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Washington, 2 May, 1839. SIR :

We proceed to answer your note of the 22d ultimo, left at our office in our absence, relative to the price paid by Congress for public printing.

The Congressional printing is executed under a joint resolution of Congress, passed in March, 1819. It may be found in the G:h volume of the laws of the United States, page 444. It requires the octavo page to be the same size as the laws of the United States, including the marginal notes. We make that page 1732 cms small pica, and 3031 ems brorier. Others make it about 1650 ems small pica; and 2800 ems brevier. Congress pays for composition of plain matter, $1 per page for small pica, and $1 75 per page for brevier. For rule or rule and figure work we are paid double those prices for composition. For press work and paper, and folding and stitching, we are paid 87 1.2 cents for every 600 pages. The paper costs at the mill from $2 50 to $300 per ream, royal sheet, 19 by 24 inches. The bills are printed on cap paper which costs from $2 50 to $2 75 per ream, and with English type. There are 25 lines on a page, with riglet between the lines to make it fill out the page. We do not know, exacily, how many ems are in a bill page. We get one dollar a page for the composition of a bill page; and $1 25 for press work and paper and folding and stitching every 400 pa. ges. When there is 100 copies, or less, of bills ordered to be printed, we get 50 per cent. more, for the press work and paper and folding and stitching.

We send to you, enclosed, one sheet of our account against the Senate, which will shew you our charge.

All necessary blank pages are counted as plain matter, and charged for as the largest kind of type used in printing such docu. ments :

For example, if a document makes five printed pages of rulo brevier, and 1114 copies are printed, (or any other number in pro. portion,) we charge as follows:

For composition 5 pages rule brevier, at $3 50,

3 « small pica plain, “ press work and paper and folding,

$17 50

3 00 12 99 7

$33 49 7 Thirty-lbree dollars, forty.nice cents and seven mills.

We believe that with the aid of the joint resolution referred to, this letter, and the account enclosed, you will be able to make out an account according to Congress prices. If you shall not, we will at any time give you all the information we possess on the subject.



Little Falls, New.York.


Washington, 28th August, 1839.


We have received your letter dated the 31st ultimo, and pro. ceed to reply to your interrogatories. The price paid journey, men printers in our office and in that of the National Intelligen, cer, and in all other offices in this city, where they do not "rat it," are as follows: . To journeymen printers by the week, at press or composition, $11 during the session of Congress, and $10 per week during the recess. [The prices were $10 and $9 per week, until about three

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years ago, when they were raised 10 per cent. on account of the high prices of the necessaries of life.]

Composition, 33 cents a thousand for newspaper and 30 cents a thousand for book work-when the type is smaller than brevier, 10 per cent, is added to these prices.

Press work--Medium and below, 36 cents per token. Royal and super-soyal, 41 cents per token. Imperial, 50 cents per token. Larger paper in proportion. All broadsides, double the prices., 240 sheets is considered a token on newspaper; and 250 sheets a token on all other work.

Prices of paper--We pay $4 84 per ream for double cap paper sized, and the same price for double-royal printing paper, 24 by 38 inches--cash. Others pay about $1 more per ream, on a short credit. These are all the kinds of paper we use for Congress work and for the newspaper. Other sizes are in proportion.

Prices of board-Our journeymen pay about $3 per week for board--that is the usual, and we may say the average price.

. Respectfully,

BLAIR & RIVES. 3. A. Noonan, Esq.,

Madison, Wisconsin Territory,

Madison, December 8, 1839. GENTLEMEN : : . .

According to your request, founded on a resolution of both Houses of the Legislature, requiring information respecting the price of labor, materials, &c., that s will enable the Assembly to determine as to the proper compensation to be allowed for print:

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ing," I have to state, that I pay most of my journeymen seven dollars per week and board them. The board I consider to be worth five dollars per week. My paper will average about six dollars per ream delivered in this place.

Yours, respectfully,

To W. A. Prentiss, J. R. Vineyard, M. L. Martin, C. C. Sholes,

J. H. D. Street, and A. Story, committee.

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