Svo. boards, 12s 1818-19

14775 JONES (M. C.) the Feudal Barons of Powys, 8vo. cloth, 5s 1868 14776 JONES (T.) History of the County of BRECKNOCK, 3 vols. roy. 4to. maps, numerous portraits and fine engravings by Sir R. Colt Hoare, and 3 plates containing many coloured Coats of Arms, red MOROCCO extra, gilt edges, a superb copy bound by BEDFORD, £16. 16s Brecknock, 1805-9 History of Brecknockshire, vol. I, roy. 4to. map and 1805


plates, bds. 208 14778 IOLO MANUSCRIPTS. A Selection of Ancient Manuscripts in Prose and Verse, from the Collection made by A. Williams, Iolo Morganwg, with English Translations and Notes by his Son, Taliesin Williams ab Iolo, roy. Svo. plates, cloth, £2. 28 Lland. 1848

LHUYD (Edward) Archæologia Britannica-see ante, p. 746 14779 LLWYD (Humfredi) Britannica Descriptionis commentariolum, de Mona insula, etc., acc. Era Cambro-Britannicæ, accurante Mose Guilielmio, 4to. map, calf, 78 6d

History of Cambria-see Caradoc


14780 LIBER LANDAVENSIS; or Ancient Register of the Cathedral Church of LLANDAFF, edited with English Translations and Notes; by W. J. REES, royal 8vo. nearly 700 pp. facsimilies of MSS. cloth, £2. 2s Welsh MS. Society, 1840 14781 LIBER LANDAVENSIS: Historical and Critical Notes on this work, an UNPUBLISHED MANUSCRIPT, fairly written on 85 pages, in royal 8vo. uniform in size with the publications of the Welsh MS. Society, £2

14782 LIVES of the CAMBRO BRITISH SAINTS, from Ancient Welsh and Latin Manuscripts, with English Translations and Notes; by W. J. REES, royal 8vo. 680 pp. facsimiles, cloth, £1. 18


Containing the Lives of the following British Saints :-Bernacus (Brynach), Beuno, Cadoc Carantocus (Carannog), David (Dewi), Gundleus (Gwynllyw), Iltutus (Illtyd), Kebius (Cybi), Paternus (Padarn), and Winifred (Gwenfrewi).-Also an Appendix, containing the Lives of Saints Catherine, Margaret, Aidus, Breudanus, and Tatheus.-Achau y Saint; Pedigrees of several British Saints, Account of Brychan, Prince of Brecknock, Ancient British History, &c. Together with Supplementary notes to the Liber Landavensis.

14783 MABINOGION (The) from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest, and other ancient Welsh MSS. with English translation and Notes, by Lady Charlotte Guest, 7 parts in 3 vols. royal Svo. numerous woodcuts and facsimiles of the old Welsh and other MSS. hf. bound olive morocco, gilt top, £4. 15s 1838-49

14784 the same, LARGE PAPER, impl. 8vo. facsimiles and woodcuts, red morocco extra, gilt edges by Bedford, 16. 16s 1838-49 14785 THE MABINOGION, from the Llyfr Coch o Hergest, translated into English by LADY CHARLOTTE GUEST, in 1 vol. large 8vo. pp. xx and 504, with 46 woodcuts (subscription price 21s), hf. bd. morocco, gilt tops, 18s


14786 MEDDYGÖN MYDDVAI; or the Physicians of Myddvai ; being a compendium of the medical practice of the celebrated

Rbiwallon and his sons Cadwgan, Gruffud, and Einon, of Myddvai, in Caermarthenshire; physicians to Rhys Gryg, Lord of Dynevor and Ystrad Towy, son of Gruffyd Ap Rhys, the last prince of South Wales, about the year 1230; from various ancient MSS. in the libraries of Jesus College, Oxford, Llanover, and Tonn; accompanied by an English translation. To which is prefixed the curious legend of the Lady of the Lake, called Llyn-y-van, from whom the above physicians were said to be descended. And a copious Herbal, edited by J. WILLIAMS AB ITHEL, M.A., and translated by JOHN PUGHE, thick 8vo. XXX and 470 pp. (pub. at 21s) cloth, 148 1861

