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“ An act to amend an act, entitled, • An act to provide for as. sessing and collecting county revenue.'”

" Resolution concerning the settlement of the accounts of the late acting commissioner.”

The following message was received from the Council by their secretary :

“Mr. Speaker-The Council have appointed Messrs. Vine. yard and Martin a committee on their part, to act in conjunction with a similar committee to be appointed by this House, to wait upon His Excellency the Governor, and to ask him if he has any further business to lay before the Legislative Assembly.” And then he withdrew.

On motion of Mr. Sholes, Ordered, That a committee of two be appointed on the part of this House, to act in conjunction with the committee appointed on the part of the Council, to wait upon His Excellancy the Gover. nor, and to ask him if he has any further business to lay before the Legislative Assembly at its present session.

The Speaker appointed Messrs. Sholes and Dewey the said committee on the part of this House.

Mr. Longstreet, from the joint committee on enrolment, reported that the following bills were presented to the Governor, for his approval, on this day, viz:

“ An act to provide for the compensation of the officers of the Legislative Assembly, and for other purposes."

“ An act concerning the duties of clerks of the boards of coun. ty commissioners."

A message was received from the Governor notifying the House that he had, on this day, examined and approved the following, viz: .

- An act concerning the duties of clerks of the boards of coun. ty commissioners.” And, .

“ An act to provide for the compensation of the officers of the Legislative Assembly, and for other purposes."

Mr. Sholes, from the committee appointed to wait upon is Excellency the Governor, &c., reported that the committee had performed the duty assigned to them, and His Excellency inform.

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ed them that he had no further business, to lay before the two

On motion of Mr. Street,
Ordered, That a committee of two be appointed to inform the
Council that this House has no further business before it, and is
now ready to adjourn.

The Speaker appointed Messrs. Street and Childs said com. mittee.

Messrs. Brigham and Maxwell, a committee from the Council, appointed for that purpose, were introduced and informed the House that the Council had no further business before them, aud, were now ready to adjourn. And then they withdrew,

On motion of Mr. Sholes,
Resolved, That the chief clerk procure a list of the titles of .
acts, memorials and resolutions which originated in this House,
to be printed, and that he be required to transmit one copy to
each member.

On motion of Mr. Cruson,
The following resolution was adopted :

Resolved, That the thanks of this House are hereby tendered to the Hon. Edward V. Whiton, for the very able and satisfactory manner in which he has performed the duties of presiding officer during the present session.

The Speaker then addressed the House as follows :Gentlemen of the House of Representatives :

For the very flattering manner in which you have alluded to my services as your presiding officer, in the resolution you have just adopted, I beg of you to accept my most grateful acknowl. edgments.

I accepted the station, which I am now about to quit, with the consciousness that I should not only be obliged to rely upon your support and assistance, in the discharge of its duties, but also upon your forgiveness of error.'. I take great pleasure, Gentlemen, in stating that your support and assistance have uniformly been given mo; and the passage of the resolution which you have just adapta


ed, assures me that the errors I may have committed, liave been overlooked and forgiven.

Gentlemen, the presiding officer of a legislative body, has ardu. ous and frequently painful duties to perform : in the midst of a contentious debate, and when he cannot but participate in the ex. citement it occasions, he is often called upon to decide, instanta. neously, questions of great importance. Under such circumstan. ces, to do justice to all and to apply correctly the parliamentary law, requires great self-control, as well as promptness and deci. sion. That my decisions have in all cases been correct, is more than I dare hope. I can only say, that I have endeavored to do right; and that my errors must not be imputed to any want of an inclination to do my duty.

Gentlemen, we are now about to separate--may not the hope be reasonably indulged, that when we meet again to renew our

labors the same courtesy and forbearance will mark our course E}" | which have been witnessed during the present session !

In conclusion, Gentlemen, I pray you to accept, individually, of the assurance that you have my warmest wishes for your prosperi. ty and happiness.

On motion of Mr. Childs,
The House adjourned sine die.

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Document A.


To His Excellency Henry DODGE :

The commissioners appointed under an act of the Territorial. Legislature of Wisconsin, approved March 8th, 1839, “ In addi, tion to an act entitled, • An act to establish the seat of government of the Territory of Wisconsin, and to provide for the erection of public buildings, approved December 3, 1836,"” respectfully rem , port, that after being duly qualified to act, the board met at Mil. waukee on the Bth day of May, 1839, whereupon Nathaniel C. Pren:iss was chosen acting commissioner of the said board, and James L. Thayer was elected Treasurer; and ordered that the board adjourn to meet at Madison.

On the 28th day of May last, the board met at Madison, for the purpose of discharging their official duties; in settling the ac. counts of the former board of commissioners, and to examine into the state and condition of the public buildings, and their progress towards completion ; but were disappointed in not finding here but one of the former board of commissioners, A. A. Bird, Esq., the late acting commissioner ; although the board had good rea. son to expect that they should meet at least two of the former commissioners.

And we regret to report that we did not find the person here who has contracted to complete the public buildings; or any pre. parations making to procure materials to complete them, and but two men at or about the buildings at work; and that during our

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