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Why should not divers studies, at divers hours, delight, when the
variety is able alone to refresh and repair us?

BEN JONSON's Discoveries.






C. Baldwin, Printer,

V w Bridge-street. London.


Advertisements extraordinary, 285.

Advice to a Young Essayist, 501.

Ægesta, remains of, 389.

Agriculture, 108, 220, 327, 440, 573, 684.

Alasco, Mr. Shee's tragedy of, suppressed

by the Licenser, 313.

Analects from J. P. Richter, 117.
Andrea, John Valentine, 143 to be con-
sidered the founder of the Rosicrucians,

Anecdotes of Ghosts, 255, 256.
Arab character, 385.
Architecture, French work on, 213-Ger-
man ditto, 214-remains of Moorish, at
Palermo, 390.

Ariosto, Rose's Translation of, 623-his

immorality, 624-compared with Dante

and Tasso, ib.-his characteristic merits,
625 difficulty of translating, 626.

Aristotelian logic, value of, 310.

Arithmetic, mental, 509.

tation of Goethe, 284, 527-review of

his Deformed Transformed, 315-elect-

ed member of the council of Misso-

longhi, 323-his poetry, sensual, 426—

remarks on Beppo, 626—his death, 679,


Callcott, Dr. memoir of, 306.
Character, National, Kant on, 381.
Characters: a cynic, 67-Laird Hause-
lock, 74-The Superior of the Convent
of St. S- -, 359-Frank Hargrave,
523-Henriette de P, 618.
Chatterton, Richard, Letters to the Coun-
try by, 64, 293.

Chatterton, Thomas, 631.

Children, young, death of, 117.

Christmas holidays, 198.

Colman, Mr., refuses to license Shee's
Alasco, 313.

Commerce, 109, 220, 328, 440, 574, 685

-Retrospective View of, 686.

Bacon, his error in rejecting Aristotelian

logic, 310-his New Atlantis, 652.

Baphomet, the Symbol of the Knights'

Templars, 660.

Batavian Anthology, review of, 300.
Biography: Vauquelin, 26-Schiller, 37
-Steibelt, 99-Viganoni, ditto-H.
Smart, ditto-C. Rosycross, 142-Ros-
sini, 189, 209-Dr. Callcott, 306-Ri-
cardo, 309-Rev. T. Delafield, 397-
P. Gringore, 401-J. Brasbridge, 417
Paul Jones, 492, 630 Richard
Tarlton, 517-Chatterton, 631, (see
also Deaths.)


Dahlmann, Professor, his historical re-
searches, 443.

Dale, Commodore, 629-his account of
Paul Jones's action with the Serapis, ib.
Death, 117.
Deaths: Bishop Cornwallis, Gandon (ar-
chitect), Ex-King of Sardinia, 224
Sir H. B. Dudley, Sir Brooke Boothby,
Langlés, Sir T. Maitland, 336-Admi-
ral De Courcy, 447-Miss Lee, Eugene
Beauharnois, T. E. Bowdich, Camba-
ceres, Cardinal Gonsalvi, 448-Rev. T.
Maurice, Duchess of Devonshire, 578-

R. Payne Knight, Bishop Buckner,

Belzoni, Lord Byron, 694.

Delafield, Rev. Thos, 397, note.

Delavigne, French poet, his Ecole des

Vieillards, 99-account of, 153-trans-

lations frem, 154.

Democritus Junior, 239.

Devil in Ireland, 453.
Dialogues of Three Templars, on Political
Economy, Introductory, 341-I. 347-
II. 427—III. 547—ÏV. 550—V. 557

-VI. 561.

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Epigrams, German, 237, 364.

Equitable Loans, 621.

Esquimaux, 475-Iligliuk, an Esquimaux
lady, 479-general character, 482-
dogs, ib. superstition, 483.

Essayist, young, advice to, 501.

Etiquette, punctilious, of naval comman

ders, 629.

Euripides, supposed Drama of Richard the
Third by, 603.

Exhibition of the Royal Academy, 663.
Facetia Bibliographica, No. IV. Demo-
critus Junior, 239-V. Rahere, 397-
VI. Tarlton, 517.

False Distinctions, 642.

on it, 461.

Goethe, his dedication to his poems, 186

-translation from, 285-another ver-
sion of the same ballad, 527.

Good, Dr., on melancholy madness, 378.
Grammars, defects of those in use, 508.
Grose, Capt, his collection of curious ad-
vertisements, 285.

Hajji Baba, review of, 193.

Hamlet, the character of the Ghost, the
most difficult of any in Shakspeare, 368
-on the madness of Hamlet, 373-his
Soliloquy, 647.

Hargrove, Frank, a character, 523-his
critique on Landor's Imaginary Conver-
sations, 526.

Heeren, Professor, his historical works, 443.

Fama Fraternitatis, account of that work, Heinsius, 308.

[blocks in formation]

Hemans, Mrs., her tragedy of the Vespers
of Palermo, 92.
Henriette de P.


