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- read the report and its accompanying documents. Upon examin. Einning the statement of George P. Delaplaine, I most unhesitatingly

pronounce it untrue and incorrect, so far as it regards the co.
partnership contract in relation to the Capitol and steam mill,
wirich, as he alleges, were shown to him by me. It never has
been my purpose to make any public denial to the many unfound.
ed reports that have existed in relation to the contractor and the
old board of commissioners, but when I see an investigation held
upon a matter of so much importance as this, and in which I free.
ly admit that I feel the deepest interest, and in a subject in which
I am charged with acting dishonestly as a public officer, in justice
to myself and to the character of other gentlemen who seem to be

implicated with me alike in the same transaction, I feel compelled Eheit er

to present a true statement of facts in regard 10 the alleged co.

partnership as slated by the clerk of James Morrison and to give pouco a copy of all the company papers or contracts that have ever, in eir m any wise, come to my knowledge. . , Fera. The undersigned would, therefore, 'most respectfully ask of the Euch ** Legislative Assembly, that the memorial be referred to a commit. hesaplec for the purpose of investigating the facts therein set forth, and erkics, he hopes that the Legislative Assembly will afford hin this investi. aited up gation for the purpose of shielding him from the attempt which 10 ca sas been made to injure his reputation. before s Dated at Madison, this 6th day of January, 1840.


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County of Dane, ss : that pria Personally appeared before me, William N. Seymour, su.

Jeclis'preme court commissioner, Augustus A. Bird, who, being duly , hen the sworn, doth depose and say, that his Statement made to the 1 answe" House of Representatives, on the 7th inst., in answer to the re."

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port of the majority of the committee on public buildings, is true to the best of his knowledge and belief.

A. A. BIRD Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 7th day of Jan. A. D. 1840.


Sup. Court Commissioner.

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. SECRETARY'S OFFICE, Jan. 11th, 1840.** To the Hon. the Council and House of Representatives :

GENTLEMEN-Your resolution in relation to the manner in which I have recorded and preserved the laws and the proceedings of the Legislative Assembly, and the Executive Journal, and their transmission to the President of the United States, and to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, was this moment re. ceived. In reply, I have the honor to state that I have on file in my office the originals of the laws of the several sessions, in laa, belled packages, distinguishing the laws of one session from those of another; also, printed copies of the same, together with the Journals ; which I believe is the uniform mode of recording and preserving the laws in the several states of the Union. I have the honor to state further, that I have transmitted the laws and": journal as required by the organic law, within a few days of the

time, except the last year; the laws, however, were transmitted
before the time appointed. In relation 10 the Journal, the follow.
ing are the facts : I applied last fall to the private Secretary of
the Governor for the Executive Acts, and informed him that Mr.
John Catlin was my cierk to record them. He replied that it would
be more convenient to him to have the Executive Journal, and
that he would either record the Executive Acts, or have it done.
It was accordingly, forwarded to him and a part of it only executed.
It has, however, been completed and a copy will be forwarded im.
mediately to the President of the United States. It is due to the
Executive to state that I did not apply to him for the Executive
Acis. I believe the other duties of the Secretary have been duly
I have the honor to be, Gentlemen,

Your ob't serv't,

Sec. Wis. Teri

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Mr. Street, from the select committee to which the subject was referred, made the following report:

The select committee to whom was referred the memorial of * Messrs. Collier & Pettus, of St. Louis, with the accompanying 2

documents, have had the same under consideration, and beg. leave to submit the following report:

That from vouchers and papers exbibited to them by M. M. Strong, it appears that on the 27th December, 1839, he borrowed of Collier & Pettus, for the use of the Territory, the sum of $15,000. That about the last of May, 1839, he received from the Treasurer of the United Sta:es the sum of $15,000, in drafts on the land offices at Milwaukee and Mineral Point, for the repayment of said loan.

On the 1st of April, 1839, he paid to Messrs. Collier & Pettus $300 towards interest for which he took a receipt; on the 27th of July he paid to them $12,973 03, leaving a balance due at that time, as admitted by their unconditional receipts, of principal and interest, the sum of $2,339 47. Mr. Strong claims, for excess in weight of lead, the further sum of $124 43, which, from a bill of .. Jading exhibited by him, it appears should be allowed; and if so, the whole sum disbursed by Mr. Strong to Collier & Pettus would be $13,397 46; add io this the sum of $200 00 paid to Wm. B. Slaughter, Secretary of the Territory, as per his receipt dated September, 21st, 1839, and it makes the whole sum paid by him on account of the 'Territory, $13,597 46. This amount deducted from the sum received by Mr. Strong, from the Treasurer of the United Siates, leaves a balance of $1,402 54, in the hands of said Sirong, exclusive of interest.

The amount of principal ană interest due Messrs. Collier & Pellus up to the 27th of January, 1840, would be $2,421 35, without allowing the claim of $124 43, above alluded to. If this sum be deducted, the balance due Messrs. Collier & Pettus, on the 27th of January, 1840, will be $2,292 56. The sum of $200 00 above mentioned is embraced in the report of the committee on claims, to whom was referred the vouchers of Mr. Strong's dis. bursements of the monies received of Messrs. Collier & Pet. sus.

The claim of Mr. Strong of four hundred dollars for his services in the payment made'to Collier & Pettus, would seem to be just and equitable. Had he incurred the expense of going to St. Louis, and paid the debe immediately, aone would have objected so giving him the compensation. Whatever excons of interest the

Territory will have to pay by reason of the delay, should be de. ducted from any allowance made Mr. Strong, which excess amounts, as near as your committee can ascertain, to about 8133 50,

J. H. D. STREET, Chairman.

" as youre made Mr. Stroblay, should be do

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Of the Legislative Assembly, in behalf of tho settlers on the even sections reserved by the United States by the law granting a' quantity of land to aid in the construction of the Milwaukee and Rock river canal. To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled :

The memorial of ihe Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Wisconsin respecifully represents, that by the third section of an act of Congress granting a quantity of land to aid in the construc. tion of the Milwaukee and Rock river canal, it is provided that tho alternate sections reserved to the United States shall not be sold at a less price than two dollars and fifty cents per acre and shall not be subject to pre-emption.

Your memorialists believe that injustice has been done by this enactment, to those who had setiled on the alternate sections re. ferred to, previously to the passage of the law in implicit reliance on the accustomed liberality of the General Government, for a

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