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aid, as some suppose, in the place 7. Jolin, by a special revel. tion, where the ark stood, while the Isra- knew that the Messiah was born, and eiltes passed over.

that he was shortly to baptise all men S. Did the Jews, who lovkeil upon with the Holy Ghost. But lie did not John as the promised Messial, inter- know him personally; they havir:g Tupate him on this head?

been bred up in different and distant T. Yes : and he openly declared cuntries. Yet when Jesus approachthat be was not the Messiah ; but el, John, by an immediate revelation, that this blessed person would come was assured that this same Jesus was shortly and baptise them with another the great person, of whom the world baptis:n, namely with the Holy Ghost Wits in such great expectation. And and with fire.

therefore when Jesi's presented himS. Did Jesus go also among the self to be baptised, Join forbade him, Iultitudes to Bethabara to be bap- acknowledged his superior dignity, tised of Julin?

till Jesus satisfied him of the neces. 7. Yes: for when Jolin had pre- sity and expediency thereof. pared the way for his coining and ap

S. Did Juhn baptise him? pearance, by preaching and baptising

7. Yes : at which time a most il. row for several months ; Jesus left lustrious manifestation is made of huis retirement at Nazareth, and came

the Blessed Trinity ; for the Son of did was also taptised of Jolin in Jor. God ascending out of the water, and a.n; that he might perform all the praying, the heavens are opened, and lighteousness of the law, or whate the Spirit of God, in the manner and ver had a tendency to edify the peo- shape of a dove, descends upon him i ple; and by his public approbation, and the voice of the Father is heard authorise the baptism of John ; that from heaven, saying, This is my by this rite also he might be initiated beloved Son in whom I am well pleas. is it were to his prophetic office, and ed; and Jolin seeing this bears reLe consecrated to the service of God; cord that this is the Son of God; a3.d abolish thereby, the ceremony of and continued to speak of him to the Jewish baptism, and more efec. all people, assuring them that Jesus tually recommend that of his own in. Christ was the Messiah so often piostitution, to which this of the Baptist mised and so greatly desired; and was an introduction ; and more es. as for himself he frequently and pecially, that, in the presence of the plainly told them that he must deBaptists, and all the company resort- crease in his fame, and be obscured ing to him, he might obtain the tes. by an infinite surpassing light. timony of the Holy Ghost, and of his S. What became of Jesus ! heavenly Father, to confirm John in

T. He immediately withdrew in. the belief of his being the promised to the wilderness of Judæa, directed Massiah, and to induce the people, thither by the impulse of the Holy as soon as he began his ministry, to Spirit: where, after he had, like follow him, and conform to the doc. Moses, fasted forty days and forty trines he taught.

nights, he was tempted of the devil. S. Did John the Baptist know Je. S. How did the devil tempt Jesus?, sus when he cime?

7. This proud spirit, taking ad.

väntage of his long fasting and hun- 5. Who is the devil or Satan! ger, attacked him first with despair, T. As to the import and meaning and distrust of God's care of him: of the word, it signifies a calumniabut Jesus refuted that blasphemous tor, adversary, or accuser; and is insinuation with declaring, that God used particularly to denote that evil when he pleased, could support and one or chief of the rebel angels, for nourish men by extraordinary means. their pride cast down from heaven, The devil then tried how far he could who tempted our first parents ; by ensnare him with pride and presump- which, sin and death came into the tion: he transported him to the top world, and is at all times the avowed of a pinnacle of the temple, and bade enemy of the servants of God. him cast himself down from thence, S. Where was the desart in which and try if God would save him from Jesus fasted ? destruction in the fall; for, that there T. It is supposed to be about six was a promise that the angels should hours travel from Jerusalem near the bear him up, so that he should receive plains of Jericho; and the mountain no hurt. But Jesus resisted this where the devil represented to our temptation, by shewing that man Saviour's view all the glory of the must not tempt the providence of world, is now called the QuarantaGod any way, nor venture upon dan. nia. gers without nccessity. When Jesus, S. Did John the Baptist follow our had foiled him in this second attempt, Saviour ? the tempter at last had recourse to T. No: but while Jesus was in the the charms of ambition, a tempta- wilderness preparing for his publie tion he had practised with too much ministry, John in his preaching to the success ever since the fall of our multitude declared him to be the true first parents. Therefore Satan pro. and long expected Messiah. mised to give him all the kingdoms S. Did not this declaration disturb of the world, with all their pomp the state ? and splendour, if Jesus would fall T. The Sanhedrim were no sooner down and worship him. This blas. informed of the report that the Mes. phemous insolence and impudence siah was come into the world, but provoked the Lord to exert his di- they sent a deputation of Pharisees, vine power, and to command him pe. who believed the transmigration of remptorily to be gone with this me. souls, to enquire of John who he mento, Thou shalt worship the Lord was? To which John esplicitly re• thy God, and him only shalt thou plied, that he was not the Messiah,

