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only rejected with disdain; but slew

Macabæus, which by some is interthe first Jew that dared to approach preted conqueror in the Lord, and by the idolatrous altar; then, turning up

others supposed to be

artificial or the king's commissioner dispatched word, made up of the initial letters him likewise, and all his attendants;

of Judas's motio on his standard, wirich assisted herein by his solis, and those

in English is, “Who is like unto the that had assembled themselves to him.

among the gods, O Jehovah ?" And After this he put himself at the head having taken the coinmand of his of as many Jews as he could collect; people upon him, he prosecuted thee and having destroyed the idols and good work of reformation, begun by altars of these idoleters, he retired

his father; and took all necessary preinto the mountains. Here, while he

caut.ons, by fortifying towns, building was taking mea-ures for their common

castles, and placing strong garrisons defence, he was joined by a great par

therein, to maintain the independency ty of Assides, a valiant and pious

of the state, and the religion of his people, inured to hardships, and who country against all foreigu opposition were resolved to hazard their lives in

and coruption. the recovery of the temple ; with these, and the accession of great nun

Apollonius was sent by Antiuchus, bers of other Jews, Mattatbias found with an army, which he had raised himself in a capacity to take the field; of Samaritan, and Gentiles, gainst him. and abolished that superstitious cus

But Apollonius was killed, and his tom of not defending themselves on troops defeated ; and furias finding the sabbath day, which had been one A pollonius' sword among the spoils, great cause of their having been be. reserved it to himself, and generally

The news fore surprised and destroyed by their fought with it ever after enemies; and exhorts them to assert

of this defeat having reached Cælosy. their privileges, and deliver their ria ; Seron, deputs-governor of that country from

bondage. He then province, collected what forces be quitted his holds in the mountains,

could and invades Judæa. Judas enand marched boldly round the cities gages him, slays 800 of his men of Judah, pulled down the heathen the place, and puts the rest to fight. altars he met with, and restored the true worship of God, and the rite of

Antiochus hereupon raised a numecircuincision among the Jews; and cut

rous army consisting of 40,000 foot, off as well the apost ales as the late

and 7,000 horse, besides auxiliaries, perseculors of their brethren that fell

from the neighbouring nations, and in his way; and dying in the 146th

the apostate Jews, under the command year of the Seleucides, he establish

of Ptolemy Macrou, Nicanor and Gor. ed Judas Maccabeus his son, captain- gias, three eininent commanders, and

iuvaded Judæa. general of the people who refused to

Upon their advancadhere to idolatry; and was buried at

ing as far as Eınınaus, aboui seven miles from Jerusalem: Iudas. who

on an

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whole army addressed themselves to who, by the spoils taken from the Gud; and Judas having exhorted them enemy, was enabied the better to most pathetically to behave manfully, carry on the war.

After this, Lyand fight for their religion, laws and li- sias, the governor of all the country berties; gave all those leave to withdraw, between Euphrates and Eyypi, penethat had built houses, or betrothed wives trated as far as Bethsura, a strong within the year, or that were in any fortress, about twenty miles from Jedegree fearful Hereby his army was rusalem; and threatening to destroy reduced, that he fouad himself at the country, with an army of 60,000 the head of only 3000 men; however

foot and 5000 hore, was

de feated he was resolved to give the enemy

also by Judas, with ten thousand men battle. But God was pleased to only. give him

easy victor ; fur while Gorgias

Judas having now was detached

some respite,

he purified the temple, restored the 5000 foot and 1000 horse to tack in the night his little army,

true worship of God, removed all the Judas being informed of their de.

prophanations, built an altar of un

hewn stones sign, marched privately by

and replaced therein

the golden furniture that Antiochus another way, surprised the enemy's camp in the absence of Goigia,

had carried away, and the rich spoils

taken in this war. killed


Thus he dedi

rest to flight, and

cated the timple again, and ordered tok the camp.

tlot a feast of dedication should be Gorgias, not finding the Jews in their

kept annually, in commemoration encampment, proceeded

thereof forever, about the 20th of Nothe mountains, suppoing they

vember: which festival is supposed were fed

thither for safety ; but not meeting with then there, was

with the very justest reasons, to have his return at much surprised at

been the seat of dedication, which

our blessed Lord is said to have atwhat had happened ; and his

tended His next care was to subtroops hearing that Judas waited

due the fortress on Mount Acra, which to give them

reception in the plains, Aung down their

Apollonius had erected to coun mand and Aed Judas pursued

the temple; and which being yet in and killed 6000 of them,


the power of the heathens, gave wounded and mained must

of them great opportunities to annoy the the rest. This victory opened

Jews that went

to worship in the to him the gates of Jerusalem,

temple. Put not having men enough where he and his army celebra- to spare, to fucm a blockade, he opted the next day, which

posed to it ancth's firrification, which sabbath, with great devotion and

he erected on the muuntain of the thanksgiving.


