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O, by all thy pains and wo,

16 O keep me in thy heavenly way, Suller'd once for man below,

And bid the tempter flee; Bending from thy throne on high,

And let me never, never stray Hear our solemn litany.

From happiness and thee. 2 By thy birth and early years,

HYMN 59. C. M.
By thy human griefs and fears,
By thy fasting and distress

1 HOW oft, alas! this wretched heart

Has wander'd from the LORD!
In the lonely wilderness :
By thy victory in the hour

How oft my roving thoughts depart, of the subtle tempter's power;

Forgetful of his word? JËsus, look with pitying eye;

2 Yet sovcreign mercy calls, “ Return Hear our solemn litany.

Dear LORD, and may I come? 3 By thine hour of dark despair,

My vile ingratitude I mourn; By thine agony of prayer,

0, take the wand'rer home. By the purple robe of scorn,

3 And canst thou, wilt thou yet forgiva,
By thy wounds, thy crown of thorn; And bid my crimes reinove?
By thy cross, thy pangs and cries; And shall a parden'd rebel live
By thy perfect sacrifice;

To speak thy wondrous love?
Jesus, look with pitying ege;
Hear our solemn litany.

4 Almighty grace, thy healing power, 4 By thy deep expiring groan,

Hlow glorious, how divine!

That can te life and bliss restore
By the seald sepulchral stone,

So vile a heart as mine.
By thy triumph o'er the grave,
By thy power from death to save;

5 Thy pard’ning love, so free, so sweet,

Dear Saviour, I adore;
Mighty God, ascended LURD,
To thy throne in heaven restored,

O keep me at 'hy sacred feet,
Prince and Saviour, hear our cry,

And let me rove no nuore.
Hear our solemn litany.

HYMN. 60. L. M.
HYMN 57. L. M.

10 THOU, to whose all-searching sigh I MY GOD, permit me not to be

'The darkness shineth as the light, A stranger to inyself and thee:

Search, prove my heart; it looks to the Amidst a thousand thoughts I rove,

O burst its bonds, and set it free! Forgetful of my highest love.

2 Wash out its stains, remove its dross, 2 Why should passions mix with earth, Bind my affections to the cross; And thus debase my heavenly birth? Hallow each thought, let all within Why should I cleave to things below, Be clean, as thou, my LORD, art clean. And all my purest joys forego?

3 IC in this darksome wild I stray, 3 Call me away from flesh and sense ; Be thou my light, be thou my way; Thy grace, O Lord, can draw me thence : No foes, no violence I fear, I would obey the voice divine,

No harm, while thou, my God, art near And all inferior joys raign.

4 When rising foods my soul o'erflow, HYMN 58. C.M.

When sinks my heart in waves of wo,

JESUS, thy timely aid impart,
I ALAS, what hourly danger rise ! And raise my head, and cheer my heart

What snares beset my way!
To heaven, O let me lift mine eyes,

5 Saviour! where'er thy sleps I sec. And hourly watch and pray.

Dauntless, untired, I follow ihee:

O let thy hand support me still, 2 How oft my mournful thoughts complain, And lead me to thy holy hill. And melt in flowing tears!

(See Hymns on Repentance My weak resistance, ah, how vain! How strong my foes and fears!

PASSION WEEK, AND GOOD s gracious God, in whom I live,

My teeble efforts aid;
Help me to watch, and pray, and strive,

HYMN 61. III. L.
Though trembling and afraid.

Isaiah lxiii. 1-4. 4 Increase my faith, increase my hope, 1 WHO is this that comes from Edom, When foes and fears prevail;

All his raiment stain'd with blood, And bear my faicting spiri: up,

To the captive speaking freedom Or soon my strength will fail.

Bringing and bestowing good; 6 Whene'er templations fright my heart,

Glorious in the galb he wears, Or lure my feet aside,

Glorious in the spoil he bears? My God, thy powerful aid impart, 2 'T is the Saviour, now victorious, My guardian and my guide.

