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No. 19, “ A bill to prevent trespass and other injuries bring done to the possessions of sculers on public lands, and to defino the right of possession on said lands;" and,

No. 29, “ A bill rclating to the fiscal agency of Moses N. Strony."

'The question on concurring to the amendmen's of llic Council to the amendments of the lluuse to No. 3, (Council fils) “ Reso. lu:ion relating 10 ihe ndjournment of the Legislature," cras then considered, and the ques:ion being on agreeing to the amendment of the Council to the amendment of the House,

Mi. Sholcs moved that the consideration of the said amend. ments bc postponed for the present; which was not agreed 10.

Mr. Billings moved that the House do disagree to the amend. inent of thic Council io thic amendment of this House.

And the aves and moes being called, were as follows:

Ayes-Messrs. Beardsley, Billings, Bracken, Brunson, Childs, Craig, lloyt, McGregor, Ray, Shicir, Sholcs, Sucréns, Story, S:reet and iVhiton, speaker-15.

Nocs-Messrs. Baldivin, Conroc, Cruson, · Dewey, Jenkins, Newman, Sutherland and Wells-8.

So the amendment of the Council was disagreed to.

Ordered, That the chief clerk acquaint ihe Council there. with.

On motion of Mr. Billings, Bills from the Council were read a first and second time, cnti. tled as follows, viz:

No. 31, “A bill to incorporate the Wisconsin Icad mining, smelting and manufacturing company;' and,

No. 34, “ A bill for the relief of the county officers of Craw. ford counts."

On mo:ion of Mr. Wells, The llousc went into conmilice of the wholc, Mr. Brunson in the chair, on the following bills from the Council, viz :

No. 15, " A bill to amend an sct concerning justices of tlie


No, 26, “ A bill to amend the act entitled, .An act to prescribe

the mode of proceedings in chancery, and for other purpo.


No. 27,“ A will listing the form of office of all oficers not now limited by law.” And on Will

No. 31, of this House, coiled " A LIL :0 incorporac the wardens and vestrymen of Trinity Church, at Nincral Point."

After some time the commitee rose, and reported bills 15, 26 and 31 with amendments, and b? No. 27 without amendment.

The amendments reported by ilic commiiice so bill No. 15 were agreed to, and the bill order to the third reading,

The question being on agreeing to the report of the conimitice on bill No. 26,

Mr. Wells moved the following amendment:

Strike out the words “supreme court commissioner,” in the first section, and insert " or ile supreme court commissioners of the counties of Milwaukee and Racinc."

Add at the close of the firsi srcion, “ Provided that no injunc. lion issued by any supreme court commissioner shall have any effect out of the county in which it was issued, or out of the county in which the commissioner issuing the same shall re. side.”

Mr. Sholes moved to amend the amendment hy inserting the word “ Milwaukee,” the word “ Brown," ond pending the question thereon,

On motion of Mr. Street,
The House adjourned until 3 o'clock P. M.


Three o'clock. . The House resumed the consideration of bills Nos. 26, 27 and 31, and the question being on agreeing to the amendment of Mr. Sholes 10 the amendoicnt of Mr. Wcils io bill No. 26, and pend. ing the same,

Mr. Sutherland moved that a call of the House be had and ab, sent members sent for, which was ordered.

Ont motion of Mr. Brunson, Mr. Dewey was excused from altcndarce in the Ilouse during the aferroon on account of illness.

On motion of Mi. Baldwin, Mr. Blackstone was excuscd from aiicndance during the after. 100n, for the sarne l'caso!l.

A call of the House was then lind and the sent for the absent members, who were Messrs. Billings, Bracken, Crason, Longstreet, Shackelford and Siroci.

Mr. Jenkins gave noice that, on some faiurc day, he should ask leave to bring in a vill 10 regulate the mode of petitioning the Le. gislative Assembly in ccrtaju cases.

Mr. S:ory gave no:icc that, on some future day, he should ask leave to bring in a bill in relation to United States roads in this Territory.

The serjcant-at-arms reported all the absent members in at. ' tendance, excepting Messrs. Bracken and Longstreet, who were indisposed and unable to attend.

