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of a few hundred collars in my hands to be paid over to Col. Slaughter, in pursuance of the resolution alluded to, corresponding nearly in amount with my claims upon the Territory.

It will afford me pleasure at any time to submit to the Legisla. tive Assembly, or any of its members who may wish 10 see them, the vouchers for my disbursements.

With high respect,
Your ob't serv't,

MADISON, January 6, 1840.

Territory of Wisconsin, 1839.

To Moses M. STRONG, Dr. Litice July—To services and expenses, as fiscal agent, in paya ing debt to Collier & Pettus,

Gover Inexpedient at the present time to consider this account.

quirei . A. E. RAY,

Ch’m of com. on claims. ingr

$400 00


the fu

. Document N.



Whereas a majority of the committee appointed by the Legis. lative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin, to inquire into the business of the public buildings, at Madison, have reported unfa. vorably as to the course and conduct of the old boarå of commis.

Bioners, in relation to their proceedings as public agents, and upon Espory examining the statement of George P. Delaplaine, I discover that

he has stated that I, Augustus A. Bird, of Madison, the subscrie ber, one of the old board of commissioners, exhibited to him a co. partnership contract, which he avers to have been signed by James D. Doty, John F, O'Neill, James Morrison and myself, wherein we became co-partners in relation to all the public business at Madison, to wit: In the erection of the public buildings, or Capi. tol, in the running of the steam mill, and in a division of the pro. fits that might arise from the sale of goods that we had established in a mercantile concern together. It is not denied by the subscriber that a contract (a copy of which is herewith given) signed by the said Doty, O'Neill, Morrison and myself, was shown by me to the said Delaplaine. The reason, however, of my exhibiting this contract to him, arose from the following circumstance. That when Governor Mason was here in the summer of 1839, he, Mason, in. quired of me whether or not the American Hütel had been built with the funds arising from the sale of lots in the town of Madison, advis. ing me that he had been so informed by Judge Doty; which I assur. ed him was not the fact. Mr. Delaplaine then inquired of me whe. ther we had not formed a co-partnership in the erection of the Anjerican Hotel, I told him that a company concern had been made of it at first, but that after I had commenced the work and had got out the timber, Judge Doty informed me that some of the share ! holders of the Four Lake Company had objected to his paying or laying out any money or moneys that belonged to the Four Lake Company, in ile erection of an hotel, and that the original plan was abandoned; but that, afterwards, Doty and myself commenced build. ing the hotel upon a smaller scale, and that we then induced O'Neill and Morrison to engage with us in the completion of it; and told the said Delaplaine that if he would accompany me to my room I would show him the original plan and agreement between us, of which the following is a true and correct copy:

“It is hereby agreed, by the subscribers, to take the number of shares of stock in an hotel, to be erected and furnished in the town of Madison, on block No. 101, Mr. A. A. Bird to be the

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builder. The capital stock shall be ten thousand dollars, and to be divided into shares of one hundred dollars each, which shall be paid on a call by the directors of the instalments of ten per cent. each. The directors shall be A. A. Bird, James Morrison and John F. O'Neill and J. D. Doty, who shall take such measures 10 erect and furnish said hotel, and sell or lease the same, as to them shall seem expedient.”

“ Madison, March 20, 183.

6"The Four LAKE COMPANY,'--fifty shares, by their Trees. urer, J. D. Doty. " J. D. Doty,

Ten shares. * John F. O'NEILL, Five shares. * JAMES MORRISON, Ten shares. 6 A. A. BIRD,

Ten shares." The above agreement, or contract, is the only company paper that I ever exhibited to George P. Delaplaine ; and that this agree. ment, together with the following company contract, in relation to the mercantile concern, are the only two contracts which I have, or have ever had, any knowledge whatever, as existing between either Doiy, O'Neill, Morrison, or myself, or of either of us, or them.