3000 mell,







Timotheus and Bacchides, governors or lieutenants under Antiochus, march

When the account of this revolt and success of the Jews, under Judas,






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him up




the whole nation, and to make Je. religious affairs and important rusalem the common place of burial matters of state. This court to all the Jews. But God visited properly the senate

great him with a sudden and sore disease, council of the nation; and it in which he suffered most excruci- grew into great power under the ating pains in his bowels; his inner administration of the Asimonean parts became ulcerated, and swarmed princes; and in great with worms; and he smelt so, that thority in the days of our Sahe became nausenus to himself and viour's ministry. all about him. His mind was at the


had been same time tormented with the most

hadireful apprehensions, and haunted shamefully routed by Judas,

ving the care of Antiochus's son, by apparations of evil spirits, ready

called Antiochus Eupater, then to devour him ; in the agonier of a

about rine years old, set hopeless despair, he confessed he was

the throne, and took

upon plagued, for the wrongs done to Je

himself the administration of the rusalem; and acknowledging the jus


the tuition of t'ce of God in his punishmert, he

the young king. Invested with died under the inost horrid agonies

with the

this power, he joined of body and mind, in the twelfth year

neighboring Idumeans and other of his reign,

nations, who

enemies to Judas Maccabæus began now to con

Judah, in

a design to extirpate the sider the form of government to be

whole race of Israel. establ shed among them; and for this

Judas being informed of this puri ose called a general

the best bly, which was held

confederacy, resolved, at Maspha,

means to defeat their measures, whereat they adopted their ancient

With form

cariy the war into IdumeaIt is probable, that Judas

this view he entered their countrs by about this time constituied the high

Acrabatene, a canton of Jurlea near court of the Sanhedrin, in which

the southera extremity of the Dead was a settled Nasi, president or prince,

sea where he refoard and slew near who the high-priest for the

20,000 of the enemy ;

and falling time being : an Abeth-din, or father of the house of Judgment, who was

afterwards upon the children of Bean,

another tribe of the Rurna ns, he the president's deputy; and a Cha

kiled 20,000 mire, routed their army cam, or the wiseman, who was sub.

and took their strong hulds. Hence, deputy : the other members compo. sing his court

pas ing over Jilan into the land of were called elders or

the Aminonites, he defeated these senators ;

and consisted of men of untainted birth, good Icarning, and people in several engagements ; slew

great numbers of them; and took the profound knowledge in the law, and were taken indifferently from among

city of Jahaza, which Jay at the foot the priests and laymen.

of mount Gilead, near the brook J2

zah. After which he returned home, These in particular were and soon after Timothcus, a governor powered to decide all private in those parts, brought together a controversies of a difficult nature, numerous army against him.







Julas overthrew him with a very forced march which they inade in the great slaughter, and pursued him to night, Judas and Jonathan made so Gazara, in the tribe of Ephraim; sudden and vigorous an assault upon took the city, and slew therein Ti. Timotheus, that they put his whole motheus, with his brother Chereas, army to flight, and killed 3000 of the governor, and Apollopbanes, ano

them in the pursuit. And wherever ther great captain of the Syrian forces they came, they released all the Jews

Whilst Judas was thus successful. they found imprisoned, as they had ly carrying on the war, with the done at Bassora. The troops under troops under him, the nations round Simon, defeated in several engage. about Gilead, fell upon the Jews,

ments the enemy in Galilee ? drove who lived in the land of Tob; and them out of the country, and pursuhaving slain 1000 of them, and takened them with very great slaughter to off' their goods, with their wives and

the gates of Ptolemais. But Joseph children captives, they drove the re

who contrary to orders had left Jerusidue to take shelter and refuge in salem, was with his army put to flight the strong fortress Dathema, in Gi- by Gorgias, governor of Syria, and lead; where Timotheus (probably

lost 2000 men in an ill-projected exthe son of him slain at Gazara) shat pedition he made against Jamnia, a "them up with a numerous army, and sea-port on the Mediterranean.

