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the next season ; but I very much doubt that sufficient shipping can be commanded to transport this quantity, for it would require one hundred vessels to be constantly engaged, to accomplish it. The agricultural capabilities of this region have also been pretty thoroughly tested, and the fact has been demonstrated, that no portion of our noble State offers greater inducements to the enterprising farmer, than the Upper Peninsula. A ready market, at high prices, can be relied upon, for all such articles as can be grown in that latitude; and as an instance to illustrate the truth of this remark, an individual residing upon Portage Lake, has this year grown 4,000 bushels of potatoes, which are worth, at his door, one dollar per bushel.

The rapid growth of this trade, and consequent increase in the amount of tolls collected, will suggest the propriety of initiating the policy of reducing the rate of tolls, as, at the rate heretofore realized, the sum collected will be more than sufficient for the legitimate uses to which this fund may be applied. It would be unwise to make so great a reduction as not to provide for every possible emergency, as it is important that the utmost efficiency should be maintained, and every facility afforded to the interests connected with this Canal.

If the annual receipts could be kept up to the mark reached this year, a sufficient fund would be furnished for the ordinary expenses, as well as the interest on the canal debt, and provide a sinking fund to meet the principal when due. The amount charged for the past season has been six cents per registered ton for all classes of vessels. I think five cents per ton for the ensuing season will produce the required sum, and would, therefore, recommend that t'at figure be adopted.

I would recommend a careful revision of the rules and regulations for the Canal, and that full authority be vested in the Superintendent for their enforcement. A great many questions arise, growing ont of conflicting claims of vessels as to precedence, &c., and the decision of the Superintendent should be final. Stringent laws should be adopted to prevent injury to piers and locks, otherwise that valuable work will be gradually destroyed.

In my last report I dwelt at considerable length upon the importance of removing certain obstructions which exist in the channel leading to the locks at the east end of the Canal. These obstructions consist of an old dock, with some additions which have lately been made to it. This dock is clearly within the limits of the grant made by Congress to Michigan for the purposes

of a canal, and project so far into the river as t'i make it very difficult to enter the canal under certain circumsances. The embarrassment consequent upon the existence if this innpediment will be more and more serious as Visseis multiply, and the business of the Canal increases.

Legal proceedings have been institute wish is view of seiling the controversy between the individuals waiming the duck and the State, but have not yet been derived.

The attention of the proper vjerr should be mediately called to the subject, and a final d cision be had. All of which is respectfully submitted.





No. 14.


ANNUAL REPORT of the Attorney General.

Arrobecember 31st, 1.800 cm,}

December 31st, 1860. To the Honorable the Legislature of Michigan :

I have the the honor to submit my official report for the year 1860.

The case of William Tyler, mentioned in my last report, in which the prisoner was charged with having murdered Captain Henry Jones, on board the brig Concord, lying in Canadian waters, was removed, upon a writ of error and bill of exceptions, to the Supreme Court of the State, and at the last April term thereof was argued and decided. The Court affirmed the judgment below, and directed the sentence to be carried into execution. Tyler was accordingly committed to the State Prison, where he is now undergoing the punishment due to his crime.

On the argument of this case, a question of some delicacy, as well as novelty, arose, touching the power of the State to enact the provision found in section 5944 of the compiled laws, (vol.

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