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ne service the affairs of the Jews from thie death A nine years of Nehemiah, or the settling of tho gh a great canon of the Old Testament, to ad artificers the coming of Christ, from whence finishing the the New Testament begins ; which

our Saviour's from the creation, wis, according to ascension

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the exactest computation, the 4000th pointed governor of judea, he dis. year of the world. charged 18,000 workmen from the S. What was thic general state of tcmple at one time. And here it the heathen world about this time ? should be observed that these, for T. It was in profuuud peace unwant of employment, began those der Augustus emperor of Rome ; to (umults and seditions, which after whose jurisdiction, all the known wards drew on the destruciion both parts of the earth were subjected, of the temple and Jerusalem. when Christ was born.

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Reagoas why the Old Law groe place to the New Covenant. Of the Authors

and Books of the New Testamen'. Of St. John the Baptist. The Concepy tion of the Virgin Mary. The Birth of Jesus Christ. The Murder of the Innocents, and Death of Hood. The Education of fesus. The Preaching of John the Baptist. Of the Pharisees, Sauducees and Publicans. Jesus baprised of Foli; fasted forty Days, and is tempted in the Wilderness. Scholar.

in the gospel of Jesus Christ. But ID the old law give place to the cerimonial law being of posithe new covenant ?

tive institution, and a typical na. Tutor. Yes.

ture, relating only to the purificaS. It is written, that the old law tions, sacrifices, and other religious should be an everlasting covenant ; rites, which could never make the how then could it give place to the comers thereunto perfect, was ne. gospel, or to the new covenant ? ver therefore prescribed as of per

T. I will explain this matter brief. petual obligation, as containing mat. ly. You must remember that the ters of real and intrinsic goodness ; Jewish laws were of several sorts, but only were substituted in the moral, cerimonial, and judicial. The room, and appointed to prefigure moral, which contained their duty such good things as God had proto God, their neighbour, and to miscd in his due time and manner themselves, is that law of the old he would realise, and is now abro

by which the Jewish commonwealth T Four gospels; the acts of the
was governed, this was entirely abol. apostles; fourteen epistles by St.
ished at the dissolution of their state Paul ; one by St. James : two by
and government ; nor was there ever St. Peter ; three by St. John, and
any promise that it should continue one by St. Jude ; besides the reve.
for ever. You may indeed meet with Ltion of John the divine.
some passages in the scriptures, S. Who were the gospels written
wherein some of these latter sort of by!
observances are said to le appointed T. Ey St. Matthew, Mark, Luke
for ever.
But a little attention to

and John, who are called Evangelists. the meaning of this expression, in

S. Do all these cvangelists rccite other parts of scripture, together the same thir:cs ? with those wherein a new covenant,

T. Not always : each of them to which the world should be called, seems to have had his particular is plainly promised, will prevent your

view. St. Matthew has been thought misunderstanding the term of the chiefly to describe Christ, as a man; duration of those ordinances, or tak. Mark, as a king ; Luke, as a priest ; ing the expression in its strictest and John, as God. sense. It here denotes no more than S. Where will you begin tliis his. a long time, during wlich the Jew. tory? isla state and policy should continuc;

T. With the birth of John the limited according to the nature of Baptisi, the fore runner - of Jesus the thing, and determinable at the

Christ, as had been foretold by the will of the Almighty legislator ; who prophets Isush and Malachi; ipat first created and established them. pointed to prepare S. What do you properly mean

him, or to set all things in i cadiness Ly the gospel ?

for his appearing, and manifesting T. It is the luistory of the con

himself to the world, and putting ccption, birth, life, and doctrines of an end to the old, and opening a be. our Saviour Jesus Christ : to wliich ginning for the new dispensation of we may add the acts and writings

Cod's will to mankind. of his holy apostles. In these are

S. Who was this John the Eap. contained the glad tidings of the

tist? kingdom of God, and tuc free of. T. He was of the sacerdotal rark, fers of his grace and truth to man.

son of Zacharias, of the family of bind. In these life and immortality Abiah, wlicli was the eig!th in the are brought to light ; and in these course appointed by David for the is contained a revelation of the pow