On mo:ion of Mr. Sholes, Messrs. Bracken and Longsireet worc excused from attendance during the afternoon.

Mr. Weils, by leave, withdrew his amendment to bill No. 26, and moved that the same be recommitted to the commiitee of the whole House.

The motion was agreed to.
Bill No. 27 was ordered to be read a third time.
The House agreed to the amendment of the committee to bill

No. 31.

And on the question “Shall the bill be cngrossed and read iho third tinc ?" tho ayos and pocs were called and were as fol. lows : :

Ayes-Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Childs, Conroe, Cruson, [Hoyt, Ras, Shules, Sicvens, Street, Wells and Whiton, speaker--13.

Noes-Messrs. Brunson, Craig, Jenkins, McGregor, Newman, Shackelford, Shew, Story and Sutherland-9.

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So the said bill was ordered to be engrossed and read a third time.

On motion of Mr. Sicles, The House resolved itself into the communice of the whole, Mr. Bcardsley in the chair, o:j che aforesaid ? No. 23, and No. 24, (Council file,) “A will io csablish the county of Sac and 10 define its limits."

Afier some time the commitee rosc anil, by their chairman, reported the said bills to the thouse with amendments.

The House concurred in the amendments of the committed to bill No. 24, and the bill was ordered to the third reading.

Mr. Brunson offered the following amendment to bill No. 25, which was agreed to.

Strike out the words “Niwakce, Racive and Brown," and add in licu thercof, “ in abis Terriory.”

Tic report of she cornice as amended, was then agreed to, and ilic ayes and moes being called on the ques:101, “ Shail ihis will be ordered to a third reading ?” were as fullows:

Ayes-Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Brunson, Chilus, Conroc, Hoyt, Newman, Ray, Shackelford, Shew, Sholes, Sicrins, Story; Street, Sutherland, Wells and Whilon, speaker--17.

Nocs - Messrs. Billings, Craig, Cruson, Jenkins and McGregor --5.

So the said bill was ordered to be read a third time.

Mr. Shackelford, from the cominisiec oa cnrolled bills, reporied the following to be correctly enrolled, viz:

No. 12, " A bill :0 provide for recording contracts relating :0 lands, and for oiher purposes."

No. 17, “ A bill 10 muborize William I. Bruce, and oihers, 10 build and maintain a dam on ihe Mani:ouioc river, and for oiher purposes."

No. 18, “ A bill to repeal an aci, cutiiled • An act to charge the corporato limui:s and powers of the town of Green Bay ;" and,

No. 19, “ A bill to prevent trespass and other injurics be.

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ing done to the possessions of setilers on public lands, and to de.'
five the right of possession on said lands."
The Speaker signed the said bills.

On motion of Mr. Sholas,
Criereil, Thai ibe several bills on ilo clerk's inble, ready for a
third readios, be read the third time now, by their jitles.

The vedermentioned bills were then severally read the third time and passed, viz:

No. 15, “ A bil to aniond ihe act concerning justiccs of thic peace ;' and,

No. 24, “ A bill to establish the county of Sac, and for oler purposes."

The title to bill No. 15 vas agreed to, and :he title 10 No. 24 was amended by striking out “Sac,” and inserting “Sauc” in icu thereof.

Ordereu, That the Council be acquainted ihcrewith, and be requested 10 concur in the aineuilments 10 bill No. 24.

The undermentioned bills were then scverally read tlic third time, and, on motion, ordered to lie on the table, viz:

No. 26, “ A billio amend an aci, cntiiled, . An act to prescribe ilic mode of procecdings in chancery, and for other purposes ;!."

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No. 27, " A bill limiting the form of office of all oflicers not row limited by law." · Mr. Chilus, by lerre, introduced resolution No. 11, antiiled, " Juint resolutions calling upon the Secretary of the Territory for coriain information." Which was ren:! thic first and second time.

Mir, Conroc, by leave, introduced resolucion No: 12, cntiiled,
" Resolution rela:ing to scals.”
Which was read the first and second time.

Oa motion of Mr. Shew,
The House adjourned.

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