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ja steepy rock, scaling Heaven, defends on every side the sea-girt coast: within whose cincture spring the grateful gifts of bounteous Ceres.- Anceus then, the ruler of the ship with sable prow, was not unmindful of my caution, but quickly urging back the ship, he made her to recede, by inclining the rudder to the left hand :-- then, that the vessel might not rush onward, he turned the rudder towards the rìght.

On the third day, we arrived at the residence of Circe, at the Lycaan land, stations surrounded by the sea. With, anxious and sorrowful heart we touched on that shore. We bound our cables to the rocks, and Jason sent forward from the ship some of his chosen companions, with directions to proceed, and search what race of men inhabited that extensive region, and procure a knowledge of the habitations and manners of the people. Presently, the maid, the full sister of the magnanimous Ærtes, Circe, daughter of the sun, met them, as they advanced-(Circe-s0 Asterope her mother, and the glorious Hyperion her father, call the

nymph) onward to the ship her course she bent : amazement seised the heroes, at the view the tresses, waving from her head, were like beams of light-bright shone her beauteous countenance- a subtle fiame was darted from her eyes soon as she beheld Medea, through the disguise of her snowy veil (for opprest with shame and anguish, while pallid grief preyed on her heart, the maid had cast the floating drapery over her charms.)-Her Circe marked, and, moved with pity, addrest her in these terms.

“ Ah wretch, what fate has the Cypriar queen on ; "thee imposed !--Think not, that the recent transac

"' tions, before your arrival at this, ny isle, are hid "s from my view-hither you come, polluted by a two* fold crime-rebellion against the legitimate authority

" of

" of a father and parricidal murder, stained as ye are “ with the blood of a brother, butchered in the most. “ cruel manner.-Nor shall you, if aright I deem; ars rive at your native lands if, with fatal security, you “ persevere in your present career of guilt unexpiated, “ and neglect to cleanse and purify yourselves by rites * of lustration. -No_hope not for prosperous return, “ until you shall have averted the wrath of the deities, “ by religious rites, and sacrifices of atonement, at the “ shores of Maleu, under the direction of Orpheus. “ But, think not, you, in your present plight, thus im * pious and unattoned, to pass my threshold. The “ gods forbid ---stained and polluted as you are.----Ne“ vertheless, I shall send you, with prompt liberality, " the gifts that hospitality requires-bread, and'racy “ wine, and abundant viands, more than your wants o demand."

Thus, having spoke, she returned with wings of speed and forthwith, in the midst of the ship, abun: dance of vessels were set, prepared for food and potation; and every requisite for a banquet was disposed in order.-As we prepared for our departure, a vehement wind arose-resounding shrill, it breathed to waft the heroes on their course. Then, loosing our cables from that island, we pass over the waves- we reach the strait of Tartessus, and touch at the pillars of Hercules - we delay, during the evening, at the promontory, sacred to potent Bacchus; compelled by the necessity of procuring sustenance. -When morn, the harbinger of light, awoke from regions of the east, we, with her dawn, awoke to our toils, and ploughed the green surface of the salt profound.-We arrived at the Sardinian seas the gulfs of the Lalins-Ausonian islands and Tyrrhenian shores--but after we had arrived at Lilybæum, and the surrounding channel, we touch on Sicily, a trian


gular island. There the Ætnean flame of Enceladus retarded our progress, eager as we were. Then, suddenly over the prow the dreadful waves boiled up, from the secret bottom of the abyss, with mighty noise, and reached even our highest sails. And there the devouring whirlpool detained the ship--nor suffered it to spring forwardmor, on the other hand, to glide backward. But in the hollow of that fatal vortex she was whirled round and round. And now the Argo was in such a state, that she must quickly have been swallowed up in the deep devouring surge, had not Eurybia, eldest daughter of the hoary father of the deeps, desired to behold her husband Peleus, gently emerging from the sea. She snatched from destruction the vessel of the Argonauts, and saved it from being sunk beneath the billows.

