Constitution, By-laws and Rules of Order of Hinman Lodge, No. 107, I.O. of O.F., of the State of New York, Instituted February 12, 1844

1845 - 77 páginas

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Página 40 - The previous question shall be put in this form: "Shall the
Página 37 - No member shall speak to another, or otherwise interrupt the business of the Senate, or read any newspaper, while the journals or public papers are reading, or when any member is speaking in any debate.
Página 38 - No member shall speak more than once on the same question, until all the members wishing to speak shall have had an opportunity to do so, nor more than twice without permission...
Página 15 - Jurisprudence, to consist of three members, whose duty it shall be to examine and report upon all questions of Masonic Law, submitted to them for investigation.
Página 44 - Fellowship in the United States of America. All State, District and Territorial Grand Lodges and Encampments assemble under its Warrant, and derive their authority from it. With it is placed the power to enact such laws and regulations as shall be for the good of the Order in general.
Página 67 - Representatives of three States, Districts or Territories, a majority of the Lodge may demand that the previous question shall be put, which shall always be in this form : " Shall the main question be now put?
Página 44 - America," and possesses original and exclusive jurisdiction in Odd-Fellowship, over the territories comprising the Federal Government of the United States. It is the source of all true and legitimate authority in Odd-Fellowship in the United States of America.
Página 63 - No brother can be admitted to visit, or depoa' site his card in a lodge or Encampment out of the state, district or territory where he resides, unless he present a card or certificate under the signature of the officers and seal of the lodge of which he is a member, and endorsed with his name, in his own proper hand writing, and prove himself in the travelling PW and in the Degree in which the lodge is open.
Página 7 - Charter granted from the Grand Lodge of the United States held in the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland, doth hereby grant This Warrant or Dispensation To a number of brothers of the Order of Independent Odd Fellows, residing in the City of Baltimore, State of Maryland, to establish a Lodge in any convenient place, to be hailed by the title of THE WASHINGTON LODGF., No.
Página 65 - ... 1. To lay on the table. 2. The previous question. 3. To postpone to a day certain.

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