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the said act so as to extend the jurisdiction of justices of the peace in this Territory, where the debt, damages or sum claimed to be due shall not exceed the sum of one hundred dollars ; and your memorialists, as in duty bound, will ever pray,

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Joint Resolutions of the two Houses.

Resolution relative to settlement of the accounts of the Agent ap.

pointed to procure and superintend the publication of the Revised Statutes of Wisconsin,

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives, That a committee of two from each House be appointed to examine the accounts of Edward V. Whiton, appointed by the Legislative As. sembly to superintend the publication of the laws of the Territory ; that said committee ascertain the amount of money received by him and the amount disbursed, and report the same to the two Houses, respectively.

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Joint resolution relating to printing reports and other documents;

made to both Houses. Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives, That whenever any report of a joint committce, or other documents, shall be presented to both Houses of the Legislative Assembly; the House first acting upon the same, if it shall be thought neces. sary to have it printed, shall order a sufficient number of copies for both branches, and shall immediately inform the other House of its action upon the subject.

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Resolution relative to the committees on Public Buildings.

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives, That the select committees, in boih branches, to which were referred so much of the Governor's message as relates to the Public Buildings, be constituted a joiat coinmitiee on the Public Buildings; and that all matters referred to them by either branch be acted on jointly, and reports made to both Houses of the Legislative As. sembly.

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Resolation relating to the election of Canal Commissioners, and

filling vacancies that may exist in the board of visitors of the University of Wisconsin.

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives, That the two Houses of the Legislative Assembly meet on the 11th insiant, ai 3 o'clock, P. M., for the purpose of electing, on joint ballot, threo Canal Commissioners, and filling vacancies that may exist in the board of visitors of the University of Wisconsin.

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Joint Resolutions calling upon the Secretary of the Territory for

certain information. It being provided by the third section of an act of Congress, entitled “ An act respecting the government of the Territorics of the United States north-west and south of the river Ohio," apo proved May 8, 1792, that the official duties of the Secretaries of the said Territories shall be under the control of Legislative au. thority; therefore, be it

Resolved, by the Council and House of Representatives of the Territory of Wisconsin, That the Secretary of the Territory be requested to communicate to the Assembly immediate answers to the following enquiries, to wit :

Have you, in accordance with the act of Congress establishing cislation this Territory, and under the third section of that act prescribing be lost the duties of the Secretary, recorded and preserved the laws and

proceedings of the Legislative Assembly? .

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Have you, in accordance with the same act, recorded all the acts and proceedings of the Governor in his executive department ?

And have you transmitted, annually, on or before the 1st Monday of December in each year, one copy of the laws and one copy of the executive proceedings to the President of the United States ; and two copies of the laws to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for the use of Congress ?

And further, that he be requested to communicate fully upon each of the two first mentioned enquiries, stating the particular manner in which the same has been done ; whether in books pre. pared for the purpose or not, or whether the record is merely an abstract, or a complete transcript of the proceedings: and, general. ly, to state such matters in relation to the performance of the duties of his office, as will enable this House to judge whether the same have been performed according to law.

Resolved, That the chief clerk of the House of Representatives do furnish the Secretary [with] a copy of these resolutions, immediately after their passage.

Joint resolution tendering thanks to the Hon. E. V. Whiton.

Resolved, by, the Council and House of Representatives, Tha: the thanks of the Legislative Assembly are due, and are hereby tendered to the Hon. E. V. Whiton, for the able, satisfactory, and economical manner in which he has performed his duties as agent to prepare for the press, and to procure the publication of, the Re. vised Statutes of the Territory.

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Madison, Dec. 9, 1839. "To the Hon. William A. Prentiss, James R. Vineyard, Morgan

L. Martin, Charles C. Sholes, Joseph H. D. Street, and Augus. tus Story, committee, &c. "

GENTLEMENŐI had the honor to receive, on Saturday last, your note informing me that you had been appointed a committee, on the part of the Legislative Assembly, “ to call on the several printers at the seat of government, to make inquiries, and report to the Legislative Assembly such information in relation to the price of labor, materials, &c., as will enable the Assembly to de. termine as to the proper compensation to be allowed for the print. ing of the Legislative Assembly.”

I am well aware that there is a general desire on the part of the people of the Territory to have the subject of the prices hitherto paid for printing enquired into by their legislators, and, if possible, in fu. ture have the Territorial printing done at lower rates. I was last year appointed by the Legislative Assembly to do the incidental printing, with an implied understanding that I should be paid the same price that had previously been paid for Territorial printing. Near the close of the session, however, when the question came up for al. lowing my demand, several of the honorable members were opposed to voting an appropriation to pay my demand, because they conceived the price charged to be too high. To avoid a similar difficulty, the present season, I have taken some pains to collect such information respecting the price paid for printing by Con. gress, and by several states, and the prises paid to journeymen at different places, as I think will enable the Legislative Assembly to · fix upon a proper price to be paid for public printing in this 'Ter. ritory in future.

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In the accompanying documents can be found statements of the prices paid for public printing, in the States of Michigan, Ohio and New York, as well as the prices paid at Washington, in ac. cordance with an act of Congress. The paper marked A. con. tains the act providing for the appointment of a printer to Con. gress, and establishing the prices to be paid him. The paper marked B. is a copy of the act establishing the office of State Printer in Ohio, and a statement of the prices paid by the State for printing. Paper marked C. is an affidavit as to the prices paid the State Printer of New-York for public printing; and a state. ment, also, as to the prices paid journeymon printers. The paper marked D. is an affidavit of the prices paid the State Printer of Michigan; and the prices of journeymen printers, at Detroit, are stated also. Document E.--copies of letters from Messrs. Blair & Rives, publishers of The Globe, Washington. . I pay journeymen printers in my employ, twelve dollars per week. Those who work by the piece are paid 40 cents per 1000 ems for plain composition. For rule and figure work, double price. Paper, ink, &c., costs, when delivered at this place, about 33 per cent. more than it does at Detroit, and nearly 50 per ceni. more than it does at Washington, Albany and Columbus.

By the following, your committee will be enabled to form some. thing like an accurate idea, of the difference between the prices hitherto paid in this Territory for printing, and the prices paid at Washington, Albany, Detroit and Columbus. At the rates here. tofore charged in this Territory, the printing of a bill, which would make one page, in pica letter, on a foolscap sheet, would be,

2,500 ems, at $2 50 per 1000 ems, $6 25. The prices paid in New York, for the same work, at 70 cents per 1000 ems, and 70 cents per token for press work, would be as follows:

Composition 2,500 ems, at 70 cents, $1 75
Press work, 1 token,

Paper, probable cost, :


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