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[blocks in formation]

Hooft, Dutch poet, 302.

Hunt, J., trial of, for murder of Mr. Weare, Madness, Hamlet's, 373-Ophelia's, 487


Jamyn, Amadis, French poet, 251.
Ideographia, 514.

Idols, Mexican, 522.
Jesters, court, 397.

Jesuits, re-establishment of, at Naples,

Imaginary Conversations, Landor's, 523.
Imagination, 118-not possessed by women
in a greater degree than by men, 642-
not by savages and oriental nations in a
superior degree, 643.

Imitations and plagiarisms, recent, poetical,
277-Scott, 277-Southey, 278-Mont-
gomery, 281-Crabbe, Graham, Milman,
Moore, 282-Byron, 283.
Intellect, superior, an object of admiration,
per se, 309.

Jones, Paul, sketches of, 492-his action
with the Serapis, 630.
Ireland, the Devil in, 453-the Kildare-
street association, 459-Captain Rock,
563-wretched state of Ireland under
Elizabeth, 588-James I. 589-despotic
government of Strafford, under Charles
I. 591-Cromwell, ib.-James II. 592
--administration under Townshend,
Harcourt, &c. 595-the Church Esta-
blishment, 680. (See Public Events.)
Italy, recollections of, 21-walk to Pas-
tum, &c. 122-number of ruins of the
middle ages, in, 128.

Jurisprudence, foreign publications on, 330.

Kant, in what degree obscure, 344-on
National character in relation to the sense
for the sublime and beautiful, 381-on
Swedenborgianism, 489.
Kildare-street association, 459.
Kings have succeeded in many arts, but

not in poetry, 639-and why, ib.
Labour, the quantity of, the ground of va-
lue, 347.

Lacy, J., his reply to Terentius Secundus,


Lancasterian system of education, Mr. Cole-
ridge's censure of, 511.

Landor's Imaginary Conversations, 523.
Languages, how to be taught, 505, 508.
Letter from one of the Dramatists of the
Day to J. Lacy, 272-reply to, 469.
Letters to the Country, by R. Chatterton,
No. I., 64-No. II. on the intellectual
characteristics of the two sexes, 293.
Lion's Head, 3, 115, 227, 339, 451, 581.
Literary Life, its disadvantages, 37.
Literature, Danish, 101, 444.

French, 99, 211, 329, 441.
German, 101, 214, 331, 443.

-remarks on Madness, 645.
Madras system of Education, 410.
Maier, Mich. writer on the Rosicrucian So-
ciety, 148.

Malthus, Mr., his objections against Ri-
cardo, 343-his doctrine of value, 551
-objections to Ricardo's theory of va-
lue, 557-errors of his table illustrating
the invariable value of labour, 562.
Man, a misanthrope by nature, 67.
Martyrdom, 121.

Maynard's "Twelve Wonders," extracts
from, 620.

Memoir of C. F. Featherstonhaugh, 133.
Memoirs of Rossini, review of, 189-of
Captain Rock, ditto, 583.

Mexican Museum, Bullock's, 521.
Midshipman, miseries of one, 136.
Milman, Mr., his poetical imitations, 282.
Milton, Latin manuscript of, discovered,

Miracles, by Franco di Girolamo, 233.
Misanthrope, man one by nature, 67.
Miseries of a midshipman, 136.
Monastery at La Cava, 125.
Montague, E. Wortley, matrimonial ad-

vertisement of, 287.
Montgomery, poetical imitations by, 281.
Moon and Stars, a fable, 202.
Moore, poetical imitations by, 282.
Mummy caves at Palermo, 391.
Music: Provincial Concerts, Manchester,
&c. Warminster, 96-Italian Opera at
Bath, Sir G. Smart's Concerts at ditto,
Norwich Musical Festival, King's The-
atre, Performers, Rossini's Zelmira, 97
-Mr. Sinclair at Covent Garden, Stei-
belt's death, Viganoni's, H. Smart's,
98-New Music, 99-King's Theatre,
Rossini, his Zelmira, 208-his appear-
ance at the opera, 209-Garcia, Signora
Colbran Rossini, Concerts, 210-New
Music, 211-Madame Catalani, 304-
Miss D. Travis, the Bristol Harmonic
Institution, Mr. Cummins' Lectures on
Music, Oratorio at Drury-lane, 305-
Dr. Callcott's Glees, and memoir of that
composer, 306-New Music, 307-
Royal Academy, 405-Remarks on the
expensiveness of Concerts, Oratorios,
406 Stadler's Oratorio of Jerusalem
Delivered, Concerts at the Opera-house,
407-Catalani, Il Fanatico per la mu-
sica,' 408-New Music, 409-Oratorios,
the Star of Bethlehem, the Prophecy,
General success of the season, the Misses
Cawes, 542-Defects of Braham and
Sinclair, King's Theatre, Clementi,
543-decline of Catalani's fame, Miss
Love, Madame Pasta, Master Aspull,

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