Transactions of the Royal Scottish Society of Arts, Volume 13

Neill & Company, 1891

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Página 20 - A CENTURY OF THE NAMES AND SCANTLINGS OF SUCH INVENTIONS, as at present I can call to mind to have tried and perfected which (my former notes being lost) I have, at the instance of a powerful Friend, endeavoured now in the year 1655 to set these down in such a way as may sufficiently instruct me to put any of them in practice.
Página 242 - April, 1703. All that are desirous to pass from London to York, or from York to London, or any other place on that road, let them repair to the Black Swan in Holbourne, in London, and to the Black Swan in Coney- Street, York, at each of which places they may be received in a stage-coach every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, which performs the whole journey in four days, if God permits.
Página 46 - Comet,' between Glasgow, Greenock, and Helensburgh, for Passengers only. "The Subscriber having, at much expense, fitted up a handsome vessel to ply upon the River Clyde between Glasgow and Greeuock — to sail by the power of wind, air, and steam — he intends that the vessel shall leave the Broomielaw on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays about mid-day, or at such hour thereafter as may answer from the state of the tide, and to leave Greenock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays in the morning...
Página 47 - COMET will receive information of the hours of sailing, by applying at Mr. Houston's Office, Broomielaw ; or Mr. Thomas Blackney's, East Quay Head, Greenock. HENRY BELL.
Página 96 - I need scarcely add that the effluent from the filter is not only clear but inodorous and inoffensive. It is, of course, not fit for dietetic purposes, but it may be admitted in large volumes into running water without creating any nuisance.
Página 116 - in series," — that is to say, the positive pole of one to the negative pole of the next.
Página 244 - ... a square axle. You will perhaps think the man behind has hard labour — not so. From the velocity of the fly-wheel, together with the aid of a lever, which is in the hand of a person in front steering, he has not often to put his feet to the trendles.
Página 46 - Thursdays, and Saturdays, about mid-day, or at such hour thereafter as may answer from the state of the tide ; and to leave Greenock on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, in the morning, to suit the tide. The elegance, comfort, safety, and speed of this vessel require only to be proved to meet the approbation of the public ; and the proprietor is determined to do everything in his power to merit public encouragement. The terms are, for the present, fixed at...
Página 96 - These results show that the raw sewage contained a very large proportion of highly polluting suspended matter, and an unusually large amount of foul organic matter in solution ; and further, that the effluents from the subsidence tank and filter were derived from sewage of about equal polluting power as regards dissolved organic matter. In the subsidence tank, the suspended matter was reduced from...
Página 81 - Roscoe speaks very favorably of this material. He says : " The porous nature of the oxide (polarite) which is used in the filter, its complete insolubility and its freedom from rusting constitute, in my opinion, its claim to be considered a valuable filtering material." Dr. Angell has also carefully examined the process, and reports the following experiments : 1. Ordinary domestic sewage was passed through nine inches of "polarite.

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