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Humphrey, fon of John Shakspere, was baptized May 24, 1590.

Philip, fon of John Shakfpere, was baptized Sept.

21, 1591.

Thomas,5 fon of Mr. Anthony Nath, was baptized June 20, 1593.

Hamnet, fon of WILLIAM SHAKSPEARE, was buried Aug. 11, 1596.

William, fon of William Hart, was baptized Aug. 28, 1600.

Mr. John Shakspeare was buried Sept. 8, 1601. Mr. Richard Quiney, Bailiff of Stratford, was buried May 31, 1602.

Mary, daughter of William Hart, was baptized June 5, 1603.

Thomas, fon of William Hart, hatter, was baptized July 24, 1605.

John Hall, gentleman, and Sufanna Shakspere, were married June 5, 1607.

families at present in Stratford, (and probably feveral more) that are diftinguished by an alias. "The real name of one of these families is Roberts, but they generally go by the name of Burford. The ancestor of the family came originally from Burford in Oxfordshire, and was frequently called from this circumstance by the name of Burford. This name has prevailed, and they are always now called by it; but they write their name, Roberts, alias Burford, and are fo entered in the Regifter.

"The real name of the other family is Smith, but they are more known by the name of Buck. The ancestor of this family, from fome circumstance or other, obtained the nickname of Buck, and they now write themselves, Smith, alias Buck." MALONE.

5 This gentleman married our poet's grand-daughter, Elizabeth Hall. His father, Mr. Anthony Nath, lived at Welcombe, (where he had an eftate,) as appears by the following entry of the baptism of another of his fons: "1598, O&. 15, John, fon to Mr. Anthony Nafh, of Welcombe." MALONE.

This was the father of Mr. Thomas Quiney, who married Shakspeare's youngest daughter. Malone.

Mary, daughter of William Hart, was buried Dec. 17, 1607.

Elizabeth, daughter of John Hall, gentleman, was baptized Feb. 21, 1607. [1607-8.]

Mary Shakfpere, widow, was buried Sept. 9, 1608. Michael, fon of William Hart, was baptized Sept. 23, 1608.


Gilbert Shakspeare, adolefcens," was buried Feb. 3, 1611. [1611-12.]

Richard Shakspere, was buried February 4, 1612. [1612-13.]


Thomas Queeny and Judith Shakfpere were married Feb. 10, 1615. [1615-16.] William Hart, hatter, was buried April 17, 1616.

7 This was probably a fon of Gilbert Shakspeare, our poet's brother. When the elder Gilbert died, the Regifter does not inform us; but he certainly died before his fon. MALONE.

8 This lady, who was our poet's youngest daughter, appears to have married without her father's knowledge, for he mentions her in his will as unmarried. Mr. Weft, as I have already obferved, was mistaken in fuppofing fhe was married in Feb. 1616, that is, in 1616-17. She was certainly married before her father's death. See a former note in p. 92, in which the entry is given exactly as it ftands in the Register.

As Shakspeare the poet married his wife from Shottery, Mr. Weft conjectured he might have become poffeffed of a remarkable houfe, and jointly with his wife conveyed it as a part of their daughter Judith's portion to Thomas Queeny." It is certain," Mr. Weft adds, "that one Queeny, an elderly gentleman, fold it to Harvey, Efq. of Stockton, near Southam, Warwickthire, father of John Harvey Thursby, Efq. of Abington, near Northampton; and that the aforefaid Harvey fold it again to Samuel Tyler, Efq. whofe fifters, as his heirs, now enjoy it."

But how could Shakspeare have conveyed this house, if he ever owned it, to Mr. Queeny, as a marriage portion with his daughter, concerning whom there is the following claufe in his will, executed one month before his death: "Provided that if fuch husband as the Shall at the end of the faid three years be married unto," &c. MALONE.

9 This William Hart was our poet's brother-in-law. He died, it appears, a few days before Shakspeare. MALONE.

WILLIAM SHAKSPERE,' gentleman, was bu ried April 25,2 1616.