The following is a copy of the contract, as existing between Morrison, O'Neill, Doty and myself :

• It is agreed by James Morrison, John F. O'Neill, A, A. Bird and J. D. Doty, to establish a mercantile concern in the town of Madison, Dane county, of which they shall be equal owners, and supply, whenever there shall be required, cach his equal propor. tion of the capital. The capital stock shall consist of twenty thou. sand dollars. The said Morrison shall be the acting partner of the concern, to make all purchases and sales, and the concern shall be managed and conducted under the name of James Mor. rison & Co. The said Morrison having on hand a stock of mer. chandize, now at Helena, the same shall be removed to Madison, and received at cost charges; and all other purchases shall be made on bills approved by three of the partners. A lot in said town shall be purchased for the concern, and a store and other ne.

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cessary buildings erected thereon. The said partners shall share and share alike in the profits and loss of the said concern, and the said business shall be continued until the first day of January, A. D. 1840, unless sooner dissolved by mutual consent; and divi. cends of the profits of the concern shall be made every twelve

months to each partner.
31081 Madison City, March 19th, 1838.


J. D. Dory."
I have thought it proper to copy from the report of the como
mittee, the following passage, and then will submit my answer to
the statement :

“ The first inquiry that naturally presents itself is, what dispo. 37 € sition has been made of this large sum of money, which was de. Eso signed by Congress to be expended solely in the erec:ion of build. delings, far the accommodation of the people of the Territory and il a their representatives? Your committee regret that they have not

e been able to arrive at any satisfactory results upon this subject, and of up that the upaccountable and unprecedented refusal of these agents

of the people to submit their accounts for examination and settle.. be ment; has deprived your committee of the only correct means of

ascertaining, with any degree of certainty, in what manner that Al money has been expended; and they are obliged to content them. : tornil selves with stating in what manner it has not been expended.” 2015 4 In reply to this I beg leave to refer to the report of the commit. s pogi tee appointed by the Legislature at Burlington, to whom were re.

ferred all the papers and vouchers of the expenditures in the erec,

tion of the Capitol, who reported “ That the account rendered by Ceny the acting commissioner is entirely correct ;" and, also, refer to

the Journal of the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, held of c at Madison, during the session of 1838-9, by which it will be seen Madison that the same accounts and documents, embracing all the expen.

ditures from the commencement of the erection of the Capitol, up in Bell to the time of letting the contract to James Morrison, were laid be.



fore the committee appointed by that Legislature. By which reo! ports, it will be seen that the whole amount of expenditures, up to the time of letting the contract to James Morrison, was $12,348 34, and that said Morrison's contract was to complete it for? $26,200 ; making the whole cost of the Capitol, when completed $38,548 34. The new board of commissioners had also these accounts and vouchers before them last summer, and copies of them are now, it is believed, in the possession of the Legislature; • and I have ever been willing to exhibit them when called upon; va and should have been happy to have shown them to the committee Kim appointed by this Legislature, had I been called upon to produce act

them. This committee, above referred to, having held their in- 'oy - vestigations without asking me to attend their examinations, until zica

they had compieted the duties required of them as a committee, presu and the principal witness, George P. Delaplaine, having left this citarplace before I was called upon to attend their meetings ; after ho apy had given bail for his appearance to answer at the next term of owi. court 10 James Morrison, for his misconduct while in the employ Tie of the said James Morrison, and of whom he says he was the prin. «gisla cipal or chief clerk. At this time, Mr. Jenkirs, one of the memo #t for

bers of the majority of the committee, waited upon me to inform e hoj - me that I could then have an opportunity to call upon witnesses, alipn

to 'disprove the testimony which was then before the committee, if as bee I so desired to do, as they proposed reporting to the Legislative As. Date sembly on that morning. I told Mr. Jenkins that it was then too, late for me to call upon my witnesses to contradict the statements and evidence then before them, after they had finished their bu. siness as a committee, and the principal witness had already left, and that I considered that it was my right to have been presen! during the investigation, and to have had the privilege of question. "ERRIT ing the witnesses that were produced, and further said that I Com would have willingly appeared before, had that privilege been ex.' tended towards me. I also stated to Mr. Jenkins that I would Perso await the report of the committee, and if I then thought any matter øreme c in their report required explanation, I would answer with my affi. worn, de davit, or words to the same meaning and import. I have now House a

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