Lysias by this time had assembled laid seige to the place ; while the inhabitants of Tyre, Sidon, and Ptole.

an army of 800,000 men, eighty ele. mais were taking measures to cut phants, and what horse there was in

the kingdom ; and marched in perofl'the Jews that lived in Galilee.

son with these against Judas. Both In this dangerous and critical junc armies met at Bethfura, and joining ture, Judas, by the advice of the

battle Lysias lost 11,000 foot, 1600 Sanhedrim, divided his army into horse, and the residue were put to three parts, and taking with himself Aight. This victory was followed his brother Jonatóan and 8000 men, with a peace between Judas and Lymarched to the relief of the Gilead. sias, in the name of the young king; ites ; whilst his brother Simon with by which the decree of Epiphanes 3000 more went into Galilee ; and

obliging the Jews to conform to the Joseph was left with the rest of the

Gentile idolatry, was revoked, and troops to protect Jerusalem, and co.

the Jews permitted to live according ver the country round abeut, with or

to their own laws. But this peace ders to remain wholly on the de

was soon broken by the people of fence, till Judas and Simon should re.

Joppa and Jamnia, who cruelly treatIn their marcli to Gilead, Ju- ed murdered the Jews that lived aturn. das and Jonathan attacked and took Bassora, a town of the Edomites ; of, came and surprised Joppa by

mongst them. Judas informed here. slew all the males therein, plunder, night, burned their shipping, and put ed and burnt the town, and released

to the sword such as escaped the a great number of Jews who were

fire ; and went and set fire to the hareserred to be put to death as soon as Dathema should be taken. Arriving the ships in it.

ven of Janinia also, and burned all unexpectedly before Dathema, by a


Timotheus, who had fled before idols, and plundered their country's this conqueror at Dathema, and was from thence he returned to Judex dissatisfied with the late peace, had in order to reduce the fortress of brought togetler an army of 120,000 Acra, which was still in the hands foot, and 2500 horse, in order to in- of the king of Syria, and in time of vade the Jews in Gilead. But fudas war served to infest those that rehearing of the intention of this ar. sorted to the temple. Judas preinament, marched against him ; in pared to besiege it in form ; but his way having defeated a strong Antiochus marched to its relief with party ef wandering Arabs, and made an army of 110,000 foot, 20,000 horse peace with them; and taken the city 32 clephants, with castles on their Caspis, (which was Hesbon in the backs full of archers, and 300 armed tribe of Reuben) and destroyed the chariots of war; and in his way

thro inhabitants thereof; with Caraoa Idumza, le laid siege to Bethsura , als, and the garrison consisting of wbich at last was forced to surren10,000 men put to the sword ; he der, after Judas, who had come to its came up with Timotheus near Rap- relief and ki not less than 4000 hon on the river Jabboc, gave him of the enemy, by surprise, in the battle, killed 30,000 of his men, and night. In this assault Judas lost his took him prisoner ; and pursuing bruther Eleazar, who was crushed thence the remains of his routed ar- to death by the fall of an elephant, my to Carnion, in Arabia, 'lle took that he had stabbed. Judas upon it's that city, and killed 25,000 more of retreated and shut himself up with Timotheus' forces. But Timotheus some more of his friends in the temple. obtained his liberty, on condition that The king and Lysias who were he would set free and release the both present in the Syrian army, must Jews who were taken captive, in all have forced Judas 10 surrender, had the places where he had power. As not Philip, to whom Epiphanes at Judas returned to Jeriralem, he took lis death committed the guardian. hy storm the city of Ephron, which ship of liis son, taken the opportuni. had been garrisoned by Lysias ; here ty of this absence of theirs, to seize he put 25,000 to the sword, and hav- upon Antioch, and wrest the goveining plundered the city, razcd it to ment of the Syrian empire into his the ground ; because the inhabitants own hands. Upon the news of this refused him a passage through it.- rebellion Lysias struck up a peace The great successes of this campaign immediately with Judas, upon honowere concluded with ordaining a so. rable and advantageous teras to the lemn day of thanksgiving in the tem- Jewish nation : but, though it was ple at Jerusalem.

ratified by oath, Eupator ordered Judas afterwards carried the war the fortifications of the temple to be into the south of Idumxa; where demolished. he dismantled Hebron, the metropo. It was in this war that Menelaus lis of that country; and passing the wicked high-priest, fell into dis.

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