nor Elias, nor any of the old proS. Did the devil obey his com- pliets risen from the dead, as their mand ?

tradition vainly supposed : but that T. This answer of our Saviour's he was that prophet, whom Jere. put him to fight ; and Jesus imme- miah foretold should be, The voice diately was strengthened in his hu- of one crying in the wilderness ;

nature by heavenly food, make strait the way of the Lord : brought to him by the hol



pended upon one among them, whom T. It does not appear that they as they knew not, and whose dignity yet gave any great attention to it. was so excellent, that he thought But Jesus having left the wilderness, himself not worthy to be his servant. and passed by Jordan, John seeing And the very next day after the Pha. and crying out to his own disciples, risees had received this answer, that this was the Lamb of Ged, two Jolin, seeing Jesus coming again to. of them, Andrew and Jonn, iminediWards Bethabara, pointed him out to ately left the Baptist, and followed the multitude, as the true and imma. Jesus. Andrew went and informed, culate Lamb of God, which taketh with great joy, his brother Simon, a way, or is to die for the sins of man. afterwards called Peter, that he had kind : and then concluded his testi- found the Messiah; and he became mony with a free declaration, that he one of Christ's disciples also. The knew him to be the son of God. next day Philip, of Bethsaida, and

S. Did the people believe this tes. Bartholoncw, of Cana in Galilee, timony and declaration of John? joined themselves to his company.


Jesus manifesteth himself to the Jeans; clears the Temple of Money.Changers,

. His interview with Nicodemus. Jesus instituies Baptism. John the Dupuist's Imprisonment. Yesus converses with a Woman of Sumaria. Fears at Cana, Nuzureth ar.d Caperilaum. His cure of a Nobleman's son, the Des mnoniacs, a Leper and Paralytic. The Pharasces sees occasion to accuse him Gospel Facts proves from Jewish ani Heathen Authors.


S. what did Jesus first more ele both manifested his own divinity,

remarkably manifcs. his divi. and confirmed his disciples faith. nity to the world!

S. Where did Jesus reside after T. A particular accident and the he came out of the wilderness? exigencius of some persons gave him T. At Capernaum, a city built afa fit opportunity and occasion for it: ter the Babylonish captivity, on the for soon after he was joined by thicse sea-coast of Galilec, in the Lorders five disciples, he, together with them, of Zebulon and Nepthalim. Iut thio' and his mather, being invited to a it wils at that time the metroj.clis of 19.rriage feast in Cana, a small place all Galilee, it is now no more than a in C:hiec, rut far from Nazarcth, the village of a few poor fishermen.

Jerusalem, according to the custom S. Did Jesas satisfy their de. of the Jews.

mand) S. Did he shew himself openly T. He bid them destroy that temthen to Isracl?

ple (meaning the temple of his box!) T. The first act of authority he and in three da's he will raise it ių: exercised was to clear the temple of hereby prophetically foretelling his the money.changers, grasiers and own death, by the Jews ; and lis rehucksters ; which be did by driving surrection, by his own power. But them out with a scourge.

the many and amazing p:ouis he gave S. How did these people get ade of his divine mission, by the miracles mittance into the temple to defile it, he wrought, soon spread his fame a. by trafficking thercin ?

