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Bronchitis accompanying asthma, treat-

ment of, 17
Bruit de pot fèlé, or cracked-pipkin sound,

described, 12, 20
Burton, Dr. his remarks respecting the

lead mark on the gums, 145

Acid Gallic, as a remedy in hæmoptysis,

Air, deteriorated, as a cause of phthisis, 178
Albuminuria, degree of frequency in phthi-

sis discussed, 106
Alum, a specific in hooping-cough, 18

its use in hæmoptysis, 35

question as to its use in asthma, 18
Amphoric percussion sound described, 12
Antimony, advantages of combining with

iodide of potassium, 17
Arteries obstructed by coagula in a case of
gangrene of the hand, 23

inapt to ulcerate, 30
Artery, vertebral, unusual origin of, 23
Asthma, its causes, 15

capricious character of, 16

treatment of, 16
Auscultation, progress of, during the pre-

sent century, xi., xii.; suggested in 17th
century, 2; a short outline of some of
its principles, xiii.; causes of embarrass-
ment in application of, xiv.; description
of principal sounds furnished by, xvi.,
xviii.; table of ditto, xvii.; insufficient
when not combined with study of other
means of investigation, xxiii.

Cancer of lungs, how distinguished from

tubercular disease, 162
Catamenia, interruption of, not distinctly

modifying the gingival margin, 154
Capacity, vital, altered by phthisis, 139, 140
Causes of consumption, 173—191
Cavities cicatrized, relation of, to emphy-

sema, 15
Celsus quoted respecting the pulse, 54
Charcoal, sometimes relieving diarrhea, 87,

Chloroform, inhalation of, useful in asthma,

in treatment of

cough, 35, 196
checking vomit-

ing, 33
Clicking, as a sign of consumption, 60

description of, xviii.
Cod-liver oil, analysis of, by Dr. Yough,

chemical theories of, its

modes of action, 87 .
endermic introdution of, 73
explanation of its effects, 72
good effects of, 20, 68, 69,

useful in neuralgia, sciatica,

&c., 83
its efficacy not attributable

to iodine, 89
mode of administering, 71,

72, 78
quantity suitable for fatten-

ing pigs and oxen, 71
question regarding the ap-

propriate dose, 71

Bismuth, effect in relieving diarrhea, 25

great value of, in intestinal irrita-

tion, 128
Blood, analysis of, after administration of
neat’s-foot oil, 93

in different diseases, 80

phthisis, 79
corpuscles deficient in phthisis, 79

rheumatism, 80
microscopical appearances
of, in some consumptive persons,

138, 139
Bright's disease, tendency to dry skin in,

often overcome by the hectic of phthisis,


Cod-liver oil, table exhibiting results of Expectoration, peculiarities of, characteriz-
its administration, 76, 77

ing pleurisy, bronchitis, pneumonia,
Compositors and Pressmen, their relative pleurobronchial fistula, 37; phthisis, 42,

liability to phthisis compared, 179
Condor, oil of, used medicinally in South Expectoration, changes of, in the course of
America, 89

phthisis, 38
Congestion, local, induced by hysteria,

principal varieties of, 39,

Contents, table of, vi.—X.

black pigment in, its cause
Copper, sulphate of, useful in diarrhea,

and significance, 40

containing conferva, 42, 49,
CORNWALL, greater male mortality in, 188

Cough, prescriptions for, 13, 195

diminished by turpentine
treatment of, 194

inhalation, 34
Cow-heel suitable to the consumptive, 99

diminution of, a favourable
Cracked-pipkin sound explained, 12, 20

sign, 44
illustrations of, 19,

examples illustrating chief
: 20

varieties of, 40, 42, 43
Crackling, its probable cause, xviii.

microscopical examination
Crepitation, nature and probable cause of,

of, 48
xviii., xx.

