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heartening when no collections are even then made. do at all. Still there are times when''law should be resorted to When a druggist undertakes to compound a presimply to teach dishonest persons a lesson. In such scription he should have everlastingly impressed an instance the cost should not act as a restrainer, for upon his mind the fact that every word means somethe reputation which one gets is worth far more than thing, and if there is one that he does not underthe expense.

He will be known as a man who will stand, serious results may follow. And physicians allow no one to beat him, and trouble and loss with should make their writing so distinct and their debtors will ever afterward be diminished to his per meaning so explicit that it would be impossible for manent advantage.Bulletin of Pharmacy.

them to be misunderstood. Another bit of carelessness of which physicians are guilty is that of crowd

ing their lines together and writing two prescriptions THE PHYSICIAN'S RESPONSIBILITY IN

upon one blank, and frequently when the front side PRESCRIPTION WRITING. iv

of the blank is full continue their writing on the back of it. I remember one instance in which two prescriptions were written on one blank and the

druggist filled the first one, labeled it with the A great deal has been said and written about

directions for the second and sent out the medicine errors in compounding prescriptions, and the drug

without having noticed that there were two. Well, gist, regardless of any extenuating circumstances, is

the physician will say, it is the druggist's place to most invariably held responsible. No one

examine the blank closely.' So I will admit But seems to think that the physician may be as much at

why make it necessary for him to scrutinize your fault as the druggist. I have no desire to rush into

work so closely and study so hard to find out what print an unjust tirade against any one, but I do say that the physician is often to blame for errors that

you are driving at ? It takes time to do that. Why

not make your lines so far apart and your words so occur in filling his prescriptions and should be held equally responsible with the druggist.

distinct that the busy druggist may read as he runs

It would be just as easy for you and the danger of I have a case in point : Not long ago the follow

mistakes would be reduced to a minimum, to say ing prescription was handed to a druggist to be pre

nothing about the satisfaction to the druggist, whose pared : R Camphoric acid, gr. xx.

life is hard enough at the best.

Ah ! if we could only bear in mind our fellow-
Ft. chart.
Disp. tal. chart. No. 5.

workers, and instead of making their tasks harder

by our carelessness would lighten their labors by doSig.–Take one powder at 6 o'clock each evening. The druggist who was called upon to fill this pre

ing our part well, business would then be a pleisure

and gray hair would be scarce. The result of our scription, although an experienced man in the busi

work lives after us, and upon whether our actions ness, was like a majority of his fellow-druggists in country towns and understood no Latin except such

are right or wrong depends the usefulness and terms as are ordinarily used in prescription writing.

happiness of others — Meyer Bros. Druggist. Consequently the term “Disp. tal.” was a stunner. However, as the thing seemed so simple he con A NATURAL CURE FOR ALCOHOLISM. cluded that “Disp. tal. chart. No. 5” meant divide twenty grains into five powders, and dispensed it ac It is claimed by Dr. Grinders, Government cordingly, with bad results. The patient received Officer at the Hot Springs Sanitorium, Rotorua, but little benefit from the medicine and the doctor (N Y.), that he has 'found a spring, lately opened to blamed the druggist for making a mistake ; and it supply the new sulphur baths, which completely was all caused by the writer of the prescription mak eradicates the desire for alcohol The doctor writes: ing use of a Latin term obsolete and understood by “If I had heard this from one or two individuals very few country druggists, when he could much only I might have disregarded it, but hearing it comeasier have indicated the quantity of drug and writ mented on almost daily, I have taken the trouble to ten Fial chart. No. 5, thus making it so simple that look up the cases. Two of these were very aggraany druggist would understand at a glance what was vagated examples of inebriety, whose acquaintance I wanted.

first made in the courthouse, where 1 found myself In this case I claim that the physician was to under the painful necessity of fining each of them blame for the mistake, but I do not hold the drug. the usual 5s. and costs. ' They assure me that they gist blameless.

He was at fault for filling a pre find themselves new men since bathing in these sul-. scription every word of which he did not understand. phur baths, and have lost all taste and desire for In prescription work nothing should pass as under. liquor of every kind. Three other patients of mine, stood without investigation, and guess work won't to whom I have found it necessary to advise' total

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abstinence, corroborate this testimony, stating that they have felt no craving for stimulants since using the baths. They are very enthusiastic in the matter, and think that an asylum for inebriates should be established here at once. No doubt the craving for alcohol is kept up by a congested state of the mucous membrane of the stomach, so that the modus operandi of these waters is not far to seek; the congestion is relieved by the powerful determination of blood to the skin. In like manner, hæmorrhoids are cured by our acid waters, from the relief afforded to a congested liver. This should be good news for the Prohibitionists, and, in the event of their floating an inebriate asylum company, I shall expect to be remembered in the distribution of promoters' shares.Pharm. Journal.

