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J. and C. Mozley, 1860

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Página 73 - Our soul is escaped as a bird out of the snare of the. fowler ; the snare is broken, and we are escaped.
Página 547 - He sendeth out his word, and melteth them : he bloweth with his wind, and the waters flow.
Página 235 - ... the political affairs of the faction. Mary. Don't you think she must have been the sort of woman one calls a termagant? Mrs. M. Indeed I think so; and there was another very conspicuous lady at that time who also belonged to the class of termagants. This was Mademoiselle de Montpensier. She was daughter of Gaston duke of Orleans, by his first wife the heiress of the duke de Montpensier, and inherited from her mother an immense fortune, and from her grandmother (the lady who made herself so conspicuous...
Página 93 - ... build a church and monastery in honour of the saint whose day it was. He might have improved his success by advancing on Paris ; but he would not venture, and while Coligni was holding out St. Quentin to the last extremity, Henri II. wrote to recall the Duke de Guise and his army, adding, " I hope the Pope will do as much for me in my need as I did for him.
Página 375 - ... Cardinal Richelieu, one of the finest pieces of sculpture in Paris : he contemplated the statue of that celebrated minister, to whom France owed so much of her glory and prosperity, with fixed attention for some time, and at last is said to have exclaimed, " Thou great man ! I would have given thee one half of my dominions, to learn of thee how to govern the other.
Página 433 - ... political right, but honesty and common sense are against us, I must needs confess that never in the whole course of my life have I felt so grieved and ashamed. I know that I stand alone, and am no longer en vigueur ; I must therefore let things take their course — but it is pain and grief to me. Placet — because so many great and learned men will have it so ; but the day is at hand when you will regret this daring violation of all that has hitherto been held sacred.
Página 102 - ... resolved to overwhelm it completely, and effect its destruction. He therefore fitted out a fleet of one hundred and fifty-nine vessels, containing thirty thousand Janissaries and Spahis, and followed by hosts of transports for artillery and stores, all under the command of his two bravest Pashas, Mustafa and Piali, in conjunction with Dragut, a noted Moorish Corsair.
Página 153 - You have killed the Duke de Guise ?" cried Catherine. " Heaven grant you may not thus become king of nothing! You have cut, you must now sew. Have you foreseen all ? " He replied that he had, and she could say no more. She died on the 5th of January following, in her seventieth year, leaving a name execrated by all parties, after having just beheld the final ruinous crime of the favourite son whom she had most fully succeeded in corrupting. The whole League, and all the city of Paris, were furious...
Página 93 - ... need as I did for him." Paul was in no condition to assist anyone ; Alva was at his gates, and his Protestant defenders were as formidable as the enemy. He fancied himself in danger of death, and entreated Guise to stay and protect him ; but the Duke, in great anxiety for France itself, declared that no chains could keep him in Italy. " Go then," returned Paul, " having done little for your King, less for the Church, and nothing for your own honour.
Página 433 - When all my lands were invaded, and I knew not where I could in quiet give birth to my child, I firmly relied on my own good right, and on the help of God. Now, when public right cries out to Heaven against us, and when against us are justice and sound reason, I own that never in my whole life did I feel so anxious, and that I am ashamed to let myself be seen. What an example we shall set the whole world if for a wretched piece of Poland we give up honor and fair fame!

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