not necessarily present in
CUMBERLAND, greater male mortality in,

phthisis, 38

proportion of saline material
Cure of phthisis, progress of, 196, 197

in, as modified by disease,


purulent, indications deri-
Death, phenomena of, briefly described,

vable from, 37

of fibrinous moulds, 47
Diabetes, use of cod-liver oil in, 82

of hydatids, 7
Diarrhæa may sometimes be checked with

the kind of, pathognomic of
charcoal, 127

phthisis, 43
question whether ever occasioned | Expiration, co-existence of morbid sounds
by cod-liver oil, 75

with, significant, xix
sometimes sets in at an early

period of phthisis, 126

treatment of, 126, 127, 128 Feelings, refined, common in the consump-
Dickson, Dr. Robert, his observations re tive, 176, 177
garding oxide of zinc, 194

Fistula in ano seeming to retard phthisis,
Diseases presenting symptoms like phthi-

sis, 161–172

Fredericq, M., his remarks on gingival
Dissipation as inducing phthisis, 180

margins quoted, 157
Dulness of sound on percussion, as indicat-
ing effusion, 10

Dysentery, use of gunpowder and lemon Generation, spontaneous, theories of, un-
juice in, 127

tenable, 51
Good, Dr., cited to show the former imper-

fection of thoracic diagnosis, xii
Emphysema of lungs, causes of, 15

Gums, appearance of, in consumption de-
effects of, 15

scribed, 144, 145, 147
not congenial with phthisis,

streak on the, often manifested at an

early stage, 149
pulse in a case of, 59

absence of streak on the, a favoura-
symptom of, 15

ble sign, 151
Ems, Kesselbrumnen of, when useful, 15,

pearly border of, significant, 154

streak on, relation of, to diagnosis,
Entophytes, brief history of their discovery,


to treatment, 159
Essex, remarkable female mortality from

theories described regarding the
consumption in, 188

cause of border on, 155
Euroerythrin as abounding in phthisis, 110 Guy, Dr., quoted regarding the pulse, 57
speculations regarding its na-

influence of em-
ture, 110

ployments, 179

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Inspiration, wavy, probable cause of, 136,
Hall, Dr. Radclyffe, his recent confirmation

of the author's observations respecting

significance of, 28, 59,
neat's-foot oil, 99

Hand, gangrene of, an instance of, related,

table of patients affect-
21, 22

ed with, 132
Harrison, Mr., of Broughton, his recom-

three varieties of, be-
mendation of saltpetre fumes in asthma,

sides that connected

' with phthisis, 130
Heart, weight of, in the consumptive, 63

bronchial, 131
Hæmoptysis, an instance of, occurring only

pleuritic, 130
at night, 32

rheumatic, 130
cause of, 30

Introduction, xi-xxiv
fatal, 29
frequency of occurrence of, 26
its importance as a symptom, Jeffreys, Mr., his respirator recommended,
of phthisis, 26

its place in the succession of Job, quoted in reference to sorrow as affect-
symptoms, 28

ing respiration, 181
modified by hysteria, 33
not necessarily dangerous,

although profuse, 29, 34 Kidneys, fatal effects of suspended action
table illustrating, 27

of, 103
treatment of, 31, 34
when moderate may be use-
ful, 30

LAENNEC, not sufficiently attentive to
when from mechanical causes movement of chest, 6
less ominous, 11

Lard oil probably possesses some little
whether sometimes occasion efficacy, 88

ed by cod-liver oil, 74 Lead, acetate of, as a remedy for hæmop-
HEREFORDSHIRE, remarkable female mor-

tysis, 35
tality in, 188

its use in checking diar-
HOOKE, his anticipation of auscultation,

rhæa, 127
3, 4

LE CANU quoted in reference to deficient
physiological discoveries, 5

crassamentum in the blood of women, 165
short biography of, 4

LINCOLN, remarkable mortality of women
Hutchinson, Dr., his spirometer observa from phthisis in, 187
tions noticed, 140

Lozenges of Sydenham for relief of cough,
Hydatids from liver expectorated, 7-9

Hysteria as simulating phthisis, described, Lungs, consolidation of from inflammatory
164, 165

deposit, 163
cases illustrative of, 166–169

Lytta, tincture of, used for hæmoptysis, 33,
conclusions respecting, 171, 172
modifying hæmoptysis, 33, 165

