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him quite naked, and dush over hir gentle opiate, and friction of the exfive or six gallons of cold water, of the tremities will speedily restore it. temperature of 40 to 65° of Faren- Such a crisis however seldom ocenirs, heit's Thermometer. * Sea water, or but generally a speedy restoration to water saturated withz's part of salt is health and strength is the happy re. tound to be most efficacious. This sult of a judicious application of this should be repeated every day, until most efficacious remedy. The writer the fever subsides, which will gene

is personally acquainted with rally be on the third or fourth, if a lady in Belfast, who in a contagious resorted to in time.

fever was given up for death by the 2d. The sooner this is resorted to physicians who attended ber, when the better. If commenced from the her husband of bis own accord, at first to the fourth day of the attack, length indulged her with what she had its effects are almost instantaneous and vehemently longed after, and earnestcertain. If delayed longer, they are ly pleaded for in vain during their atproportionably less certain, and less tendance. It was a copious draught apparent. The patient must be im- of cold water from a well in bis own mediately rubbed quite dry with field. The effect was as sudden as it towels, and replaced in bed with well was surprizing, she immediately reaired and clean sheets, and drink corered. either water or wine, according to the Upon the whole it appears that effect the affusion has had upon his the use of cold water in fevers, is frame. A fine diaphoresis or perspi- quite in its infancy. ration immediately succeeds this pro

That its effects are powerfully cess, and the disease rapidly disap- salutary and beneficial almost beyond pears.

credibility. 3d. In the cold stage of the Paroxysm, That notwithstanding the most to which most fevers are subject, it unequivocal testimonies of this inis extremely dangerous, and consequent- portant fact, it is in danger either ly highly improper to resort to effusion from prejudice, apathy, or ignorance of cold water. Neither should it be of falling into disuse, and has been applied immediately after enduring most unaccountably, perhaps shame. a profuse perspiration, which is itself fully neglected. a cooling process, and at that time That it is the duty of every friend the effusion by exhausting would ma- of humanity, and lover of mankind to terially injure the patient.

adopt and promote its

Use as far 4th. It may be applied with the as in him lies. utmost safety, and with every pros

Belfast, 20th June, 1811. pect of success, at any time when the heat of the body exceeds the natural temperature, and there is no sen- For the Belfust Monthly Magazine. sible perspiration on the skin. At which time also the patient may

freely and beneficially drink any quan- The following Bill for regulating the tity of cold water he pleases. ' But

Free Endowed Schools, and the Dioshould a shivering fit at any time suc

cesan Schools has been brought into ceed the affusion or draught, it shows

the House of Commons this session, that nature has been overdone, and

ordered to be printed, and left for in such case a little cordial wine, or

consideration till the next.

be seen thut the purpose of the Bill Dr. Currie's Medical reports, page 68, vol. 1. is to appoint commissioners for the

It muy.

[blocks in formation]






, 1811,

better regulation of the higher or succession, and a common seal, and Classical schools in Ireland. It is shall be called “the Commissioners of presumed thut Bills will hereafter be public classical education in Ireland.” brought in to regulate the other de- Provided always, and be it enacted, fects in the public schools pointed out that none of

grammar or other in the Reports of the Bourd of Edu- schools, on the foundation of the late cation.

Erasmus Smith Esquire, shall be deem

ed and considered as subject to the THE APPOINTMENNT or jurisdiction of the said commissioners


And be it further enacted, that


or either, or any

of them,

or any other person or persons to be Ordered by the House of Commens to be printed, appointed in the place of, or in sucMay 17,

cession to them, or any of them, shall

by death, resignation, or otherwise, WHEREAS it is necessary, for

cease to be a commissioner or comthe more efficient conduct and missioners under this act, then, and better regulation of the several en- on every such case, it shall, and may dowed grammar schools in Ireland, be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant, or that commissioners should be consti- other chief governor or governors of tuted and appointed for the purpose Ireland, for the time being, by warof superintending the management rant under hand and seal to appoint of the said schools, as well those of one person in the place and stead of private foundation, as those which any such person so ceasing to be such have been founded and endowed by commissioner; and any person so to the crown, or establised and confirm- be appointed, shall accordingly be ed by the authority of parliament, or and become to all intents and purfor the maintenance and support of poses, one of the commissioners' for wbich, any sum or sums have at any


purposes of this act. time been granted by parliament, or

And be it further enacted, ihat it been devised or bequeathed, or in shall and may be lawful for the said any manner granted or appropriated; commissioners and their successors excepting such only as are herein from time to time, to appoint a secreafter expressly mentioned and except- tary to the said commissioners, with ed.