14787 MEYRICK (S. R.) History and Antiquities of the County of CARDIGAN, 4to. plates, wanting the last leaf, bds. 208 1810 MYVYRIAN ARCHAIOLOGY-see ante, p. 753

14788 NASH (D. W.) Taliesin, or the Bards and Druids, a translation of the Remains of the earliest Welsh Bards and an examination of the Bardic Mysteries, 8vo. cloth, 158



An admirable critical work upon early Welsh Literature. 14789 OWEN'S (David, Brutus) Brutusiana; sef Casgliad detholedig o'i Gyfansoddiadau, royal 8vo. 586 pp. double cols. (sells 248) cloth, 78 An intimate connection with the Welsh Press, for a long series of years, during which the Author has been engaged as Editor of several Welsh Periodicals, has enabled him to produce from time to time a variety of Treatises and Articles which have been very generally acceptable and popular, owing to their entertaining and moral character.

14790 PARRY'S Cambrian Plutarch; comprising memoirs of some of the most eminent Welshmen, from the earliest times to the present, Svo. calf gilt, 58


14791 PARRY (E.) Royal Visits and Progresses to Wales, roy. 4to. LARGE PAPER, with a portrait of H.M. the Queen, and numerous steel engravings, some coloured, and woodcuts, cloth, £2

Chester, 1850 14792 PENNANT (Thos.) A Tour in Wales, 4to. 25 plates of Views and Antiquities, hf. russia, neat, 128


1778 14793 Tours in Wales, 3 vols. 8vo. portrait and 43 plates, bds. 1810 14794 PHILLIPS (J. R.) Memoirs of the Civil War in Wales and the Marches, 1642-49, 2 vols. thick Svo. (pub. £2. 28) cloth, 358


"In these volumes Mr. Phillips has contributed what may be called a new chapter to the history of our great Civil War. Having fearlessly entered the boundless waste of the King's Pamphlets in the British Museum and of the State Papers at the Record Office,' he has given us in his first volume a sketch of the part which Wales and the Marches played in that great struggle, and in his second the proofs on which his sketch is based, in the shape of extracts from those pamphlets and records. It will suffice to give some notion of the toil which such a work exacts when we add that in the course of his inquiries Mr. Phillips has carefully overhauled ' every pamphlet and newspaper of the period, amounting to many thousands, as well as all the memoirs and collections bearing on the period, together with the vast collection of documents at the Record Office, which are still unindexed. Let us now consider the result of the labours of our author, as represented in these volumes."

This it proceeds to do in a review occupying two columns and a half, and
:-"We have here reached the end of the period treated of by
Mr. Phillips, and we are bound to say that out of his abundant materials he
has made a very valuable book, which may be read with profit not only by
the inhabitants of the Principality but by every one who is desirous of
perusing this new chapter in the history of the Great Civil War, and of
observing how large a portion of the struggle occurred in Wales or on its
Marches."-The Times, Nov. 28, 1874.

14795 PHILLIPPS (Sir T.) Wales: the Language, social condition, moral character, etc., of the People, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d

1849 14796 PREGETHAU a osodwych allan trwy awdurdod i'w darllein ymhob Eglwys blwyf a phob capel. . . eu troi i'r ath Gymeraeg drwy waith Edward James (Homilies appointed by authority to be read every Sunday in Churches), smallest 4to. First edition, old calf, £12 Llundain, Robert Barker, 1606 Not mentioned by Lowndes, and there is no copy in the Grenville and Bodleian libraries.

"So scarce that a single copy could hardly be found in a perfect state." -Preface to 1817 edition.

