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Friday, January 3, 1810. Mr. Childs presented the petition of A. A. Biril, relating :o coin. pensation for services as lloacuing commissioner of public build. ings.

Referred to a sc!cc: conmiiice, consis:ing of Messrs. Child's, Story and Street.

Mr. Sutherland presen!ed a petition from citizens of Dodge county, praying that said county bo organized for county goveri. ment.

Referred to a sclect commitec, consisting of Messrs. Suther. land, Longstreet and Brunson.

Mr. Shackelford, from the commitee 0:1 cnrolled bills, reported No. 29, “ A bill relating 10 the fiscai agency of Moses M. Strong," to be correctly enrolled.

When the Speaker signed the same.

Mr. Childs, from the conmice on cigroszcd bilis, reported No. 31, “ A bill to incorporate the wardens and restrunnen of Trinity Church, it Niineral Point," io be correctly cngrossed.

Mr. Cruson, froin the joint committee vir public buildings, rc. ported No. 39, “ A bilio amend an act, entitled, “An act in addition to an act 10 establish the seat of government of the Territory of Wisconsin, and 10 provide for the erection of public buildings, approved December 3.1, 1836, and sorolhor purposes," :) approved March 8th, 1839; and also submiiied a report and docu. ments relating to the proccedings of the former board of commis. sioners.

(See Appendix, document J.)

Mr. Sholes submitted a report from the minoriiy of the same committee.

(See Appendix, document K.)
Message from the Council by iheir secretary :

“ Mr. Speaker--The Council have concurred in the amendment of this House to bil! No. 11, “ A bill to incorporate the Lake Mi. chigan and Rock river rail-road company;" and have receded from their amendment to the amendment of this House to resolu. lion No. 3, entitled, • Resolution relating to adjournment of the Legislature,' and hare concurred in the amendinent of this llouse, and passed bilis as folloss, viz :

"No. 9, • A bili to amend an act enuiled, an act to restrain unauthorized banking, and for other purposes ;' and,

"No. 36, • A bill 10 incorporate and regulate public libraries," and request the concurrence of this House therein.

“ They have appointed Messrs. Martin and Rountree, a com. mitee of conference, on the part of the Council, on the disagrec. ing vore of the two Houses on bill No. 16, entitled, • A bill to pre. vent the sale of inioxicating liquors to Indians.””

And then he withdrew.

Mr. Sholes moved that the report of the committee on public buildings be accepted, and also the report of the minority of the same committee; and that the same, with the accompanying docuinents be laid on the table, and 500 copies thereof printed for the use of this House.

Mr. Shackelford moved to amend the motion by adding, “and' that the sainc be published in all the newspapers in this 'Tcrri: tory."

The anoniment to the mo:ion was not agreed to.

The question then recurred on the mo:ion moved by Mr. Shoes, and the ages and noos being cailed, there were aves 24, nocs 1.

Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Blackstone, Bracken, Brunson, Childs, Conroc, C;aig, C: usoi, Hoyt, Jenkins, Long. street, McGregor, Newman, Ray, Shackelford, Shew, Sholes, Ste. vens, S:ory, Sutherland, Wells and Whiron, speaker, voting in the affirmative; and, Mr. Street, voting in the negative.

On motion of Mr. Sholes, Ordered, That the committee be discharged from the further consideration of the subject.

The House then proceeded to the orders of the day; when, No. 31, “ A bill to incorporate the wardens and vestrynen of Trinity Church, at Mineral Point," was read the third time, and,

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On the question; “ Shall this bill pass ?" the ayes and noes were called, and were as follows:

Ayes-- Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Billings, Blackstone, Brack. en, Childs, Conroe, Longstreet, Ray, Sholes, Stevens, Wells and Whilon, spcaker-13.

Noes Messrs. Brunson, Craig, Cruson, Hoyt, Jenkins, McGrc. gor, Newman, Shackelford, Shew, Story, Street and Sutherland, --12 So the said bill was passed.

On motion of Mr. Bracken, The title of said bill was amended by inserting the word “rec. tor" before the word "wardens."

The title as amended was then agreed 10.

Ordered, That the Council be requested to concur in the said bill.

