The Municipal Parks, Gardens, and Open Spaces of London: Their History and Associations

E. Stock, 1898 - 646 páginas

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Página 90 - Pepys. a very worthy, industrious and curious person, none in England exceeding him in knowledge of the navy, in which he had passed through all the most considerable offices, Clerk of the Acts and Secretary of the Admiralty, all which he performed with great integrity.
Página 90 - James II went out of England, he laid down his office, and would serve no more...
Página 478 - Cross not with vent'rous step; there oft is found The lurking thief, who while the day-light shone, Made the walls echo with his begging tone; That crutch which late compassion mov'd, shall wound Thy bleeding head, and fell thee to the ground. Though thou art tempted by the linkman's call, Yet trust him not along the lonely wall; In the mid-way he'll quench the flaming brand. And share the booty with the pilf'ring band. Still keep the publick streets where oily rays Shot from the crystal lamp, o'erspread...
Página 201 - ... one of the most useful and noble productions in our English verse. The reader cannot but be pleased to find the depths of philosophy enlivened with all the charms of poetry, and to see so great a strength of reason, amidst so beautiful a redundancy of the imagination.
Página 236 - Greene, which I did, riding myself in my night-gown, in the cart ; and, Lord ! to see how the streets and the highways are crowded with people running and riding, and getting of carts at any rate to fetch away things.
Página 228 - Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord and Lady William and Mary, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, King and Queen Defenders of the [114] Faith, &c.
Página 481 - The old and expensive custom of " vailsgiving " received its death-blow at Newcastle House. Sir Timothy Waldo, on his way from the Duke's dinner table to his carriage, put a crown into the hand of the cook, who returned it, saying,
Página 183 - Fightings, faintings, whist lings, imitations of Punch, brutal jokes, tumultuous demonstrations of indecent delight when swooning women were dragged out of the crowd by the police, with their dresses disordered, gave a new zest to the general entertainment.
Página 513 - Thence walked through the ducking-pond fields; but they are so altered since my father 1 used to carry us to Islington, to the old man's, at the King's Head, to eat cakes and ale (his name was Pitts), that I did not know which was the ducking-pond, nor where I was.
Página 25 - LONDON EVENING POST. March 28. 1751. "A STAGE COACH " WILL SET OUT "For Dover every Wednesday and Friday from Christopher Shaws the Golden Cross at four in the morning to go over Westminster Bridge to Rochester to dinner to Canterbury at night and to Dover the next morning early ; will take up passengers for "Rochester, Sittingbourne, Ospringe, and Canterbury — and returns on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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