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paid out of the county treasury; and shall not receive any fee or emolument for other judicial services.

29. The power and jurisdiction of justices of the peace within their respective counties shall be prescribed by law.


30. The voters of each county shall elect a clerk of the county court, a surveyor, an attorney for the commonwealth, a sheriff, and so many commissioners of the revenue as may be authorized by law, who shall hold their respective offices as follows: The clerk and the surveyor, for the term of six years; the attorney, for the term of four years; the sheriff and the commissioners, for the term of two years. Constables, and overseers of the poor, shall be elected by the voters as may be prescribed by law.

31. The officers mentioned in the preceding section, except the attorneys, shall reside in the counties or districts for which they were respectively elected. No person elected for two successive terms to the office of sheriff shall be re-eligible to the same office for the next succeeding term; nor shall he, during his term of service, or within one year thereafter, be eligible to any political office.

32. The justices of the peace, sheriffs, attorneys for the commonwealth, clerks of the circuit and county courts, and all other county officers, shall be subject to indictment for malfeasance, misfeasance, or neglect of official duty, and, upon conviction thereof, their offices shall become vacant.

CORPORATION COURTS AND OFFICERS. 33. The general assembly may vest such jurisdiction as shall be deemed necessary in corporation courts, and in the magistrates who may belong to the corporate body.

31. All officers appertaining to the cities and other municipal corporations shall be elected by the qualified voters, or appointed by the constituted authorities of such cities or corporations as may be prescribed by law.

Done in convention, in the city of Richmond, on the first day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, and in the seventy-sixth year of the commonwealth of Virginia.

JOHN Y. MASON, President of the Convention. S. D. WHITTLE Secretary of the Convention.

SCHEDULE 1. It shall be the duty of the president of this convention, immediately on its adjournment, to certify to the governor a copy of the bill of rights and constitution adopted, together with this schedule.

2. Upon the receipt of such certified copy, the governor shall, forthwith, announce the fact by proclamation, to be published in such newspapers of the state as may be deemed requisite for general information; and shall annex to his proclamation a copy of the bill of rights and constitution, together with this schedule: which proclamation, bill of rights, constitution, and schedule, shall be published in the manner indicated for the period of one month; and ten printed copies thereof shall, by the secretary of the commonwealth, be immediately transmitted, by mail, to the clerk of each county and corporation court in this commonwealth, to be by such clerk submitted to the examination of any person desiring the same.

3. The officers authorized by existing laws to conduct general elections shall, at the places appointed for holding the same, open a poll book on the fourth Thursday in October next, to be headed, “The Constitution as amended, and Schedule," and to contain two separate columns; the first column to be headed “For Ratifying;" the other to be headed, “For Rejecting." And such officers, keeping said polls open for the space of three days, shall then and there receive, and record in said poll book, the votes for and against this constitution and schedule, of all persons qualified, under the existing or amended constitution, to exercise the right of suffrage.

4. The taking of the polls, the duties to be performed by the officers, the privilege of the voters, and the penalties attaching for misconduct on the part of any person, shall be, in all things, as prescribed by the second, third, fourth, seventh, eighth, and ninth sections of the act of the general assembly, passed March the fourth, one thousand eight hundred and fifty, entitled, “An act to take the sense of the people upon the call of a convention, and providing for organizing the same," so far as the provisions of said section may be applicable.

5. It shall be the duty of the governor, upon receiving the returns of said officers, to ascertain the result thereof, and forthwith to declare the same by his proclamation, stating the aggregate vote in the state for and against the ratification of the amended constitution and schedule, which shall be published at least once a week until the second Monday in December next, in such newspapers as, in his opinion, will be best calculated to diffuse general information thereof: and if it appear that a majority of the votes cast is in favor of ratification, the governor, at the same time, and in like manner, shall make proclamation for holding, on the day last mentioned, a general election throughout the state for delegates and senators to the general assembly, according to the apportionment and districts prescribed in this constitution; and also for the election of a governor, lieutenant-governor, and attorneygeneral.

6. The officers authorized by existing laws to hold and conduct general elections shall hold and conduct the elections herein required, and such officers and all other persons shall be governed and controlled therein by the provisions of said laws, so far as the same may be applicable to, and necessary for, the proper conducting of the said elections. Duplicate polls shall be separately kept for governor and lieutenant-governor, for attorney-general, and for senators and delegates to the general assembly, which shall be verified by the oaths of the officers conducting the elections.

7. The verified duplicate polls for governor, lieutenantgovernor, and attorney-general, shall be deposited with the clerks of the several counties and cities, who shall retain one in their respective offices, and transmit the other, by mail, to the secretary of the commonwealth.

8. In the election of senators and delegates for districts formed of more than one county and city, the officers conducting the same, at the court-houses of the several couuties and cities forming each district, shall assemble on the eighth day after the commencement of the said election at the court-house of the county or city first named as one of the counties of the district, shall compare the polls and ascertain the result, and shall deliver and return certificates of election according to the laws now in force.

9. The members of the general assembly so elected shall meet at the capitol, in the city of Richmond, on the second Monday in January, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-two, and then and there organize as the general assembly of Virginia; but before such organization they shall respectively take the oath of fidelity to the commonwealth, and the other oaths of office required by the laws now in force.

10. The election of members of the general assembly under this constitution shall vacate the seats of those elected under the present constitution

11. The official term of the delegates first elected to the general assembly under this constitution shall expire on the thirtieth day of June, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-three.

12. The official term of the first governor, lieutenantgovernor, and attorney-general elected under this constitution, shall expire on the thirty-first day of December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-five.

13. The present judges of the supreme court of appeals and of the circuit courts, and their successors, who may be appointed under the existing constitution, shall remain in office until such time as the law may prescribe for the commencement of the official terms of the judges under the amended constitution, and no longer: which time shall not be more than six months after the terinination of the first session of the general assembly under the amended constitution.

14. The executive department of the government shall remain as at present organized; and the governor and

councillors of state, and their successors appointed under the existing constitution, shall continue in office until a governor elected under this constitution shall be qualified; and all other persons in office when this constitution is adopted, except as is herein otherwise expressly directed, shall continue in office until their successors are qualified: and vacancies in office, happening before such qualification, shall be filled in the manner now prescribed by law.

15. All the courts of justice now existing shall contine with their present jurisdiction until and except so far as the judicial system may or shall be otherwise organized ; and all laws in force when this constitution is adopted, and not inconsistent therewith, and all rights, prosecutions, actions, claims, and contracts, shall remain and continue as if this constitution was not adopted.

16. The general assembly shall pass all laws necessary for carrying this constitution into full effect and operation.

Done in convention, in the city of Richmond, on the first day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty-one, and in the seventy-sixth year of the commonwealth of Virginia.

JOHN Y. MASON, President of the Convention. S. D. WHITTLE, Secretary of the Convention.


Article 1. Sec. 1. The legislative authority of this state shall be vested in a general assembly, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

2. The House of Representatives shall be composed of members chosen by ballot, every second year, by the citizens of this State, qualified as in this Constitution is provided.

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