Tschirch claims that the lime layer found on the surface of nutmegs does not render the nuts incapable of germination, simple thorough drying sufficing to bring about that result. Another supposition indicated that this lime layer is intended as a protection from the attacks of insects. The lime water in which the nuts are placed penetrates but a few cell layers into the nutmeg and within a few minutes after the nut comes into the air, a layer of calcium carbonate is formed over the surface. Nuts with a lime coating and without were exposed to the attacks of Sidodrepa panicea L., one of the commonest and most destructive pests. After six months all nuts not provided with the lime layer were gnawed and but one of those having a lime coating. The action of the lime is not chemical, but purely mechanical, the powder held by the woolly covering of the beetle clays up its breathing pores, chewing apparatus and reproductive organs, finally rendering the insects incapable of performing the functions trusted to their different organs. Therefore liming and a frequent repetition of the process is advised. — Schweiz. Wochensch. f. Chem. Pharm.

“I think it is a good plan,” said Miss Frocks, “never to ask for anything which one can help himself to.”

“So do I, replied young Mr. Higgins, cheerfully, as he helped himself to a few kisses.





Known the World Over.



Retail at 250., 50c. and $1 Per Bottle.

Over a Million Dollars spent in Advertising Last

Year, The remarkable number of cures made through Munyon's Remedies, supp'emented by live advertising, keep them constantly in demand, and make them the EASIEST and QUICKEST sellers on the market.

Suitable advertising matter furnished to all Druggists who handle Munyon's Remedies, and everything which money, energy, and brains, can do, to assist their sale. You can make your own Selection of Remedies,

or leave it to our judgment. MUNYON'S REMEDIES

call a great many people into the retail drug store, and not only sell themselves, but are

also the means of making other sales. YOU WANT THEM! If your wholesale druggist cannot furnish you, send direct to MUNYON'S HOMEOPATHIC HOME REMEDY COMPANY, 11-13 Albert Street, Toronto.

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SIZE 16 x 24 INCHES.



The pharmaceutical arrangements on board one of Her Majesty's troopships are necessarily more or less elaborate and extensive, but I do not think any detailed account of them has ever appeared in any pharmaceutical journal.

The present writer has an exceptional opportunity for supplying accurate information, as he is actually writing this com.nunication on board one of these ships. The old-fashioned troopship has for the last few years entirely ceased to exist, as

the ships originally built for this purpose gradually became obsolete, and were not replaced by others. Troops are now conveyed on ships belonging to either the Peninsular and Oriental or British India steamship companies. They are chartered for a certain number of voyages, and come for the time being under the entire control of the admiralty, for it is this department, and not the war office, which is responsible for the transport of troops from one part of the world to another.

A room is fitted up in the ship as a pharmacy. It is a fair-sized compartment as things go on board ship--measuring 15 feet by 12 by 10, and is fitted with properly labelled and stoppered bottles containing all the principal drugs. Each bottle is secured

from rolling about by means of a double shelf forming a socket, in which it is firmly held. There is a good-sized dispensing counter measuring 6 feet by 4. An ordinary pharmaceutical balance with glass scale pan is fixed in a sliding attachment.

A sink is provided, but water is not laid on. There is a liberal supply of measure-glasses, pestles and mortars and bottles. A pill machine, ointment slab, and spatula are also provided.

Poisons are kept in a locked cupboard, the key of which is kept by the sergeant compounder. A regular staff of medical officers is provided, and the senior is detailed as “Medical Officer in Charge of the Ship.” He is directly responsible for the health of all troops on board and all medical stores and apparatus. The pharmaceutical department is deputed to a Sergeant-Compounder of the Medical Staff Corps, who is assisted by a corporal and the privates

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Lime Fruit Juice and


The success of the above has caused many IMITATIONS to spring up, many of them UTTERLY WORTHLESS Concoctions. It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to Traders as well as the Public to see that the mark of the MONTSERRAT CO. (Limited), and the SOLE CONSIGNEES, are on the capsule of each Bottle. The word "Montserral" is also diily r gistered as a trade mark. Legal proceedings will be instituted against all persons infringing the Trade Mark as above named.


