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a residence of many years, and opportunities peculiarly favorable, allowed me to extend its limits. It is in the various latitudes of India that I have principally travelled, and to the complicated interests of that magnificent country, that I have principally devoted my humble talents for investigation. So arduous an attempt, however, as to render worthy of the public eye, an analysis and description of the principles of its internal government; the springs which actuate the prodigious machine by which this internal government is adapted to the security and advantage of England, and, at the same time, to the amelioration of the political existence of the natives, who have already, or who may hereafter become, subservient to British authority ;-to discuss the Hindû and Mussulmaun laws, stíll allowed to subsist notwithstanding the establishment of English courts of justice ;-to animadvert on the religions and religious prejudices of the multiplied casts and sects ;-to elucidate their eustoms,, manners, and habits, together with the actual state of their arts and manufactures ;-such an attempt, I must be permitted to repeat, is of too serious a nature for me to engage in, without first endeavouring to obtain a kind of sanction to my labors, by ascertaining that at least no unfavorable decision has been pronounced against my present undertaking.

For this decision, therefore, I shall wait with an anxiety which originates in a due respect for the public judgment.

CHAP. VI. Page 93.

Turkish Visits-Smoking ---Scutari-Dervishes-Pera-Tandour


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Reflections on the Insults to which Jews are exposed-Bostangee Ba

shee's disgraceful Conduct to a Party of Greek Ladies-Ghumbaragee Bashee-General John Morrison-Meeting of the Effendee.

CHAP. VIII. Page 110

Keathana-Coffee-houses-Turkish Dinners-Yaourt-Kaimak-Pek

mex--Public Scribes-Music-Exercises-Porters-Dogs.

CHA P. IX. Page 120.

Commerce-Political Situation of the Greeks.

CHA P. X. Page 125.

Religion-Sangiac Schereef, and other RelicsAnecdote of Ibrahim

the Second-Funeral Ceremonies-Plague.

CHAP. XI. Page 149.

Government, and Members who compose it.-Muftee and Ulemah

Reflections on the present State of the Country-Vizeer Azemme - Muftee-Caxe- Askeer-Cadeer-Reis Effendee.

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from Constantinople-Death of a Sailor on Board the Boar -Island of Avezza-Capo, or Principal Inhabitant-Troad.

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