MARIA THERESA, her remark when dying,
Indigestion, variety of, attending tuber 204
cular cachexy, 28, 150

Mind, its condition in the dying state, 204
Influence, hereditary, as a cause of phthisis, Mortality, amount of, from phthisis, 1

Movements of chest as modified by dis-
extending in the sex, which

ease, 6
first manifests it, 176

by emphysema, 13, 14
most marked in women, 176

pleurisy, 10
Inspiration, wavy, circumstances render-

natural degree of, 13
ing it ominous, 137

instruments for mea-
conclusions regarding,

suring, 14
142, 143

described, 129, 130

of, 14
frequency of, 135, 137 | Murmur, arterial, occurring in phthisis, 61
illustrations of, as

expiratory prolonged, circum-
threatening phthisis,

stances determining its signifi-
133, 134

cancy, 118

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Murmur, prolonged expiratory, diagnosis of

its chief causes, 123
an early sign of phthisis, 116
specially conclusive when con-

fined to left apex, 122
Muscles, quivering of, when struck, in some

consumptive patients, 119

NAPLES, effect of its climate in asthma, 16
NORFOLK, remarkable female mortality in,

from consumption, 188

Edema of legs not a proof of albuminuria,

Edema of lungs from Bright's disease often
speedily fatal, 104

instance of, 105
Oil of almonds, not remedial, 88

cocoa-nut, virtues of, suggested, 102
neat’s-foot, result of experiments with,

91, 92, 93
olive, its inertness, 88

sometimes adulterated with

lard oil, 88
Oils, importance of persevering admini-

stration of, 101
vegetable, inert as remedies, 88

their supposed virtues ex-

plained, 89
Ox gall added to oil not giving it efficacy,

Oxygen, proportion in colouring matter of

urine, 110
of blood as influencing the urine,


Places referred to in connection with liabi-
lity to phthisis :-

Carlisle, 187
Chesterfield, 186
Cornwall, 188
Cumberland, 188
Devizes, 186
England and Wales, 184
Essex, 188
Exeter, 186
Herefordshire, 188
Huddersfield, 186
Lancaster, 186
Leeds, 184
Leicester, 186
Lincoln, 187
Liverpool and West Derby, 184
London, 184
Manchester and Salford, 184
Norfolk, 188
North Riding, 186
Nottingham, 186
Paris, 184
Salisbury, 186
Scarborough, 186
Shrewsbury, 187
Stafford, 186
Stroud, 187
Swansea, 186
Taunton, 186
West Riding, 186
Wigan, 186

York, 186
Plan adopted in preparing the Lectures, iv
Pleuritic contraction described, 9
Pliny quoted, 51, 90
Pollock, Dr., his experiments on fattening

cattle with cod-liver oil, 71
Prisoners, proneness of, to consumption,

Pulse, cause of its special characters, 54,

constitutional peculiarities of, 56
diurnal changes of, 56
effect of posture on, in health, 57,

modified by phthisis,

57, 60, 62, 64
frequency of, in anæmia, 162

phthisis, 55

rare in cancer, 162
importance of, as a symptom, 53
Napoleon's slow, 56
table, exhibiting characteristics of,

variability, increased by debility,


Particles, calcareous, in the choroid plexus,

PERCEVAL, Dr., his use of cod-liver oil at

Manchester in the last century, 81
Perspiration, treatment of, 192—194
Phosphorus, advantages of combining with

oil, 96
difference of arterial and ve-

nous blood in relation to, 98
Phosphoretted oil, good effects of, often

transient, 97
Phthisis, acute, instance of, described, 200

early signs of, 115
ordinary course of, 200
the rapidity of its course liable

to great variety, 125
Places referred to in connection with liabi-
lity to phthisis :

Bath, 186
Birmingham, 186
Bristol, 186
Canterbury, 186

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