Then, pursuing our course not far from thence, we discovered a lofty and projecting rợck, and over it hangs a steep and craggy cliff, eaten into vast caverns, within which the blackening waves rebellow dreadful. --Seated there, the nymphs deceitful utter sweet and insidious sounds, and sooth the hearing of mortals, who are destined never to return. Then, were the Minya delighted, to listen to the blandishing song of the Sirens. And never had they sailed past that voice of pernicious sweetness. And even now they were dropping the gars from their hands-and Anceus had steered the ship directly towards the fatal promontory: had not I, taking the lyre in my hands, tried the chords, and sung the strain my mother taught, delightful ornament of minstrelsy. -1 sung, and boldly smote the strings, in unison with the song.--The song was this—“ How,

formerly, the deities contended, concerning the steeds “ with feet of storm; and the dark-haired Neptune, en.

raged with father Jove, struck, wich his golden triing

“ dent “ dent, the Lyctenian lạnds, and dissipated them over " the vast expanse of sea, where they became isles, sur• “ rounded by the deep, which men denominated Sar"dinia, Eubea, and the stormy Cyprus.—Thus, as I struck the lyre, the Sirens, from the snowy summit of the rock, astonished heard. And their own song was intermitted. One cast the Aute, and one the vocal shell, from her hands; and dreadfully they groaned, for the fatal period of their destined annihilation was as hand. Then, from the summit of the caverned and gaping rock, they precipitated themselves into the abysses of the sea, for ever toiling through its troubled bil. lows. There they changed into rocks their graceful forms, and transcendent charms.

When Argo, flying swiftly over the deep, had escaped also this mortal danger- while the winds filled her sails, and the shrouds were strained on the mast, she was wafted over the billows, and through the bays, and arrived at the divine Córcyra - there abode the Phan acians, skilled in 'navigation. Alçinous, the most just of kings, reigned over this people, and gave them laws and administered justice. We furled our sails—we made fast our cableswe moored our ship, , and prepared sacrifices to Panomphean Jove, and Epactian Apollo.-Here, with mighty force, and an infinite num. ber of vessels, the fleet of Æetes sailed up to us—with strenuous efforts they rowed along the Colchians, the Erravians, the Churandeans, and the Solymaanis, in pursuit of the Minya, that they might bring back Medea to the presence of her father, and make her responsible in punishment, for the crime of having murdered her prother. But when they approached more nearly the secret recess of the deep and capacious harbour—then their heralds proceeded without delay to the palace of Æetes. The knees of Medea were unnerved; and on


ries hen they heard autiful Apeldo calds to te

her cheeks. fear diffused its pallid hue through apprehension, lest the Pheacion monarch should seise, and send her, reluctant, to the residence of her father, and a direful catastrophe should ensue. But vindictive Juno conceded not the death of Medea-before that Jason, with her co-operation, had inflicted fell calamicies on the house of Pelias, and on that king himself, When they heard the purposes of the cruel Colchian king, even the beautiful Aretè, and the god-like Alci. nousAlcinous directed the heralds to take the maid, the subject of contention, from the tall ship, and bear her to her father, that she might suffer the punishment due to her guilt. But Aretè, the illustrious queen, pitied her, and with soft intercession addrest her hus. band. And spoke to this effect. . A reprobated task it were, my husband, to rend “the nuptial bond—to scatter to the winds the sacred “ marriage bed, and extinguish the hallowed torch of “ love-great is the wrath of Dionaan Venus, both at “ men and women, who meditate such deeds. But, if Medea be yet a virgin, and has reached our shores “ untouched; let her depart to her father's home, and " the tribes of the Colchians : but if she has exchanged “ her virgin flower, for intercourse with man, and con. “ jugal embrace, let her spouse conduct her with him.”

She spake; and her words sunk deep in the soul of Alcinous. And he determined to perform every thing as she advised.-Nor was the determination hid from the Minya—for Juno, without delay, having assumed the form of a slave, basted to the ship, and succinctly, in hurried tone, related what the king desired. Then, Medea prepared her nuptial couch, in the stern of the vessel; while others strewed the carpets, and extended around the golden fleece. They likewise hung the hides of bulls, and their shields and armour, all around, on


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