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Eastern District of Pennsylvania, to wit:

BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the seventeenth day of August, in the fifty-fifth year of the Independence of the United States of America, A. D. 1830, HENRY H. PORTER, of the said District, has deposited in this office the title of a book, the right whereof he claims as proprietor, in the words following, tu wit:

“ The Journal of Health. Conducted by an Association of Physicians. • Health-the poor man's riches, the rich man's bliss. Volume I."

In conformity to the Act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, “ An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the Authors and Proprietors of such copies, during the times therein mentioned,” and also to the act, entitled, “An Act Supplementary to an Act, entitled 'An Act for the Encouragement of Learning, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the times therein mentioned,' and extending the benefits thereof to the arts of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other prints."

D. CALDWELL, Clerk of the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.


95 Beds

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153 Bread

use of

Bathing, warm, advantages of

54 Abbot, Revd. Doctor, his remarks

Bath, the Turkish vapour

264 on labour without ardent spirits 77 Bathing, antiquity of

292 Abstinence, total, from ardent

fashions of

375 spirits 343 Baths of the Romans

315 Abstinence-Temperance 356 Beauty

229 Abuse of ardent spirits

and health

165 Advantages of travelling

how injured

370 Ages, deaths at different

107 of the population of Great Beer, quantity of, annually conBritain


sumed in France and England 27 of the population of Ireland 319 Berkley, Bishop, saying of 255 Agents, purifying and disinfecting 359

Births in Philadelphia for 10 years 175 Aikin, Dr. on cheap pleasures 242

Bitter tinctures

200 Air, effects of fire on the 25 Blair, Revd. Hugh

299 impure 25, 380 Bleeding in Spring

239 on breathing

11 Bowel complaints, specific for 368 rooms warmed by heated

277 , country 293 Bran bread

206 Alcoholic substances Hitchcock's Breathing impure air

11, 25 reasons for abstaining from the Bruce's experience of the effects of 311 warm bathing

57 Ale, porter, &c. 213, 260, 328 Buckland's letters on early rising 198 Aliment

185 Buffum on total abstinence from Allen on riding

ardent spirits

343 Anacreon

296 Burials in London during 1829 176 Ancient recipe

310 Burkhardt on the frugality of the Animal and vegetable food 6, 277


324 Antiquity of bathing 292 Butter-milk

307, 327 Appetites, factitious


C. Apology for fasting

148 Ardent spirits, water versus

20 Canteloupe melons, on the use of 374 waste of lives from 40 Carriage riding

187, 212 use and abuse of 157 Catholicon-Panacea

287 in hot weather 334 Cautions to mothers

63 total abstinence

for the spring season 209 from

343 Caution, in regard to the bowel Art, nature and 54 complaint in children

368 Artisans, diseases of

Certain cures

38 Attention to health, duty of an 94 Change of the hair

252 a moral duty 261 Charleston, deaths in, 1829 207 Atticus, prevented from suicide


303 by a watery regimen 21 Charity, the sisterhood of

247 Avery, his personal experience of Cheap pleasures

242 the effects of abstinence 356 Cheyne, experience of


his opinion of punch 203 B. Childhood, walking in

336 Bad health, uneven temper from 49 Children, young, morbid effects of Bad air 380

44 Balsam, Godbold's vegetable 318 Children, domestic doctoring of 100



cold on

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