Travölling onward in his might;

Tis the Saviour, O how glorious 13 My conscience felt and owu'd the guite To his people is the sight!

And plunged me in despair ;. Satan conquer'd, and the grave,

I saw my sins his blood had spilt, JESUS now is strong to save.

And help'd to nail him there. 3 Why that blood his raiment staining? 4 Alas! I knew not what I did; 'T is the blood of many slain;

But now my tears are vain; Of his foes there's none remaining, Where shall my trembling soul be hid! None, the contest to maintain:

For I the LORD have slain. Fall'n they are, no more to rise,

5 A second look he gave, which said All their glory prostrate lies.

“I freely all forgive; Mighty Victor, reign for ever, “ This blood is for thy ransom paid, Wear the crown so dearly won!

“I die that thou may'st live." Never shall thy people, never,

6 Thus, while his death my sin displays Cease to sing what thou hast done!

In all its Wackest hue,
Thou hast fought thy people's foes ;
Thou hast heai'd thy people's woes!

(Such is the mystery of grace)

It seals my pardon too.
HYMN 62 L. M.

HYMN 65. C. M. 1 WHEN ) survey the wondrous cross 1 FROM whence these direful omene On which the Prince of glory died,

round, My richest gain I count hut loss,

Which heaven and earth amaze! And pour contempt on all my pride.

Wherefore do earthquakes cleave the 2 Forbid it, LORD, that I should boast,

Save in the cross of CHRIST my God: Why hides the sun his rays?
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to thy blood.

2 Well may the earth astonish'd shake,

And nature sympathize! 3 See, from his head, his hands, his feet, The sun as darkest night be black !

Sorrow and love flow mingled down; Their Maker, Jesus, dies ! Did e'er suchi love and surrow meet?

3 Behold, fast streaming from the tree, Or thorns compose a Savivur's crown?

His all-atoning blood! 4 Were the whole realm of nature mine, le this the Infinite? 't is he, That were a tribute far too small;

My Saviour and my God! Love so amazing, so divine,

4 For me these pangs his soul assail Demands my life, my soul, iny all.

For me this death is borne;
HYMN 63. C. M.

My sins gave sharpness to the nai.,

And pointed every thorn.
I BEHOLD the Saviour of mankind
Nail'd to the shameful tree;

5 Let sin no more my soul enslave, How vast the love that him inclined

Break, LORD, its iyrant chain; To bleed and die for me!

O save me, whom thou can'st to save,

Nor bleed, nor die in vain ! 2 Hark, how he gruans! while nature shakes,

HYMN 66. L M.
And eartli's strong pillars bend!

St. John xix. 30.
The temple's veil in sunder breaks,
The solid marbles rend.

I 'T IS finish'd so the Saviour cried,

And meekly bow'd his head and died; 3 T is done! the precious ransom 's paid; "T is finish'd-yes, the work is done, Receive my soul!" he cries;

The baltie fought, the victory won. See where he bows his sacred head!

2 'T is finish'd all that heaven decreed He bows his head and dies !

And all the ancierrt prophets said, 6 But soon, he 'll break death's envious Is now fulfill'd, as long design'd, chain,

In me, the Saviour of mankind.
And in full glory shine;
O Lamb of God! was ever pain,

3 "T is finish'd-Aaron now no more

Must stain his robes with purple gore; Was ever love like thine!

The sacred veil is rent in twain,
HYMN 64. C. M.

And Jewish rites no more remain.
I MY Saviour hanging on the tree,

4 'T is finish'd--this, my dying groan, In agonies and blood,

Shall sins of every kind atone; Methought once turn'd his cyes on me, Millions shall be redeem'd from death, As near his cross I stood.

By this, my last expiring breath. 2 Sure, never, till my latest breath

5 'T is finished-heaven is reconciled, Can I forget that look;

And all the powers of darkness spoiled It seem'd to charge ine with his death, Peace, love, and happiness, again Though not a word he spoke.

