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prison, under a pretence of his being a the country, wliileliis disciples were pronioter of selition, and dangerous gone into the city to buy provisions. to the government, by reason of the This woman beirg come to draw wamultitude of his followers.

ter at this famous well, Jesus desired S. Was not Jesus liable to the her to give him thereof to drink. 3.. ne accusation ?

The woman, perceiving ly his speech T. Yes : and halhe not retired address that he was a Jew, ei. with his disciples from Judea inlo' pressed her astonishment that he Gulilce, upon the news of the im. should address himself to a Sana. prisonment of John, the Pharisees, ritan ; because these were extreme. jealous of his proceedings, had pro. ly abhorred of the Jews. Bet Jesus, b.bly seized on him also.

laying aside all distinction, and S. Where is Galilee situated ? knowing her to be a woman of loose

T. It was a province of Palestine, life and conversation, began under the extending itself chiefly into the nor. metaphor of water to discourse to thern parts thereof. It is bounded her of spiritual blessings ; and, to by Lebanon and Syria on the north, make her sensible of his omniscier.ce, by Phænicia on the west, by Sama. he put her in mind that she h:d been ria on the south, and by the river divorced five times for adultries, Jordan and sea of Galilee on the and that she then lived in fornica. east. It is generally divided into tion. This being a secret which the lower and upper Galilee : the the woman knew could not be knowit upper is called the Galilee of the by a stranger, convinced the wo: Gentiles, either because its inhabi. man of his prophetic spirit : and runts were chiefly Gentiles, or bc. therefore she desired his opinion it cause it bordered on the Gentile na. regard to the proper place of work tions of Phænicia, Syria and Arabia. slip, whether it was on mount Ges The whole country was fruitful and rizzim, or at Jerusalem ? To wrich well cultivated, and the people labo. Jesus replied, by giving a preference rious and inlustrious. It contained to the form and place of worship a. many towns and villages, and so mong the Jews; but at the same time wull inhabited, that the least of said, that the time was approaching tiem did not contain less than when the sacri.ces and ceremonial 15,000 souls.

The natives were of rites should cease, and when God, 2 warlıke genius ; resolute to defend

who is a spirit, espected to be wor. their liberties from all invasions ; but slipped in a more rational and spiri. but so scditious that they of en ritual manner, than had been prac. brought upon themselves the Romantised either on mount Gerizzim, or at

Jerusalem. S. Did any thing remarkable occur S Where does Sychar lie? in this journey?

T. The city was called Suchar,

2: ms.

zim on the south, at the foot of T. In some cases they did buy and which it is situate, and mount Ebal traffic with them : but the Piari. on the north.

sees pretended a tradition forbidding S. Did not you tell me that Hyr. a Jew to borrow any thing of them, canus destroyed the temple on mount or to receive any kindness from Gerizzim?

them, or to drink of their water;' T. Yes : but the Samaritans still or to eat of their morsels. This retain a little place of worship on like many other traditions of theirs, tbat mount to which they repair at which were not founded in the law certain seasons, to perform the rites of God, nor in, equity, our Saviour" of their religion.

rejected and despised ; because it S. I thought that Samaria was a served only to impair the law of com. city, and not a province.

mon friendship and humanity. For 7. There was formerly a city cal. he not only drank of the woman's led Sanaria ; but that city was de water : but afterwards went into the stroyed many years before our Sa. city upon the invitation of the people viour's ministry. The Samaria here and eat and conversed freely with the mentioned was “a province of Pales. Sheche mites. line, so called from the city Samaria, S. Did the woman believe in what which once was the capital of the Jesus told ber? kingdom of Israel.

