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first time. The purchase of a Penguin by the Zoological Society has afforded the rare opportunity of watching its subaqueous proceedings (p. 4262), which have proved most interesting. At p. 4197 will be found a brief account of the nesting of the Crowned Pigeon, showing a strange discrepancy between the economy of this and the other species of the same order: the young of the Crowned Pigeon being about one-third the size of the adult when it leaves the nest; the Domestic Pigeon being full grown; and both being fully feathered. At p. 3998 is an extremely interesting, and I believe quite original, observation, by Mr. Barrington, on the position in which the Tree Creeper holds its legs when climbing a vertical trunk.

Fishes.—I would emphatically call attention to the observation of Mr. Hughes (p. 3895) on the sleep of Fishes: the enquiry whether Fishes sleep has been repeated over and over again; and to Mr. Hughes is due the credit of giving a satisfactory reply:—Fishes not only sleep, but sleep soundly, lying perfectly still at the bottom of little rock-pools left by the retiring tide; and in the instance recorded allowing Mr. Hughes to take them, one by one, out of the water, while they still continued slumbering unconscious of danger. At p. 3872 I have reprinted from 'Nature' a paper by Mr. Saville-Kent, intituled, "Fish distinguished by their Actions." Mr. Kent was kind enough to send me this for republication, knowing the extreme interest I took in the doings of all living animals. The Fishes principally noticed are the Smooth Hound, the Spotted Dog-fish, the Angel-fish, the Gurnards, the Gemmeous Dragonets, the Pipe-fish, the Sea-horses, and the John Doree, concerning all of which he has made original observations. Again at p. 3838 Mr. Howard Saunders has, I believe, for the first time, recorded the spawning habits of the Flying Fish, as observed by himself at the Chincha Islands, on the coast of Peru.

Crustaceans.—The capture of the American King Crab, or Horseshoe Crab, off the coast of Holland, as recorded in the 'Zoologist' last year, was regarded as a problem extremely difficult of solution; but in the January number of this year (p. 3845) Mr. Lloyd informed us that, when manager of the Hamburg Aquarium, having received a greater quantity of King Crabs than he could possibly accommodate, he packed them in a cask, shipped them on board a steamer bound for London, and had them thrown into the sea on the British side of the little island of Heligoland. This was in August, 1866; and there is no reason to doubt that either these very Crabs or their descendants were captured on the same spot in 1874.

Such are some of the results obtained already by diverting observation into a channel comparatively new.

Edwabd Newman.



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