Bill No. 39, entiiled, “A bill to amend . An act in addi. tion to an act to establish thic seat of government of ilic Territory of Wisconsin, and 10 provide for the crection of public buildings, approved December 3:1, 1836, and for other purposes;*** approved March 8th, 1839; was, on motion, read the first and sc. cond time and ordered to be prin:ed.

Mr. Cruson, by leave, introduced bill No. 40, which was read the first and second tinc and ordered to be printed, entitled,

- A bill to provide for laying out a Territorial road from Platte. ville 10 Sinipee, in Grant county."

On motion of Mr. Jenkins, Ordered, That the letter of the Secretary of War, in answer to a memorial of the legislature of Wisconsin relating to the re. moval of the Winnebago Indians, be referred to the select com. mitice to which that portion of the Governor's message was refer. red on the same subject, viz : Messrs. Brunson, Baldwin and Bracken.

On motion of Mr. Sholes,
The House adjourned until 3 o'clock P. M.

AFTERNOON Session. .

Three o'clock. Mr. Sholes moved that the House resolve itself into the commit. lce of the whole, on the following, viz:

No. 3, “ Memorial to Congress concerning pre-cmption rights to miners ;” and,

No. 25, “ A bill to amend an act to proride for aiding in the construction of the Milwaukee and Rock river canal ;” and, Pending the question thereon,

On motion of Mr. Shew, A call of the House was had, and the serjeant-at-arms sent af. ter Messrs. Billings, Dewey, Shackelford and Street, who were not in their seats.

After a short time the serjeant-at-arms returned and reported Messrs. Billings, Shackelford and Street in attendance, and that Mr. Dewey was unable to attend on account of illness.

On motion of Mr. Strect,' Mr. Dewey was excused from attendance in the House during the afternoon.

The Housc then resolved itself into the committee of the whole, Mr. Sholes in the chair, having under consideration the aforesaid bill and incmorial, and, also,. .

No. 22, .“ A bill to license teamsters ;; and, .... .!!! No. 30, “ A bill to provide for laying out a Territorial road from Fort Howard to Knaggs' ferry in Brown county."...;

After some time the comınittec rosc and, by their chairman, re. ported to the House bill No. 22 with, and bill No. 30 without amendment, and that they had made progress in bill No. 25, and memorial No. 3, and asked leave to sit again on said bill and me. morial 10.morrow. "Oni Which was granted. ; ; :: :2.

The House 'concurred in the amendments of the committce to bill No. 22; and said bill, and bill No. 30, were severally ordered to be engrossed and read a third time.

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Mr. Shackelford, from the joint committee on enrolled bills, re. por:ed the following to be correctly enrolled, which were signed by the Speaker, 'viz:

" An act 10 exoneraic the several courses of the Territory, from the payment of ceriain faves.”

" An act lo organize the county of Calumet, and to lay off th:c county of Winnebago."

" An act to divide the town of Dolcran, and for other pur. poses."

“ An act to amend an act entitled, “An act relating 10 the mi. litia.""

Mr. Baldwin then moved that the house do now adjourn, which motion was disagiced :0. .

A call of the House was then had, om motion of Nir. Childs, and the serjeant-at-arms sent after ilcssrs. Conroe, Cruson, Show and Shackelford, who were absent.

Mr. Street moved that Mr. Cruson bc escused from attendance in the House this cvening, whioh was disagreed io...

Mr. Baldwin rencwed his motion to adjourn, which was dis. agreed to.

A motiou was then made by Mr. Wells that the House do now adjourn. . And the aves and nors were called for, and were as follows: *

Ayes-Messrs. Baldwin, Beardsley, Bracken, Hoyt, McGre. gor, Newman, Ray, Sholcs, Stevens, Story, Sutherland, Wells and Whiton, speaker-13.

Nocs—Messrs. Billings, Blackstone, Childs, Cruig, Jenkins and Streei-6. . ]

So the House adjourned.. .

SATURDAY, January 4, 1840. Mr. Sholes presented the remonstrance, and affidavils, from citizens of Jefferson county, relating to the erection of a dam by Benjamin Nute, and others, across the west branch of Rock river, in said county.

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