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in our councils, by well directed attempts to assuage the bitterness which too often marks unavoidable differences of opinion, by the promulgation and practice of just and liberal principles, and by an enlarged patriotism, which shall acknowledge no limits but those of our own widespread Republic.

President Taylor died at the Executive Mansion, in Washington City, on the night of the 9th of July, 1850. Vice-President Fillmore, the next morning, transmitted the following message to Congress, then in session, and at once entered upon the duties of his new office, as the 13th President of the United States:

PRESIDENT FILLMORE'S MESSAGE. Fellow-citizens of the Senate and House of Representatives:

A great man has fallen among us, and a whole community is called to an occasion of unexpected, deep, and general mourning. I recommend to the two Houses of Congress to adopt such measures as, in their discretion, may seem proper to perform with due solemnities the funeral obsequies of Zachary Taylor, late President of the United States, and thereby to signify the great and affectionate regard of the American people for the memory of one whose life ha. been devoted to the public service-whose career in arms has not been surpassed in usefulness or brilliancy-who has been so recently raised by the unsolicited voice of the people, to the highest civil authority in the government, which he administered with so much honour and advantage to his country, and by whose sudden death so many hopes of future usefulness are blighted for ever.

To you, Senators ..and Representatives of a nation in tears, I can say nothing which can alleviate the sorrow with which you are oppressed. I appeal to you to aid me under the trying circumstances which surround me in the discharge of the duties, from which, however much I may be oppressed by them, I dare not shrink; and I rely upon Him, who holds in His hands the destinies of nations, to endow me with the requisite strength for the task, and to avert from our country the evils apprehended from the heavy calami which has befallen us. I shall most readily concur in whatever measures the wisdom of the two flouses muy suggest as befitting this deeply melancholy occasion.

MILLARD FILLMORE. Washington, July 10, 1850.

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