This province T. Yes : for Jesus having added Jies exactly between Judea to the to what he had said before, that he south, and Galilce to the north, and himself was the Messiah, she left "extends itself from the Mediterra. her water-pots, ran into the city, nean sea westward, to the river shewed what had happened to her, Jordan eastward, taking up a consi- and now openly professed her beliei derable part of what formerly be. that he was the great prophet!ex. longed to the tribe of Ephraim, and pected to be sent into the world. the half tribe of Manasseh on the Upon which many of the inhabitants west side of Jordan.

crowded to the well, and invited S. What was the foundation of him and his disciples into their city ; the hatred of the Jews against the where he confirmed their belief, Samaritans?

with many divine sermons. 7. The reasons commonly assign- S. How long did Jesus stay there? ed are, that the Samaritans were T. Only two days : and proceed. most of thein descended from the thence to Cana in Galilee. Cutheans, sent to Samaria, by Shal. S. What remarkable acts did Jemaneser, when he carried the ten

sus perform at Cana? tribes into captivity : that the Sama- 7. He cured by his word only, ritans mixed Pagan with Jewish and at a great distance, the son of rites in their worsluip ; and had con

a great officer at court, who lay at secrated their temple on mount Ge. the point of death. This miracle rizzim to Jupiter Olympus, to avoid convinced numbers of our Saviour's the persecution of Antiochus. divinity, and converted them to the

S. Had the Jews no commerce Christian faith. And here we may with the Samaritans?

properly date the beginning of our

Saviour's preaching faith, hope and S. Did Jesus performed any thing repentance ; the sum and substance remarkable at this place ? of the gospel.

T. During our Saviour's stay at S. Did he continue at Cana?

Capernaum, whence he often wert T. No: he went about preaching out to preach in the neighbouring and doing good in every village and parts, he calls Simon Peter, and An. place whither he came : and when he drew his brother & afterwards James was come to Nazareth, and went into

and John to the apostleship. In the the synagogue, the master presented same town be delivers one possessed him with the book of the prophets; as in the synagogue ; cures St. Peter's the custom then was to offer it to any mother-in-law who lay sick of a strange grave layman, that should fever; and he had divers people come in.

There he expounded the brought to him, whom he healed of first verse of the Ixist chapter of their diseases and tcrments. Isaiah, so clearly and gracefully, ap- S. Whither did Jesus travel, after plying it in general terms to himself, he left Capernaum ? that the whole congregation were T. He visited the neighbouring astonished at his parts : but they at cities in Galilee, where he manifest. last, stumbling at the meanness of his ed his mission, hy his doctrines ani parentage and education, and provo miracles, preaching constantly in the ked by bis upbraidings and freedom synagogues ; curing all manner of of specch, would have thrown him . diseases, and casting out devils. In headlong from the brow of the hill on particular, he exhibited an illustrious which the city was built, had he not instance of his divinity in the cure of by a miracle delivered himself out of

a leper, with stretching out his hand their hands, and left their city. only to touch him. Leprosy was

S. Where dil Jesus remove to, looked upon by the Jews as a special when he left Nazareth ?

infliction of Gori, and therefore so far T: To Capernaum, the metropolis above the power of art to remedy, of Galilee, situated on a fine lake, that the attempt to cure it by media wbich is called in the New Testa- cinc, was esteemed by them impious ment sometimes the sea of Galilce, ancl presumptive. This cure thus from the province of Galilee in ge- supposed to be reserved to God alone, neral; and the sea of Tiberias, from increased our Saviour's reputation so a town of that name, situated on its much, that he was obliged to retire western shore ; and the lake of Gen- for a while into a desart place, lest nesareth, from that particualar tract the great multitude of his followers of Galilee, which bounded it a great should give umbrage to the state. way, on the western side ; in the S. How long did Jesus remain in Old Testament it is called the sea of this retirement ? Chinnereth. It is 40 furlongs broad, T. When the crowds that follow. and 100 in length ; upon a gravel, ed him were dispersed, he returned which makes the water both of a in private to Capernaum, but was good colour and taste : the river Jor.

soon found out to be there ; and the dan runs through the midst of it, and house where he abode was filled with stocks it with great variety of fish. a crowd of people, and of Pharisee, and doctors of the law, who came reverential joy and awe at the strange from Jerusalem, and from Judæa and and wonderful things they had seen Galilee, to hear his doctrine, and to and heard, praised and returned see his miracles. This throng inter- thanks to God for the same. Jesus rupting the admission of the diseas

soon after this, called Levi the son ed, four men, who brought a paraly; of Alpliæus, a rich publican, to follow tic on his couch to be healed, were him; who readily left his gainftil forced to uncover the roof of the employment, obeyed our Lord's calle house, and to let him down from ing, and became his apostle. This thence in his bed, in the room where was the evangelist Matthew. Jesus was sitting