Return and dwell with sinful men.

and sky.


6 'T is finish'd-let the joyful sound 3 Vain the stone, the watch, the seal, Be neard through all the nations round; Christ has burst the gates of hell; *T is finish'd-let the echo fly

Death in vain forbids him rise, "Through heaver and hell, through earth Christ hath opend paradise.

4 Soar we now where CHRIST hath lod, HYMN 67. L. M.

Following our exalted Head;

Made like him, like him we rise;
For the Jews.

Ours the cross, the grave, the skies. 1 HIGH on the bending willows hung,

HYMN 70. L.M.
Israel, still sleeps the tuneful string?
Still inute remains the sullen tongue,

Col.iii. 1, 2
And Zion's song denies to sing?

1 YE faithful souls who Jesus know 2 Awake! thy loudest raptures raise;

If risen indeed with him ye are,
Let harp and voice unite their strains : Superior to the joys below,
Thy promised King his sceptre sways;

His resurrection's power declare:
Behola, thy own Messiah reigns.

2 Your faith hy holy tempers prove, S By foreign streams no longer roam,

By actions show your sins forgiven, And, weeping, think on Jor han's flood; And seek the gloricus things above, In every clime behold a home;

And follow Christ, your Head, to In every temple sex thy God.

heaven. 4 No taunting foes the song require;

3 There your exalted Saviour see, No strangers mock thy captive chain;

Seated at God's right hand again; Thy friends provoke the silent lyre,

lu all bis Father's majesty, And brethren ask the holy strain.

In everlasting power to reign. 5 Then why on hending willows hung,

4 To nim continually aspire, Israel, still sleeps the tuneful string?

Contending for your destined place, Why mute remains the sullen tongue,

Aud emulate the angel choir, And Zion's song delays to sing?

And ouly live to love and praise.

HYMN 71. C. M.

1 Cor. xv. 20, 21, 22. Col. iii. 1.
HYMN 68. C. M.

1 CIIRIST from the dead is raised and 1 Cor. v. 8. Rom, vi. 9, 10, 11.

made I SINCE Christ our Passover is slain,

The First Fruits of the tomb; A sacrifice for all,

For, as by man came death, by man Let all, with thankful hearts, agree

Did resurrection come. To keep the festival :

2 For, as in Adam all mankind

Did guilt and death derive; 2 Not with the leaven, as of old,

So, by the righteousness of CPärst,
Of sin and malice fed;

Shall all be made alive.
But with unfeign'd sincerity,
And truth's unleaven'd bread.

3 If then ye risen are with Christ, 8 Christ being raised by power divine,

Seek only how to get

The things which are above, where CHRIS And rescued from the grave,

Al God's right hand is set.
Shall die no more, death shall on him
No more dominion have.

ASCENSION. 4 For that he died, 't was for our sins

HYMN 72. L M. He once vouchsafed to die;

1 HE dies! the Friend of sinners dies ! But that he lives, he lives to GOD

Lo! Salem's daughters weep around!. For all eternity.

A solenı darkness veils the skies! 5 So count yourselves as dead to sin, A sudden trembling shakes the ground

But graciously restored,
And made, henceforth, alive to GOD,

2 Ye saints, approach! the angurish view Through JESUS CHRIST, our Lord.

Of him who groans beneath your load

He gives his precious life for you,
HYMN 69. III.1.

For you he sheds his precious hlood. 1 CHRIST the Lord is risen to-day, 3 Here's love and grief beyond degree ! Sons of men and angels say

The Lord of glory dies for men! Raise your joys and triumphs high, But lo! what sudden joys we see! Sing ye heavens, and earth reply?

Jesus, the dead, revives again! 2 Love's redeeming work is done,

4 The rising God forsakes the tomb; Fought the fight, the vict'ry won:

Up to his Father's court he Ries; JESUS' agony is o'er,

Cherubic legions guard him horne, Darkness veils the earth no more,

And shout him welcome to the skies!