Shakspere, fon of Thomas Quiney, gentleman, was baptized Nov. 23, 1616.

Shakfpere, fon of Thomas Quiney, gentleman, was buried May 8, 1617.

Richard, fon of Thomas Quiney, was baptized Feb. 9, 1617. [1617-18.]

Thomas, fon of Thomas Quiney, was baptized Aug. 29, 1619.

Anthony Nash, Efq.3 was buried Nov. 18, 1622.
Mrs. Shakspere 4 was buried Aug. 8, 1623.
Mr. Thomas Nafh was married to Mrs. Elizabeth
Hall, April 22, 1626.

Thomas, fon of Thomas Hart, was baptized April 13, 1634.

Dr. John Hall," [" medicus peritiffimus,"] was buried Nov. 26, 1635.

1 He died, as appears from his monument, April 23d.


"No one hath protracted the Life of Shakspeare beyond 1616, except Mr. Hume; who is pleased to add a year to it, contrary to all manner of evidence. FARMER.

3 Father of Mr. Thomas Nath, the husband of Elizabeth Hall. MALONE.

This lady, who was the poet's widow, and whose maiden name was Anne Hathaway, died, as appears from her tomb-stone (fee p. 61, n. 9.) at the age of 67, and confequently was near eight years older than her husband. I have not been able to afcertain when or where they were married, but suspect the ceremony was performed at Hampton-Lucy, or Billesley, in Auguft, 1582. The register of the latter parish is loft. MALONE.

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5 It appears from Lady Barnard's will that this Thomas Hart was alive in 1669. The Regifter does not ascertain the time of his death, nor that of his father. MALONE.

It has been fuppofed that the family of Miller of Hide-Hall,

George, fon of Thomas Hart, was baptized Sept. 18, 1636.

Thomas, fon of Thomas Quiney, was buried Jan. 28, 1638. [1638-9.]

in the county of Herts, were defcended from Dr. Hall's daughter Elizabeth; and to prove this fact, the following pedigree was transmitted fome years ago by Mr. Whalley to Mr. Steevens: John Hall Sufanna, daughter and co-heirefs of William Shakspeare.

Elizabeth Hall Thomas Nafh, Efq.

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A daughter Sir Reginald Forfter, of Warwickshire.

Franklyn Miller Jane Forfter.

Of Hide-Hall,

Co. Hertford.

Nicholas Miller Mary

Nicholas Franklyn Miller of HideHall, the only furviving branch of the family of Miller.

But this pedigree is founded on a mistake, and there is undoubtedly no lineal descendant of Shakspeare now living. The mistake was, the fuppofing that Sir Reginald Forster married a daughter of Mr. Thomas Nash and Elizabeth Hall, who had no iffue, either by that gentleman or her second husband, Sir John Barnard. Sir Reginald Forfter married the daughter of Edward Nath, Efq. of East Greenwich, in the county of Kent, coufingerman to Mr. Thomas Nash; and the pedigree ought to have been formed thus:

Richard, fon of Thomas Quiney, was buried Feb. 26, 1638. [1638-9.]

Anthony Nash=

George Nash=

Tho. Nash Elizabeth Hall Sir John Barnard.

Edward Nafh:


Thomas Nafh. Jane Nafh. Mary Nafh=Reginald Forfter, Efq. afterwards Sir Reginald Fortter, Bart.

Reginald Forfter. Mary Forfter. Franklyn Miller-Jane Forfter.
of Hide-Hall,
Co. Hertford.

Will. Norcliffe, Efq.-Jane Miller. Nicholas Miller Mary-.

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That I am right in this statement, appears from the will of Edward Nafh, (fee p. 96, n. 8.) and from the following infcription on a monument in the church of Stratford, erected fome time after the year 1733, by Jane Norcliffe, the wife of William Norcliffe, Efq. and only daughter of Franklyn Miller, by Jane Forster:

"P. M. S.

"Beneath lye interred the body's of Sir Reginald Forfter, Baronet, and dame Mary his wife, daughter of Edward Nath of Eaft Greenwich, in the county of Kent," &c. For this infcrip

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