From Canal Boy to President, Or, The Boyhood and Manhood of James A. Garfield

J.R. Anderson, 1881 - 334 páginas
A fictionalized biography of James Garfield from his log cabin youth in Ohio through his career as educator and service as Civil War general to his 1881 election as twentieth President of the United States, an office he held for only four months before his assassination.

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Horatio Alger was born in Massachusetts in 1832. He was a graduate of Harvard University. He was considered one of the most renown writers of the 19th Century. His protagonists were usually young boys who struggled from poverty to achieve success in life. He wrote over 100 books with that theme. His titles include "Ragged Dick," "Adrift in New York," 'Sink or Swim," and "The Odds Against Him," "Rough and Ready,"Sam's Chance,"and "Paul the Peddler." Alger died in 1899.

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