# Break off your tears, yegaints, and tell

HYMN 75. C. M. How high our great Delivrer reigns ; 1 COME, HOLY SPIRIT, Heavenly Dove Sing how he spoil'd the hosts of hell, With all thy quick’ning powers;

And led the tyrant death in chains ! Kindle a Name of sacred love 6 Say, " Live for ever, glorious King,

In these cold hearts of ours.
.“ Born to redeein, instruct, and save!" 2 See how we grovel here below,
Then ask, “O death where is thy sting! Fond of these earthly toys:
“And where thy victory, O grave!" Our souls, how heavily they go,

To reach eternal joys!
HYMN 73. L. M.

3 In vain we tune our lifeless songs, I OUR LORD is risen from the dead,

In vain we strive to rise ! Our Jesus is gone up on high;

Hosannas languish on our tongues The powers of hell are captive led,

And our devotion dies. Dragg'd to the portals of the sky.

4 Corne, HOLY SPIRIT, Heavenly Dove 2 There his triumphal chariot waits, With all thy quick'ning powers; And angels chant the solemn lay;

Coine, shed abroad a Saviour's love, "Lif! up your heads, ye heaven'y gates! And that shall kindle ours. “Ye everlasting doors, give way!"

HYMN 76. C. M. 3 Loose all your bars of massy light,

And wide unfold the radiai:t scene 1 HE's come! let every knee be bent, He claims those mansions as his right ;

All hearts new joy resume; Receive the King of Glory in.

Sing, ye redeem'd, with one consent,

"The Comforter is come." 4“Who is the King of Glory, who?"

The LORD that all his foes o'ercame, 2 Whal greater gift, what greater love, The world, sin, death, und hell o'erthrow,

Could God on man bestow ? And Jesus is the conqueror's name.

Angels for this rejoice above, 5 Lo! his triumphal chariot waits,

Let man rejoice below! And angels chant the solemn lay, 3 Hail, blessed Spirit! may each soul "Lift up your heads, ye heavenly gates!

Thy sacred influence feel; “ Ye everlasting doors, give way!

Du thou each sinful thought control, 6" Who is the King of Glory, who?"

And fix our wav'ring zeal! The LORD of boundless power possess'd, 4 Thou to the conscience dost convey, The King of saints and angels too,

Those checks which we should know; Gon over all,


Thy motions point to us the way ;

Thou giv'st us strength to go.

HYMN 7.1. C.M.

HYMN 77. L. M.
I COME, Holy Ghost! Creator, come, 1 O HOLY, holy, hoiy, LORD!
Inspire these souls of thine;

Bright in thy deeds and in thy name, Till every heart which thou hast made,

For ever be thy name adored, Be fill'd with grace divine.

Thy glories let the world proclaim! 2 Thou art the Comforter, the gift

2 O JESUS, Lamb once crucified Of God, and fire of love;

To take our load of sins away, The everlasting spring of joy,

Thine be the hymn that rolls its tide
And unction from above.

Along the realıns of upper day!
S Thy gifts are manifold, thou writ'st
God's law in each true heart;

3 O HOLY SPIRIT, from above, The promise of the FATHER, thou

In streams of light and glory given, Dost heavenly speech impart.

Thou source of ecstacy and love,

Thy praises ring through earth and heaven 4 Enlighten our dark souls, till they

4 O God triune! to thee we owe Thy sacred love cmhrace; Assist our minds, by nature frail,

Our every thought, our every song; With thy celestial grace.

And ever may thy praises flow

From saint and seraph's burning tongue' 8 Drive far from us the mortal foe, And give us peace within,

HYMN 78. L. M. That, by thy guidance blest, we may 1 FATHER of all, whose love profound Escape the shares of sin.