a salary of --------and also such Be it therefore enacted by the other subordinate officer or otlicers, KING's most excellent MAJESTY, by as ibey shall think proper for the and with the advice and consent of carrying into execution the purposes the lords spiritual and temporal, and of this act; and also to apply ancommons, in this present parliament nually to the Lord Lieutenant for a assembled, and by the authority sum of money to defray the expense of the same, that

and also of said oflicers, and the incidental

and such other expenses of the Board. person or persons, as shall from time And be it further enacted, that the to time be appointed in the place and said commissioners shall and may sie, stead of the said

and be sued in the name of their serespectively in the manner cretary ; and that over and above hereinafter mentioned, shall be a such lands, tenements, and bereddita. corporation, and shall have perpetual ments as are, or shall be vested in

the said commissioners and their suc. ings held pursuant to notice, or cessors, under and by virtnie of this by adjournment, and shall enter act, it shall and may be lawful for therein the names of such of the said the said commissioners and their suc- commissioners as shall be present at cessors, to receive, take, hold, and en- each meeting, and all the proceedjoy, any lands, tenements, or heredi- ings of every such meeting, and all taments whatsoever, for the purposes reports from time to time made to of this act, the statutes of Mortmain, the said commissioners; and the said or any other statute, act or provision secretary shall withinwhatsoever, in any wise to the con- after the- --in each and every trary notwithstanding.

year, and at any other time or times, And be it further enacted, that it when he shall be thereto required or shall and may be lawful for

directed by the Lord Lieutenant, or of the said commissioners other chief governor or governors of assembled in pursuance of a general Ireland for the time being, or his, or notice for a mee:ing, of whom some their chief secretary, or by the said one of the

commis- commissioners, deliver to the Lord sioners herein before appointed from Lieutenant, or other chief governor the offices respectively held by them or governors, or his or their chief se. to be one, to do and perform any cretary, a true copy of the whole, or thing required to be done by the said of so much, and such parts of the commissioners under this act, as fully said proceedings of the said commissiand effectually as all the said com- oners as shall be from time to time missioners might do if personally pre- required. sent.

And be it further enacted, that it Provided always, and be it hereby shall and may be lawful for the comenacted, that no proceeding which missioners, from time to time, consti. requires to be ratified and confirmed tuted and appointed under and by virby the common seal of the corpora- tue of this act, and the said commistion shall be finally concluded, nor sioners, and their successors, or any the said seal affixed to any deed or in- ---of them, shall have full strument in the name of the said com- power and authority from time to time missioners, unless

be and at all times when they shall think personally present at the meeting of proper so to do, to visit each, or any the said commissioners, at which it is of the grainmar schools herein before proposed that such proceeding shall mentioned; except only as herein be determined, or such deed or in- before excepted; and the said comstrument shall be executed, or una missioners or any of them less the consent and approbation of are hereby required and commanded tbe said

-previously given to visit the several grammar schools in to such proceeding, and such deed each province of Ireland (except only or instrument shall be signitied under as herein before excepted). their hand respectively, and commu- in- -years, either in person, or nicated to the commissioners assen- by deputies to be appointed by them, bled at such meeting, held pursuant to as herein after directed; and said the general notice as aforesaid. commissioners or any- --of them,

And be it further enacted, that the or the persons so to be appointed secretary to the said commissioners, by them as aforesaid, mayat such shall keep a book or journal of the time, and at any other times, hold proceedings of the said commis. visitations of the said schools, and at sioners, at their several meet. such visitations administer oaths, and do all other acts appertaining to the and appointed in any instance as a office of visitors respectively, relating foresaid, shall have and enjoy the to such schools; and for that pur- same rights and powers in every such pose it shall and may be lawful for instance respectively, as the said ibe said commissioners or any

commissioners themselves, or any of of them, or the persons to be appoint- tbem might, or would have had, if ed by them as aforesaid, to repair to they had visited the said schools, or any such school, or to any other any of them in person; and the said place or places which they shall

visitors shall, at every such visitation deem vecessary or convenient, and cause and direct their proceedings to there to summon, call for, and ex- be entered in a book to be kept for amine on oath, or otherwise, all and that purpose by the master of each every person and persons, and to call school respeetively, and shall lay an for all proper vouchers, books and

attested copy of the same before the documents, and to examine and in- said commissioners at their first meetquire into all matters whatsoever, ing after the return of the said visiwhich the said visitors shall deem re- tors from such visitations, and shall quisite and necessary.

