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The first chapter embraces what we know regarding atoms, and gives also a definition of Energy. The various forces and energies of nature are thereafter enumerated, and the law of Conservation is stated . Then follow the various transmutations of Energy, according to a fist, for which the author is indebted to Prof. Tait. The fifth chapter gives a short historical sketch of the subject, ending with the law of Dissipation; while the sixth and last chapter gives some account of the position of living beings in this universe of Energy.

The Owens College, Manchester,
August, 1873.

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Eleotricity is probably allied to Chemical

Affinity ....

List of Substances which develop Electricity

Electric Machine . • •

Electric Induction . . .

Leyden Jar ...

The Electric Current described ,

The Poles of a Battery . .

The Electrical Condition of the Poles .

Direction of Battery Current .

Magnetio Effects of Current .

Heating Effect of Current .

Chemical Effect of Current .

Attraction and Repulsion of Currents

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