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The subject of Injuries of the Eye forms part of the systematic treatises on diseases of this organ, but I am not aware that any English work has been specially devoted to the subject; when in charge of difficult and anxious cases I have often felt the want of such a book of reference as that I have now endeavoured to supply.

The members of the medical profession, especially those of matured experience, must be conscious of the progressive character of knowledge; and on surveying the various theories and changes of opinion they have witnessed, will feel that the information they possess is but a drop in the great ocean of truth.

Deeply sensible of this, the present volume is put forth by me with the consciousness of many shortcomings and imperfections; nevertheless, it is hoped that it may prove useful: to render it practical no pains have been spared.

Believing that cases are not only illustrative but impress facts upon the memory, they have been freely introduced in a concise form, and limited as far as possible to the leading points.

Though unavoidably enhancing the cost of the volume thereby, I have availed myself of the skill of Mr. Sherwin, to insure fidelity in the colouring of the plates, which, with the woodcuts, are from my own drawings. The cuts have been executed by Mr. William Bagg and Mr- Orrin Smith.

My grateful acknowledgments are due to the following gentlemen, who have courteously afforded me information— Mr. W. Wale Tayler, St. Austell; Mr. Edward Robathan, Risca; Mr. David Hughes, sen., Llangollen; Mr. John Williams, Mold; Mr. Peter Squire, and Mr. Lloyd Bullock.

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19, Berkeley Square; February, 1859.

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Foreign Bodies In Tbe Eyb. Protective sensibility of the eye; suffering

caused by foreign bodies; seed husks; injurious occupations; drugs; chemi-

cals; elytra of beetles; flies; lucifer matches; grit; sparks; effect upon

the cornea; particles in sclerotica; list of instruments; canula-forceps;

examination of an eye; eversion of lid; removal of foreign bodies; anterior

elastic lamina; cornea-needles; general directions; mode of steadying the

eye; stain from metal; thorns and splinters; particles imbedded under con-

junctiva ; necessity for full examination; changes caused by impacted foreign

bodies; house-fly under the lid; disorganization of eye from foreign body;

evil effects of blowing sugar into the eye. . p. 1


Foreign Bodies In The Eyeball. Effects uncertain; case of thorn in the

eye; texture and form of tunics; substances that usually inflict wounds;

bees'-wax in eye; foreign bodies in anterior chamber; in crystalline lens;

percussion caps; wounds of lens; foreign bodies in iris; their removal;

fragment of granite in eye; cases; foreign bodies in vitreous humour; lodg-

ment of foreign bodies; their effects; change of colour in iris; atrophy of

globe; ophthalmitis; ossific deposit in eye; impacted particle of iron; ex-

traction of foreign bodies from interior of globe; chloroform; cases; tole-

rance of eye of metallic substances; explanation; epileptiform seizures;

recoveries from severe injuries; breech of gun in orbit; extraction of bodies;

delay objectionable; practice of Mr. Barton; sinking the globe . p. 25


Gun-shot Wounds. Various effects of a shot-stroke; spent shots; proceedings

to be adopted; question as to penetration of shot; prognosis; glancing

shots; cases; penetrating shots; effects of; shot in anterior chamber; wounds



Incised And Punctured Wounds. Operations; wounds of cornea; repa-

rative phenomena; cicatrices of cornea; leucomata; cases; failure of cica-

trization; effects; scratches of cornea; injuries to reapers; unusual corneal

opacities; penetrating wounds of cornea; prolapse of iris; displacement of

pnpil; fading of iris; softening of globe; pink tint; replacement of iris; case

of Mdlle. Larrey; case; scratching of lens-capsule; bite of a dog; wounds of

iris; haemorrhage; gaping of cuts; traumatic iritis; sensitiveness of iris; hernia

of iris; case; treatment of prolapse; wound by scissors; action of muscles

of eye; knife-wound; wound of sclerotica; prolapse of choroid; of hyaloid;

union of sclerotic wounds; traumatic cataract; wounds of capsule; Hoering's

experiments; needle-wounds; escape of lens-substance; fatty degeneration;

clearing of lens; absorption; cases of injury; wounds by arrows; by steel

pens; strumous complications . . . p. 97


Incised And Punctured Wounds (continued). Staphyloma from injury;

pathological condition; punctures of retina; amaurosis; depression of lens;

traumatic ophthalmitis; case of sloughing of eye; detachment of conjunc-

tiva; escape of vitreous humour; re-secretion; cases of sabre-cut; Baron

Larrey; Von Graefe; supplementary pupils; effects on sight; unexpected

recovery of sight; tetanus after wounds of eye; treatment; general con-

siderations; modifications of inflammation; strictness as to rules; mercury;

how and when to be used; children; tonic treatment; necessity for fresh

air; treatment of aged people; simple wounds; artisans; rheumatism;

preparations of iron; disturbance of eye deprecated; first proceedings in

cases of wound; directions; cold-water dressings; bandages; precautions;

subsequent treatment; neuralgia; means of subduing it; sedatives; exami-

nation of eye; traumatic iritis; mercury; iodide of potassium; strumous

children; arthritic complications; counter-irritation; stimulating drops;

belladonna; foreign bodies buried in the globe . p. 132

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