Memoirs, Correspondence, and Poetical Remains of Jane Taylor

Holdsworth and Ball, 1831 - 369 páginas

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Página 361 - When this frail treasure in her arms she pressed ! Her prayer was heard, — she clasped a living child, But how the gift transcends the poor request ! A child was all she asked, with many a vow ; Mother, behold the child an angel now ! Now in her Father's house she finds a place ; Or, if to earth she take a transient flight, 'Tis to fulfil the purpose of His grace, To guide thy footsteps to the world of light ; — A ministering spirit sent to thee, That where she is, there thou mayst also be.
Página 122 - Here's a lesson for me ; That man's but a picture of what I might be. But thanks to my friends for their care in my breeding, Who taught me betimes to love working and reading.
Página 206 - I would not for a world of gold That Nature's lovely face should tire ; Fountain of blessings yet untold ; Pure source of intellectual fire ! Fancy's fair buds, the germs of song, Unquicken'd midst the world's rude strife, Shall sweet retirement render strong, And morning silence bring to life.
Página 90 - THERE is a calm for those who weep, A rest for weary pilgrims found, They softly lie and sweetly sleep Low in the ground.
Página 352 - THERE is a glorious world of light Above the starry sky, Where saints departed, clothed in white, Adore the Lord most high. 2 And hark ! — amid the sacred songs Those heavenly voices raise, Ten thousand thousand infant tongues Unite in perfect praise.
Página 273 - Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand My naked soul I trust, And my flesh waits for thy command To drop into my dust.
Página 358 - COME, my fond fluttering heart ! Come, struggle to be free ; Thou and the world must part, However hard it be : My trembling spirit owns it just. But cleaves yet closer to the dust...
Página 225 - ... qu'on se dit tel homme n'est pas digne de me juger, telle femme n'est pas capable de me comprendre ; le visage humain exerce un grand pouvoir sur le cœur humain; et quand vous lisez sur ce visage une désapprobation secrète, elle vous inquiète toujours, en dépit de vous-même; enfin, le cercle qui vous environne finit toujours par vous cacher le reste du monde...
Página 361 - Her prayer was heard — she clasped a living child ; — But how the gift transcends the poor request! A child was all she asked, with many a vow ; — Mother — Behold the child an angel now ! Now in her Father's house she finds a place ; Or if to earth she take a transient flight, 'Tis to...
Página 300 - To far distant scenes they extend ; Illumine the dwellings of those that are dear, And sleep on the grave of my friend. Then still I must love thee, mild queen of the night, Since feeling and fancy agree To make thee a source of unfailing delight, A friend and a solace to me.

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