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JULY, 1878.


Latin Elegiacs.
So long as you are fortunate, you will count many friends ;

If the times have been cloudy, you will be alone.
Do you see how doves come to shining roofs,

(And how) a gloomy tower receives no birds ?
To empty granaries ants neyer come.

No friend will go to wealth that-is-lost.
And as companion to-those-going through the sun's rays (their)

shadow is,
When he, oppressed with clouds, is hid, that flies.;
So the fickle vulgar follows fortune's glittering-rays
And as soon as they are covered, a cloud being-drawn-

over, goes away.


1. Numero. 2. nubilus.
5. horreum. formica. tendo.
10. obduco.

3. aspicio, ut. 4. sordidus. 8. premo. 9. mobilis. lumen.

If as often as men sin, his bolts sends

Jupiter, in brief time he will be weaponless.
When he has thundered and terrified with the sound the world

He restores the clear sky, the waters being driven away.
Of right therefore both father of gods and ruler is he called
Of right the spacious universe has nought greater than


JULY, 1878.

French Grammar. 1. Give the feminine of-parleur, fauteur, meilleur, chasseur, gouverneur, public, vieux, malin, faux.

2. Give the plural of—noix, cheval, verrou, travail, maison, bail, bal.

3. Form adverbs from-franc, prudent, fou, aveugle, gentil, vite, sage, nouveau.

4. Distinguish between chaque and chacun ; and between une certaine nouvelle, and une nouvelle, certaine.

5. What are various senses in which “ tout” is used ? Give examples.

What is the construction of personne ?” Write examples of its use.

6. Write down past participle ; third sing. fut. indic. and third sing. imperf. subj. of avoir. aller. venir. devoir. saisir, and the third sing. pres. imper. of faire entendre, sortir. juger. dire. S'assevir lire.

7. Translate into French :Seventy-five. Ninety-eight. Forty-third. One-hundred and first. I must speak. I want that book. Give me a pen, some paper, and my pen-knife. Is there as much ink in my ink-bottle as in yours. There is much more ink in yours than in mine. There were more than six hundred people here on the third of last month. Write your exercise better–I can't read it. Can you tell me at what o'clock the train leaves for Stirling? At a quarter to Eleven. How long have you been in Inverness? When I have read this book I will give it you ; it is very amusing. Have you as many pencils as pens? I have quite as many books as you, have I not? He is a very obliging person. Will you go to the town to-morrow ? No-I intend to go-but not to-morrow.

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