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way before

service of the temple. Some have er and will of God, for the salva. thought, that this Zacharias was tion of all those, that believe in at lust slain by the command of He. Son; and this is nronerly called the

od the Great

'ir Sariour mentions to late teen corceire and lear a son, whose shed between the temple and tlie name should be called Jesus, or Sa. altar. llowerer this be, it is cer. viour; that he should be great, and tain, tliat while t?is Zacharias was, called the son of the most Highest ; in the course of his ministry, offer. that God should gire bim the throne ing at the altar of the tem. of his father David ; that he should ple, the angel Gabriel was sent to reign over the house of Jacob for Jim from God, to infurm liim, that ever; and that of his kingdom there } is wife, who ever had been barren should be ro erd. and wis now well stricken in years, S. How did Mary receive this sur. should conceive and bear Jim : son, prising message ? whom he should name John ; and T. With frert composuire ; and that he would be a Nazarite from the only asked the leavenly messenger, tromb, and an instrument of God to low, what he had told her would conrert many of the Jews from the come to pass, seeing she knew not a evil of their ways, and go before the man. The angel eupon assured Messiah, in the spirit of the great her, that a man should have no part in reformer Elias, to dispose men to re. the work, but that the Holy Ghost ceive him. But Zacharias expressing would himself form in her the child Bome doubt of the message, and de. 'of which she was to be the mother: siring a convincing sign from the an. and at the same time shewed her that gel of the truth of it, was immedi. her cousin Elizabeth, who past for stely struck dumb, and continued so barren in the world, had also conceiv. till after the child was born ; which ed a son in her old age ; for that nothhappened according to the time, ing was impossible with God. Mary from his return to Hebron, where humbly acquiesced with the good he dwelt with his wife Elizabeth. pleasure and will of God, thus made This was in the latter part of the known to lier ; and testified her per. reign of Herod the Great.

fect resignation, and pious disposition S. How long was this before the of soul in these words, Behold the Lirth of Christ?

handmaid of the Lord, be it unto me T. About five months : for the according to thy word, &c. same angel Gabriel, sis months after, S. Did Mary acquaint Josepli liere. wis sent also to Nazareth of Gali. with ? lie, to Mary, a virgin indeed of T. No: hut without staying to low condition, but of the fumily of consider the high condition where. David, and espoused to Joseph of unto glic was now raigerl, she underthe house and lineage of David also. took a painful journey to visit her She was saluted by the angel, with cousin Elizabeth who cwelt in the Hail Mary full of Grace ; and hill country, to rejnice with lier on wbile slıe mused in herself at what this happa occasion of ler being deshe saw and hcard, the angel to livered from the reproach of barren. dissipate her trouble, desired her not ress; and no sooner did she enter to fear, for that she had found fac into her presence, but the child your with God; and then declared which Elizabeth carried leaped in to her his message, that she should her, womb ; and Elizabeth by divine inspiration instantly cried out to Ma- T. So lie was : for, do but 12ry, Blessed art thou among women, mine the genealogies of our Saviour*: and bicssed is the fruit of thy womb, ancestors, and you'll find that he was &c.

of the line of David, both by his re. S. How long did Mary stay with puted father Joseph, according to her cousin ?

St. Matthew, and of his mother Ma. 'T. Three months : and soon after ry, according to St. Luke, whose peher return home to Nazareth, the digrees they severaliy give you. Josymptoms of her being with child seph was descended from Davil by appeared very visibly.

an eller branch, and Mary by a S How did Jose plı bebave on this younger. occasion ?

S. When was Jesus Christ born ? T. He was greatly troubled there. T. In the 36th year of Herod the at ; but being a just man, and unwil. Great, and in the 44th year of the ling to make public the fault, of which emperor Cailis Julius Cæsar Augushe supposed her guilty, chusing to tus, who had been called Octavianus, keep secret the failings of one wlion

before his defeat of Mark Anthony. he loved, and to whom he owed res.

Which titles of Cæsar and Augustus pect ; resolved only to leave her, to were for many ages after assuined by show his dislike of the evil, which a

the Roman emperors, person so dear to him had committed.

S. Where was the born ? He might pursuant to the laws of S At Bethlehem, which was the the Jews, have delivered her over city, or place of David's nativity, and to public punishment; for these made about five miles south from Jerusalem. it death for a woman to have carnal S. How did this happen, when kuowledge of another man, betwixt you say that Mary lived at Nazareth, the espousals and the consumna. which is sixty miles north from Je. tion of the mariage. But he was

rusalem ? Bore tender of her reputation and T. God, whose prophet Micala life ; and being minded to put her had long before pointed out this as away privily, an angel from heaven, the place of Christ's birth, put it inte by night revealed to him the whole the mind of the emperor Augustus, in council of God, and the secret of the time of profound peace, which this divine child. Joseph comforted the whole Roman state then enjoyed, by these words of the angel, who to enquire into the strength and had enjoined him also to take Mary riches of bis dominions ; by making to hin to wife, and that he should an universal register of the people, give the name of Jesus to the child, and levying a poll-tax in propor. when it should be born, took her tion to the circumstances of every immediately home to lim, though subject. To this end, an edict was he had no carral knowkdge of lier published, requiring all persons

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