report to the said commissioners such Provided always, and be it further other matters relating to the state and enacted, that it it shall not be con- condition of the said schools, or any venient for ----of the said com- of them as they shall think necessary missioners in person to visit the said to be reported; whereupon it shall schools at the times aforesaid, or at and may be lawful for the said comsuch other time as they shall judge it missioners or any

of them vecessary that any of the said schools to make such orders, and adopt such shall be visited, it shall and may be measures as they shall judge proper lawful for the said commissioners or or necessary with regard to each of any

---of them, to depute the said schools respectively. Proand appoint other persons for them vided that in case of such misconduct and in their stead to visit the said of the master of any school being reschools at the times aforesaid, with ported to the said commissioners, as the consent and approbation of the they shall be of opinion, has subjectLord Lieutenant or other chief govern- ed him to deprivation, they shall not or or governors of Ireland, for the time proceed to execute the sentence of being; and provided that the num- such deprivation, until they have cit. ber of persons so to be deputed and ed the said master to appear before appointed, shall in every instance, be them, and inquire into the facts of such as together with the commission- such misconduct so reported to them ers to whom it may be convenient 10 by the visitors as aforesaid, and exvisit in person, may make the whole ainined such, and the same witnesses number of visitors

--or if in to such facts, if desired and produced any instance it shall not be conveni- by the master, as had been examined ent for any of the said comniissioners by the said visitors at such visitation : to visit in person, that then, and in and provided also, that if the appointsuch case, it shall and may be law- ment of such master be not vested in ful for the said commissioners, or any the said commissioners, they shall,

-of them to depute and appoint before they proceed to such sentence

---other persons as herein before of deprivation, give notice of their in. directed, for them, and in their stead tention so to do, to the person or perto visit in such case any of the said sons to whom such appointment beschools; which persons so deputed longs.

And it is hereby further enacted, to his grace, then Lord Archbishop that it shall and may be lawful for the of Armagh, and his succesors for ever, said commissioners, in any instance divers lands, tenements and hereditawhere any person or persons have been ments, of great yearly value, situate deputed and appointed as aforesaid, to respectively in the Counties of Armagh, visit any of the said schools, for them Tyrone, Fermanagh, Donegal and and in their stead, on receiving the re- Cavan, in trust, to the sole and proper ports of the persons so appointed on use and behoof of the respective masthe several schools, directed to be visit. ters of the several free schools of Ared by them as aforesaid, to certify to magh, Dungannon, Enniskillen, Rathe Lord Lieutenant, or other chief phoe, and Cavan : and whereas, by governor or governors of Ireland for letters patent bearing date thethe time being, such sum or sums of day of win the fourth year

of money as they shall deem an adequate the reign of the said King Charles the compensation to such person or per. First, the sovereign and burgesses of sons for their trouble in attending such the borough of Banagher, in the King's visitations; whereupon it shall and may county in Ireland, and their succesbe lawful for the Lord Lieutenant, sors, were incorporated, and by other or other chief governor or governors letters patent bearing date theof Ireland, to direct the lords of the day of -in the same year, the treasury to issue, out of the consoli- sovereign and burgesses of the borough dated fund of Ireland, such sum or of Carysfort in the county of Wicksums of money, as, and for a recom- low in Ireland, and their successors, pence to the said persons so deputed were also incorporated; and by the as aforesaid, as to the said Lord Lieu- said respective charters, the said King tenant, or other chief governor or go- Charles, among other things granted vernors shall seem fitting and conveni- to each o: the said corporations, divers ent.

lands, tenements, and hereditaments, And be it further enacted, that it lying in the said counties respectively, shall and may be lawful for the Bishops in trust for the only use and behoof of of the several dioceses in which any a schoolmaster to be resident in each endowed grammar schools are situated of the said towns respectively. And (excepting as herein before excepted) whereas John Preston deceased, formerto assist if it shall seem good to them, ly an alderman of Dublin, did by deed at any of the aforesaid visitations bearing date the day of of such schools, so situated in their the year one thousand six hundred and respective dioceses; and they are here- eighty-six, grant and convey thelands by authorized and empowered to act of Cappaghloughlin, in the Queen's as joint visitors at all such visitations county in Ireland, then producing the with the commissioners appointed un- sum of eighty pounds yearly, to cer. der this act, if they or any of them tain trustees therein named, and their shall attend in person, and if not, with heirs for ever, in trust to pay a schools the persons deputed by them to visit master of the Protestant religion, re. in their stead.

sident in the town of Navan, in the coun. And whereas by letters patent bear. ty of Meath, the yearly sum of thirtying datethe

-day of
- five pounds, and to pay to

a like in the second year of the reign schoolmaster resident in the town of of his late majesty, King Charles the Banagher in the Queen's county, the First, the said King Charles granted yearly sum of twenty-five pounds; and


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