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February 29th.

BEWARE of too sublime a sense
Of your own worth and consequence.
The man who deems himself so great,
And his importance of such weight,
That all around, in all that's done,
Must move and act for him alone,
Will learn in school of tribulation
The folly of his expectation.


Will sometimes soften what should else be hard :
It may please Providence to visit thee
With some disaster for thy good.

Henry Taylor.

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He cast off his friends, as a huntsman his pack,
For he knew, when he pleased, he could whistle them back.


March 3rd.

He must not sink;
The good, the brave-he must not, shall not sink
Without the meed of some melodious tear.

Kirke White.

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NOTHING is there to come, and nothing past,
But an eternal now does always last.


March 5th,

Man is man's ABC; there's none that can
Read God aright, unless he first spell man.


For, this ye know well, tho' I wouldin lie,
In woman is all truth and steadfastness :
For in good faith, I never of them in
But much worship, bounty and gentleness,
Right coming, fair, and full of meekéness;
Good and glad and lowly, I you ensure,
Is this goodly and angelic creature.


March 4th.

March 5th,

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March 6th.

I DID not praise thee when the crowd,

Witched with the moment's inspiration,
Vexed thy still ether with hosannas loud,

And stamped their dusty adoration:
I but looked upward with the rest,
And when they shouted Greatest, whispered Best.


HERS is a spirit deep and crystal-clear :
Calmly beneath her earnest face it lies,
Free without boldness, meek without a fear,
Quicker to look than speak its sympathies.


March 7th.

AND that same God who made your face so fair,
And gave your woman's heart its tenderness,
So shield the blessing He implanted there,
That it may never turn to your distress,
And never cost you trouble or despair,
Nor granted leave the granter comfortless;
But like a river, blest where'er it flows,
Be still receiving while it still bestows.

Jean Ingelow.

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I KNOW not how it is, but a foreboding presses on my heart
At times until I sicken; I have heard,
And from men learned, that before the touch
(The common coarse touch) of good and ill,
That oftentimes a subtle sense informs
Some spirits of the approach of “things to be."

Adelaide A. Procter.

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