S. Did the Pharisees join in the S. What was the form of building public gratitude to God, for having among the se people, that they could given such power unto men? let this paralytič person through the T. No: they were envirus uere. top of the house?

at, and waited an opportnnity to acT. The houses in Judæa were low cuse him of sedition, blaspheiny, and built, and Aut roofed, with a battle immorality. And finding line and his ment breast-high surrounding it. apostles, after the call of Maithew, They asce:ded to the roof by a pair associate with pullicans, persor's of stairs within the house, which led whom the Jews abhorred, and eat to a trap door, eren with the rolf; and drink, and converse publickly and also by another pair of stairs, on with them and sinners; they were the outside of the house. By these much scandalised thereat, and upoutside stairs the paralytic was car. braided him therew:il', and with ried, and let down throigh the trap disciples not fasting ; and having pere door, or the way of the roof, as the suaded some of Jo'ın's disciples to Jews call it, which was fixed in the

accompany them, they domsr.c'ed of tiling:

Jesus, why it was his disciples obS. How did our Saviour behave serred no fasts, when the Pharisees, on this occasion ?

and John's disciples, were known to T. Having publickly admired and keep many? Jesus knew the secrets approved their faith, he took this op- of their hearts, and to confound their portunity to assert liis divinity in the pride told them, that, in regard to presence of these Scribes and Pia. company, it is not the whole, but the risees, by absolving this man of all sick that need a physician: that God bis sins ; which, as they knew and will have mercy, or requires us to pro, owned, is a power proper to God mote our neighbour's advant:ge, with alone. Then he ordered the sick all the kind oilices we can, of which man to rise and walk ; which upon the care of the soul is greatest, ra. speaking the word, he did instantly, ther than sacrifice, or rites and ordito the great surprise, and conviction nances of the ceremonial law: and

of those


little bafira

themselves, while he was with them: 7. Yes. The Jewish doctors ex. and that to impose rigorous austeri. pected the Messiah should be born of ties, as necessary and acceptable, an immaculate virgin. Julian the awhich God has no where commande postate, Chalcidus, and Pliny, ac. ed, and account these acts of will. knowledge the new star, or body of worship as meritorious, whlie they light, which conducted the wise men omitted the weightier matters of the from the east to the new-born babe, law, was substituting another method Jesus, at Bethlehem. Josephus wit. of salvation, than what God had pre- nesseth that John the Baptist was the scribed them, or would accept their fore-runner of Christ. Phlegon the performances in.

heathen confesses that Jesus was a S. Are there any evidences from great prophet ; and both the Tal. Jewish and Heathen authors, in con: mud, Celsus, and Julian, acknow. firmation of the several gospel facts ledge many miracles wliich he you have mentioned?


[blocks in formation]

Jesus goes up to Jerusalem to keep the Passover. The Feast of the Passover

explained. The Cure of the Paralytic at the Pool of Bethesda. The wither. ed Hand cured. The calling of the Apostles and their lives, viz. Peter, An. drew, James, John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James the Less, Simon, Judge, and Judas Iscariot.


ID Jest continue long at day of Abib; when every house or D

Capernaum after this? family took up the lamb intended to T. No: the near approach of the be eaten nn the feast day, and kept it passover called him to Jerusalem. till the fourteenth, using this caution

S. Why was he obliged to go up to to prevent their being imposed upon Jerusalem at the passover ?

in the market, by one that otherwise T. I have already given you an ac- might happen to be blemished. And count of the institution of the passo. this was the reason pretended by the ver : to which I shall now add some priests for selling such lambs in the further observations necessary to give outer courts of the temple, when a fuller and more clear insight into Jesus turned them out, and comthe practice and custom of the Jews, plained, that they had made his fa. upon this solemn festival, and which ther's house, instead of a house of will serve also as an answer to your prayer, a den of thieves. For as it question. This grand feast of the was impossible for the Jews that Jews began y early on the fourteenth came from far to worship at Jerusaof the month Abih, which was afer- lem, to bring their paschal lambe wards called Nisan, and answers to with them ; the priests made a gain the thirtieib day of March with us. hercof, by providing of lambs which

The ceremony towart

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