A ransom for our souls hath fund, 6 Teach us the FATHER to confess,

Before thy throne we sinners hend; And Son, from death revived,

To us thy pard'ning love extend ! And thee, with both, O HOLY GHOST, 2 Almighty Son, incarnate Word, Who art from both derivede

Our Prophet, Priest, Redeemer, LORD BE


Before thy throne we sinners bend; 15 Then, should oppressing foca invade Tous thy saving grace extend!

We will not sink in fear;

Secure of all-sufficient aid, 3 Eternal SPIRIT, by whose breath The soul is raised from sin and death,

When God, our God, is near. Before thy throne we sinners bend;

HYMN 81. III. 3. To us thy quick’ning power extend!

1 DREAD JEHOVAH! God of nation' 4 JEHOVAH! Father, Spirit, Son,

From thy temple in the skies, Mysterious GODHEAD, Three in one!

Hear thy people's supplications, Before thy throne we sinners bend;

Now for their delivrance rise: Grace, pardon, life, to us extend !

2 Lo! with deep contrition turning HYMN 79. II. 4.

Humbly at thy feet we hend; I WE give immortal praise

Hear us, fasting, praying, mourning, To God the Father's love,

Hear us, spare us, and defend. For all our comforts here,

3 Though our sins, our hearts confounding And all our hopes above:

Long and loud for vengeance call,
He sent his own

Thou hast mercy more abounding,..
Eternal Son,

JESUS' blood can cleanse them all.
To die for sins

4 Let that love vcil our transgression, That man had done.

Let that blood our guilt etiace; 2 To God the Son belongs

Save thy people from oppression,
Immortal glory too,

Save from spoil thy holy place.
Who saved us by his blood
From everlasting wo:

HYMN 82. L. M.
And now he lives,

Prayer and Hope of Victory.
And muw he reigns,

1 NOW may the God of And sees the fruit


grace power Of all his pains.

Attend his people's humble cry;

Defend them in ihe needful hour, 3 To God the Spirit, praise

And send deliv'rance from on high.
And endless worship give,
Whose new-creating power

2 In his salvation is our hope, Makes the dead sinner live.

And in the name of Israel's God
His work completes

Our troops shall lift their banners up,
The great design,

Our navies spread their flags abroad. And fills the soul

3 Some trust in horses train'd for war, With joy divine.

And some of chariots inake their boasts, 4 Almighty God! to thee

Our surest expectations are Be endless honors done;

From thee, the LORD of heavenly hoste The sacred Persons three,

4 Then save vis, LORD, from slavish fear, The GODHEAD only one:

And let our trust be firin and strong, Where reason fails

Till thy salvation shall appear,
With all her powers,

And hymns of peace conclude our song
There faith prevails,
And love adores.


HYMN 83. (Part 1.) III. 2
HYMN 80. C. M.

1 PRAISE to God, immortal praise,

For the love that crowns our days; I ALMIGHTY LORD! before thy throne Bounteous source of every joy, Thy mourning people bend!

Let thy praise our tongues employ. "T is on thy pard’ning grace alone All to thee, our God, we owe, Our prostrate hopes depend.

Source whence all our blessings flow. 2 Dark judgments, from thy heavy hand, 2 All the blessings of the fields, Thy dreadful power display ;

All the stores the garden yields, Yet mercy spares our guiliy land,

Flocks that whiten all the plain, And still we live to pray.

Yellow sheaves of ripen'd grain: 8 How changed, alas! are truths divine,

LORD, for these our souls shali raise For error, guilt, and shame!

Grateful vows and solemn praise. What impious numbers, bold in sin, 3 Clouds that drop their fatt'ning dews, Disgrace the Christian name!

Suns that genial warmth diffuse, 40 turn us, turn us, mighty LORD, All the plenty summer pours, Convert us by thy grace;

Autumn's rich o'erflowing stores, Then shall our hearts obey thy word, LORD, for these our souls shall raise And see again thy face.

Grateful vows and solemn praise.

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