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Paid Gray & Milton's bill for sundries,

" Josiah Rogers for work,
" D. Hyer for brick,
“ Cyrus Hill for brick,
" John F. Wilson's bill,
si James Hill for teaming,
6 N. T. Parkison for lumber,
6. Sivyer for mason work,
« H. Fake for Sivyer's board,
* for putting down carpets, for brooms, wire, &c.-by

N. C. Prentiss,

11 00

2 40

20 00


10 80

$213 01

18 00

J. L. Thayer's bill for 1000 feet of lumber,

Cost of preparing Capitol for the reception of the Legis. lature,

$231 01

Document F. Estimate of materials and labor necessary to complete the Capitol

at Madison, from its present condition.

The work to be excuted in the modern Grecian style, and in a good substantial manner necessary superintendence not in. cluded. 35,000 feet pine lumber, delivered, c. $40.

$1400 00 12,000 feet oak flooring, c. $30,

360 00 15,000 feet coarse lumber, c. $25,

375 00 1,400 pounds nails, 12 1-2 cents,

175 00 Hangings and trimmings, Materials and labor for plastering, including stucco cornicing,

1480 00 Labor and materials for painting,

425 00 Joint screws and materials for hand-railings on stairs · and in rooms,

75 00 Altering, furnishing and framing timbers in the body of building,

250 00


560 00 150 00

Taking off old roof and laying new, including mate.

rials and labor, Refinishing the dome, Carpenter and joiner work necessary to complete the

Capitol, and not included in above cstimate, Contingencies,

4875 00 500 00

Cost to complete Capitol,

$10,775 00

Document E.




Madison, Dec. 17th, 1839.

To the Council and House of Representatives :

I herewith transmit a copy of a letter from the Commissioner of the General Land Ofice, dated on the 15th of February last in answer to a joint resolution of the Legislative Assembly, bearing date the 19th Dec. 1833.

General Land Ofice, February 15th, 1839. “Sir-I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of your como munication of the 23d ultimo, covering a joint resolution of the Legislative Assembly of the Wisconsin Territory, bearing date the 19th of December last, setting forth the importance and neces. sity of extending the public surveys through the tract of country north of Wisconsin, and east of the Mississippi river, acquired by the treaty with the Winnebago tribe of Indians, which was ratified:

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on the 15th of June last, and requesting that measures may be taken for the purpose. In reply, I have the honor to state, that ia view of the stipulations contained in the 3d article of the treaty fixing the time of the removal of the Indians to eight months from the date of its ratification, which time expires this day, there was no particular estimate submitted to Congress, from the department, for surveying any portion of the cession this year; since it was not anticipated that there could be any seitlement of the lands, and consequently no demand for them, until a reasonable time after the removal of the Indians therefrom. An estimate, however, will, under all the circumstances, be immediately submitted for the survey of some of the township boundaries, and the subdivi. sions, for market, of a portion of those situated on the navigabie waters, which it is presumed will answer the immediate objects of the resolution."

Tam, very respectfully,

Your ob't serv't,


Document F.


To the Honorable the House of Representatives of Wisconsin Ter.


I have been furnished by your chief clerk, since my arrival at the seat of government, with a copy of a resolution, passed by your honorable body, in the following words:

ci Resolved, That Moses M. Strong, Esq., who was appointed by the Legislative Assembly, at its session commencing the 26th

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November, 1838, fiscal agent of the Legislature, and authorized
to borrow the sum of fifteen thousand dollars, upon the faith of the
Territory, be requested to report io this House, as soon as pracii.
cable, the manner in which he has perforined the duties imposed
upoo hiin, what amount and what lind of money was received
by him for the payment of the loan made, and at what time ;
Whether the debe contracied against the Territory has been paid,
and if so, when ;-together with all such information as may ena.
bie the Assembly to deterinine whether lic has faithfully discharge
cd the duties he was required to perform, by the resolution under
which he was appointed;" and in reply to the request therein con.
tuined, I have the honor to refer your honorable' body 10 a repo.t
inade by me to the Legislative Assembly on the 21st of January
last, as to ihe manner in which I had discharged, up to that time,
the duties imposed upon me; and in relation to the remainder of
the inquiry.con:ained in your resolution, I have the honor to statr,
that about the middle of May last, I received from the Treasurer of
the United Sales two drafis, one for the suin of five thousand dol.-
lars, upon thig Receiver of public moneys at Mineral Point, the other
for ten thousand dollars, upon the Receiver of public moneys at
Milwaukce. And I have the honor to report further, that on the
first day of April last, I paid to Collier & Pellus $300, in pari pay.
ment of the loan, for which I have their receipt, and on the 27th of
July last I paid them $12,973 03, for which I have their receipt,
and $124 43, for which I took po receipt, making in the whole
$13,397 46, paid by mne towards the repayment of said loan;
and I, also, paid on the 21st of September last, to William B.
Slaughter, Esq., Secretary of the Territory, the sun of two hun.
diod dollars, out of the funds received by me, making in the whole
ihe sum of $13,597 46, of said funds, which were disbursed by
me, and leaving in my hands the sum of $1,402 54, which is
subject to the order of the Legislative Assembly.

I should be doing injustice to myself, if, after the proceedings of your honorable body, as reported in the public prints, and the ru. merous unfounded and malicious reports, that have been put in cir. culation, I should omit to siate the mode in which the payments to

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Messrs. Collier & Pettus have been made. At the time the loan was made, there was the greatest reluctance on their part to mak. ing it, on any terms, and I could only obtain it, upon condition that I would pledge myself personally to couvert such funds as I should receive from the government into specie, without expense to them, and I accordingly gave them my individual assurance that they should be paid in gold or silver and I know that the principal in. ducement that operated upon them in making the loan, was to convert the funds I should receive from them, into specic. I, alse, received from them, a few days before I received the drafts, a let. ter saying, that thinking it possible ihc Secrctary of the Treasury might send me a draft upon some of the Receivers of public money's in this section of country, they had thought proper 10 advise me, that they wanted the specie, and that all western paper, (Illinois among the resi,) was at a discount. Knowing that the Reccivers of public moneys at Milwaukce and Mineral Point, were receiving western paper in payment of lands, and that the Receiver at Mil. waukec liad. then recently inado a large deposit in the bank at Chicago, I supposed that the drafts would be paid in western paper, and that I must not only inçur the risk arrd expense of a journey to Milwaukee and back, but also in order to redeem my pledge with Messrs. Collier & Petrus, must subinit 10 the loss of discount on the paper, or adopt some other mode of converting the drafts into specie in Si. Louis. Having, therefore, ascertained that I could excliange those drafts for the notes of the bank of Mineral Poini, provided I gave those noies circulation by investing them in Icad, and knowing that lead could always be converted into specie at once at the market price, I thought it the best medium of exchange that I could adopt, to avoid the loss, with which I was threatened; the danger of which I had incurred solely from an over anxiely 10 effect the loan which I had been requested by the Legislature to inüke, and of which they then stood so much in need. I, therc. foie, made.ilio ir.vestment in that commodity; but although the lead I had purchased was bought at the then reduced prices, j'cl, before I could get it to St. Louis, it experienced a still greater de. cline; and, while it was believed by myself, as well as-others bet.

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