14797 PRICE (Rev. Thomas, Carnhuanawe) Literary Remains and Life, 2 thick vols. 8vo. photographic portraits and numerous plates (subscription price 21s), cloth, 14s


These volumes contain several elaborate essays by Mr. Price, interesting not only to Welshmen, but likewise to all students of European Literature: together with a selection of his Letters, those of Lady Hester Stanhope and of his other eminent Friends and Correspondents.

The following are the subjects of some of the Essays:

1. Tour in Brittany, including an Essay on the causes and the extent of
the Early Intimacy and Mutual Intercourse between the Armoricans and
Britons and the National Affinity still existing between their Descen-

2. The History of the Language and Literature of Wales.

3. The influence which the Welsh Traditions have had on the Literature of Europe.

4. The Comparative merits of the Remains of Ancient Literature in the Welsh, Irish, and Gaelic Languages.

5. An Historical Account of the "Statuta Wallia," or the Statutes of Rhuddlan, by which Wales was annexed to England.

6. Essay on Welsh Music.

RECORD COMMISSION: Ancient Laws and Institutes of Walessee ante, p. 184

REES (W. J.) Lives of the Cambro British Saints-s -see No. 14782. 14798 REES (R.) Essay on the WELSH SAINTS, or the Primitive Christians, usually cousidered to have been the founders of Churches in Wales, 8vo. cloth, 248


14799 REYNOLDS (J. of Oswestry) Display of Herauldry, of the Coat Armours now in use in the Six Counties of North-Wales, and elsewhere, sm. 4to. 24 pp. of text and nearly 100 armorial bearings, hf. bd. 258 Chester, 1739 (facsimile, ca. 1860)

Facsimile of " a unique copy, of priceless value to the lover of Heraldry. Only fifty copies were printed.'

14800 RHYS (John) Lectures on Welsh Philology, second edition, sm. Svo. (pub. 158), cloth, 128 6d


A valuable handbook to Celtic students. This edition is much enlarged,

with a copious Index of Words.

14801 ROBERTS on Druidical Remains, principally in Glamorgan, Svo. Swansea, 1842

sd. 28 ROSCOE's Wanderings and Excursions in North and South Wales -see p. 533 14802 ROWLAND'S (Rev. Henry) MONA ANTIQUA restaurata, an Archæological Discourse on the Antiquities of the Isle of Anglesea, the ancient seat of the British Druids, map and plates of stone monuments, etc. 1766-History of Anglesea, serving as a Supplement to Rowland, with Memoirs of Owen Glendowr, and Notes-together 2 vols. in 1, 4to. calf, 328


14803 ROWLAND'S (Rev. William) Cambrian Bibliography, containing an account of the Books printed in the Welsh Language, or relating to Wales, from the year 1546 to the end of the 18th century, thick 8vo. xxii and 754 pp. cloth, 10s

Llanidloes, 1869 14804 SCHULZ, the Influence of WELSH TRADITION upon the Literature of Germany, France, and Scandinavia, which obtained the Prize of Eighty Guineas at the Abergavenny Eisteddvod, 1840: translated from the German of Albert Schulz, Author of the Life of Wolfram von Eschenbach, etc. By Mrs. Berrington, Svo. (sells, sewed, 6s), hf. morocco, 4s 6d


14805 SKENE (W. F.) The Four Ancient Books of Wales, containing the Cymric Poems attributed to the Bards of the 6th Century, 2 vols. 8vo. facsimiles and maps (pub. 36s), cloth, 30s

Edinburgh, 1868

The first part of this valuable work contains an important contribution by Mr. Skene to the History of the Literature, the Country and the language of Wales. Then follow the text of the poems in the precise orthography of the MSS. and very accurately printed, and a faithful and impartial translation by D. S. Evans and Robert Williams, two distinguished Welsh scholars. 14806 STEPHENS (Thos.) Literature of the Kymry: an essay on the history of the Language and Literature of Wales, 8vo. cloth, 78 6d Llandovery, 1849 14807 Swansea. Traherne, Historical Notices of Sir Matthew Cradock, plates and pedigree, Llandovery, 1840 Bliss and Francis, Account of Sir Hugh Johnys, Deputy Earl Marshal, temp. H. VI, 1845-Dillwyn's Contributions to the History of Swansea, 1840-3 vols. in 1, roy. 8vo. plates, half calf, 10s 6d 1840-45 14808 THOMAS (T.) Memoirs of OWEN GLENDOWER, with a Sketch of the History of the Ancient Britons, 8vo. bds. 58