bout those parts, and among the great T. You must remember that there people. Among these Nicodemus, were three courts belonging to the a considerable Pharisee, and a mem. temple ; the court of the priests, ber of the Sanhedrim, being much where the altar of incense stoud : concerned at what he had heard of our the court of the Israelites, where Saviour, resolved to know the trut!, the clean Jews, and Gentile prose. by conversing with Jesus himself : fytes, that were circumcised, and and to avoid public notice, and the embraced the whole law of Moses, reproach of a too crcdulous disposi. assembled for their devotions ; and tion, went to him by night, that he the court of the Gentiles, where the might converse freely, and so judge unclean Jew, and the Gentile, who for himself. believed in God, but was not cir- S. What passed at this private incumcised, were permitted to enter, terview, between Jesus and Nicoand worship. Now it from this demus ? Jast mentioned court that Jesus dro:e

T. Nicodemus told our Saviour, those prophaners of the templ·, that the great number of miracles he who, under pretext of having the si- wrought, left no doubt with him, that crifices at hand, were permitted by he was a master sent from God. But the priests, for their sordid gain, to our Saviour after having she wed that bring their cattle and other legal sa- we ought not to suffer ourselves to crifices, and to supply strangers with be blinded by the praises of men, inmoney at an unreasonable asury.

forms him that a mere belief of his S. How did the Jews behave on

divinity was not a sufficient qualifi. this proceeding of our Saviour ?

cation to make him his disciple : but T. They were very much offended that except he was born again of wa. thereat ; and though the conscious.

ter and the Holy Ghost, became by ness of their own guilt male them baptism a son of God, and admitted pay a ready obedience and acquic. to all the spiritual privileges, which scence to the command of Jesus,

were annexed to this holy ordinance, they could not forbear asking bý he could not see the kingdom of God; what public authority he did those that is, lie could not be a true cbristhings ? and demanded a sign of tian here, nor a suint hereafter.this extraordinary commission, he Nicodemus, though a chief master seemed to excrcise and act under.

in Israel, not being able theo to com. prehend it, was much startled at Anon, a place remarkable for springs Christ's asserting the necessity of of water. a man's being born again before S. Were not the followers of John lie could enter into

the king. the Baptist jealous on account of this. dom of heaven : but our Saviour new baptism being administered by having proved from scripture the the disciples of Christ? truth of the doctrine of this great T. Finding the numbers these article of regeneration, and illus. drew after them, they complained to trated it by the invisible and mar. John, as though it was an usurpation vellous effects of the holy Spirit, who of his ministry: but he took occa. breatheth where he pleaseth, like sion from a dispute agitated bethe wind that bloweth where it list- tween the Jews and his disciples eth ; whose sound indeed we hear touching purification, to instruct but know not whence it cometh, them very particularly of the person nór whither it goeth; he instantly and office of Christ ; and made a removed all his doubts, and so illu- plain declaration to them, that Je. minated his understanding in other sus was the Messiah, the Son of great mysteries of faith, that hence. God, sent from heaven; and that forward he became an eminent con. he himself was no more than his vert to the gospel dispensation, a fore-runner: and having thus sufpublic assertor of its truth, and of ficiently proclaimed the Messiah, he of the innocency of the holy author closed his commission with these of it, at his death.

important words, He that believes S. Did Jesus gain no more disci. on the Son hath everlasting life ; but ples at Jerusalem

he that believeth not on the Son shall T. Yes : many were persuaded not see life, but the wrath of God of his Messiahship ; and when the abideth on him. passover was ended, followed him a. $. What became of John the Bapbout the province of Judea ; where tist after this? he also made many converts, and T. He baptised no more ; but caused them to be baptised for the went about as a faithful servant of s'emission of their sins.

God, publickly rebukng vice.-S. Did Jesus baptise them ?

And as Herod Antipas was a wibk. T. No ; he commissioned his dis. ed incestuous prince, he was bold e. ciples to perform that office.

nough to go to his court, and to re. S. At what place did Jesus begin buke him for his many enormities ; bis baptism ?

but more particularly for cohabiting 7: The Evangelists mention no with Herodias, his brother Philip's particular place ; but it is reasonable wife. to suppose it was at Bethabara, S. How did the court relish the Bapwhere the baptism of repentance for tist's reproof ? sins was first administered by John 7. Herodias was impatient of his the Baptist.

free rebukes on this occasion ? and S. Was John the Baptist removed though Herod paid at first a seeming from Bethabara ?

regard to his admonitions, he was 7. Yes : he was now babtising at soon prevailed upon to cast him into

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