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I see by you, I am a sweet-faced youth.
Will you walk in to see their gossiping?
Dro.S. Not I, sir; you are my elder.

Dro.E. That's a question: how shall we try it? Dro.S. We will draw cuts for the senior: till then lead thou first,

Dro.E. Nay, then thus:

We came into the world, like brother and brother; And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another. [Exeunt.

[6] On a careful revision of the foregoing scenes, I do not hesitate to pronounce them the composition of two very unequal writers. Shakspeare had undoubtedly a share in them; but that the entire play was no work of his, is an opinion which (as Benedick says) "fire cannot melt out of me; I will die in it at the stake." Thus, as we are informed by Aulus Gellius, Lib.III. cap. 3, some plays are absolutely ascribed to Plautus, which in truth had only been (retractata et expolitata) retouched and polished by him.



Munroe, Francis & Parker's
Third Edition.

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