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Haverfordwest, 1822 14809 VAUGHAN'S (Robert) British Antiquities revived, or a friendly contest touching the Soveraignty of the Three Princes of Wales in ancient times, 4to. with pedigrees, cloth, 188 Bala, 1834 14810 WARRINGTON's Cambria Triumphans, a History of Wales, 4to. hf. russia, 78 6d

WELSH MSS. SOCIETY-see ante pp. 755-56.


14811 WILKINS (C.) Tales and Sketches of Wales, roy. 8vo. cloth, gilt edges, 10s 6d

Cardiff, 1879

A collection of amusing tales, interspered with ancient Legends: they are written in a light and easy style.

14812 WILLIAMS'S ENWOGION CYMRU: A Biographical Dictionary of Eminent Welshmen; from the carliest times to the present, and including every name connected with the Ancient History of Wales; by the Rev. ROBERT WILLIAMS, M.A. (Author of the Cornish Dictionary), thick 8vo. 568 pp. (sells 168), cloth, 10s

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This work is highly useful in elucidating the History of the Principality, and will be a book of reference on the subject. The author draws his information from sources of the best authority, many of them not lying within the reach of the ordinary reader; and, while he has condensed his information in a clear forcible manner, he preserves, at the same time. great freedom and elegance of diction.

"It is a work which ought to be on the table of every Cambrian Antiquary."-Archæologia Cambrensis.

14813 WILLIS (B.) Surveys of the Cathedral Churches of St. David's, Llandaff, St. Asaph and Bangor, 4 vols. 8vo. plates, £4. 4s


14814 YORKE'S (Ph.) Royal Tribes of Wales, 4to. an interesting Genealogical and Historical work, with 12 fine portraits, boards, 18s Wrexham, 1799 14815 AN EXTENSIVE COLLECTION OF TRACTS illustrating the Language, Literature, Scenery, Topography, History, etc. consisting of about 36 pieces, bound in 3 vols. 8vo. and 2 vols. 12mo. about 100 maps and plates, some coloured, hf. morocco and hf. bd. £3

Contents: English and Welsh Vocabulary, with Grammar-Suggestions on the Ancient Britons-Collection of Welsh Travels and Memoirs of Wales, plates (ca. 1715)-Cambrian Quarterly Magazine, 3 nos.-Martin's Wanderings in North Wales, district map and 18 pretty plates of views-Pryse's Welsh Interpreter-Philipps' Welsh Sermon, Welsh and English, 1715, etc. etc. and a quantity of poems.


1. Languages: Anglo-Scottish, and Erse
or Gaelic.


14816 JAMIESON (DR. JOHN) ETYMOLOGICAL DICTIONARY OF THE SCOTTISH LANGUAGE, illustrating the significations of the words from ancient and modern Writers, and elucidating National Rites, Customs, and Institutions, 2 vols. 4to. MSS. ADDITIONS by DR. JOHN SHERWEN, hf. calf, £?. 8s Edinburgh, 1808-25




the same, SECOND EDITION, carefully revised by John Johnstone, 2 vols. 4to. the two Alphabets amalgamated, but the illustrations either left out or not given in extenso, cloth, £3. 38 Edinb. 1840


the same, with Memoir by J. Johnstone, 2 vols.Supplement, 2 vols.-together 4 vols. 4to. cloth, rare, £12. 128 the same, with reprinted titles, 4 vols. 4to. cloth, £12. 128 In this edition all the additional words in the Supplement are incor


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