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As I do live by food, I met a fool;
Who laid him down, and bask'd him in the sun,
And rail'd on lady Fortune in good terms,
In good set terms,—and yet a motley fool.
Good-morrow, fool, quoth I: No, sir, quoth he,
Call me not fool, 'till heaven hath sent me fortune :
And then he drew a dial from his poke;

And looking on it with lack-lustre eye,
Says, very wisely, It is ten a-clock :
Thus may we sec, quoth he, how the world wags :
'Tis but an hour ago, since it was nine ;
And after one hour more, 'twill be eleven ;
And so, from hour to hour, we ripe, and ripe,
And then, from hour to hour, we rot, and rot,
And thereby hangs a tale. When I did hear
The motley fool thus moral on the time,
My lungs began to crow like chanticleer,

380 That fools should be so deep contemplative; And I did laugh, sans intermission, An hour by his dial.-O noble fool! A worthy fool! Motley's the only wear:

Duke Sen. What fool is this?

Faq. O worthy fool!-One that hath been a courtier; And says, if ladies be but young, and fair, They have the gift to know it: and in his brain, Which is as dry as the remainder bisket After a voyage,-he hath strange places crammid With observation, the which he vents

391 In mangled forms:-0, that I were a fool ! I am ambitious for a motley coat.



Duke Sen. Thou shalt have one.

Jaq. It is my only suit;
Provided, that you weed your better judgments
Of all opinion that grows rank in them,
That I am wise. I must have liberty
Withal, as large a charter as the wind,
To blow on whom I please ; for so fools have : 400
And they that are most galled with my folly,
They most must laugh: And why, sir, must they

The why is plain as way to parish-church:
He, that a fool doth very wisely hit,
Doth very foolishly, although he smart,
Not to seem senseless of the bob : if not,
The wise man's folly is anatomiz'd
Even by the squandring glances of the fool.
Invest me in my motley; give me leave .

To speak my mind, and I will through and through
Cleanse the foul body of the infected world,
If they will patiently receive my medicine.
Duke Sen. Fie on thee! I can tell what thou wouldst

do. Faq. What, for a counter, would I do, but good? Duke Sen. Most mischievous foul sin, in chiding

sin :

For thou thyself hast been a libertine,
As sensual as the brutish sting itself;
And all the embossed sores, and headed evils,
That thou with licence of free foot hast caught,
Wouldst thou disgorge into the general world.


420 Jaq.

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