EVANS & SONS, Limited, Wholesale Druggists and Manufacturing Pharmaceutical Chemists,


EVANS SONS & CO., Liverpool, Eng.





his work does not occupy more than four hours a

Ertracts. day. The sick are seen at 10 o'clock daily, and all prescription books reach the pharmacy about it o'clock daily, so that the dispenser can generally complete his duties before one o'clock. The rate of

There is another aspect of the patent medicine pay of the dispenser on board a troopship is very

question that should receive the attention of physicgood.

ians and pharmacists, namely, that the public must He receives 2s 8d. a day regimental pay, is. a

have a source of supply of simple and general remeday corps pay, and is. a day extra duty pay, making

dies for slight ailments. It cannot be expected of 4s. 8d. in all, or 325. 8d. a week. He is fully fed,

an intelligent public that the services of a physician and has comfortable quarters, so that the military

must be had for every indisposition, when they have pharmacist on a troopship has an excellent opportun

been taught the nature of their ailment and know ity for saving money.

the proper remedy. Medicine is no longer a The corporal, who is, of course, a much younger

mysterious calling, and the sooner physicians recogsoldier, receives 2s. Id. a day regimental pay, 8d. a

nize the higher intelligence of the people of the end day corps pay, and 4d. a day extra duty pay, making

of the nineteenth century, the higher will the respect 3s. 1d. a day, or £l is. 7d. a week

for the profession of medicine grow among laymen. The orderlies receive no extra pay, which seems

If the various patent, trademarked and proprietary somewhat unfair, as their duties as nurses on the

medicines intended for use by laymen were displaced homeward voyage are often very onerous. Their

by preparations of known composition, and their

effects published in clear, honest statemnnts, and pay is only is. 2d. a day regimental pay, and 8d. a

sold by druggists when called for by the public, the day corps pay.British and Colonial Druggist.

death-blow would be struck to the proprietary reme

dies whose formulæ, as well as the claims made as LOADED SPONGES ONCE MORE.

to their medicinal property, in the large majority of

cases, are based on falsehood and misrepresentation. The loading of sponges is still practised. not

- J. H. Redsecker, Pres. Penn. Pharm. Asso. withstanding the number of times it has been exposed in the columns of the Reporter. At first sand and lime were used. The sophisticators,

LITTLE LEARNINC IS DANGEROUS when found out, discarded these substances, and So is a tyro in microscopy who poses, in court, as later they resorted to glycerine and silicate of soda. an expert. So is a microscopical expert in one deIn every instance they have been exposed, but they partment who poses as an expert in another departare bound to defraud the public if they can find any ment. So is an expert who for a fee, under the guise way of doing so without being detected. Latterly of being an expert, acts as an attorney for one of the they have resorted to brine and sand. They dip parties to a suit. The disagreements and contradicthe sponge in the brine and a large quantity o! it is tions of microscopists in court is disgraceful. A absorbed. Only a small quantity of the sand is fixed set of stupid questions are permitted and the used, however. Thus they are enablud to offer scientifically stupid attorney on the other side is genFlorida sheeps' wool here at less then $2.70 per erally too obtuse to cross examine so as to elicit the pound, which is the price bid on the wharf at Key whole truth.-Muroscopical Journal. West by the sellers of pure goods. It is a pity that the practice of loading sponges cannot be stopped.

THE FIVE CENT CUSTOMER. There is but one way, so far as we can see, and that is to refuse to patronize any but reputable houses It may, perhaps, be that in our attempt to increase and to pay a fair price for a pure article. Unfor our trade in fancy mixed drinks, on which there is Lunately, dealers are in a measure responsible for a a greater profit, we have neglected to give as much certain amount of the loading practised, as they in

attention as we ought to the five-cent customer. sist on having a cheap sponge, and several of them Many make a great mistake in thinking that anyare now buying sponges which they know to be thing will do for these customers. How erroneous sanded.

this idea is can easily be seen, when you count how The sponge market is firm by reason of the fact many more there are who spend five cents at a time that the operations of the feet around Key West

than ten cents. Keep a count some day and see the have produced a feeling of insecurity among the

result. fishermen, hence the amount gathered is small. No Cuban is being marketed and the European

COMPRESSED DRUGS. buyers in Nassau are paying such high prices as to secure practically everything offered.- From the

A doctor, writing to a medical contemporary, Oil, Paint and Drug Reporter, June 6, 1898, states that he had occasion to prescribe for a patient




with nervous headache, coupled with vomiting, com cines containing Alcohol, which was passed by the pressed tablets of phenacetin, gr. iv ; caffeine, gr. j. Ontario Legislature about two years ago, which act These were made up locally by chemists. Three affects not only the Proprietary Medicines, but all months ago the tablets from one maker gave relief, Retail Druggists in Ontario. By the united efforts though occasionally vomited unchanged three or of the Retail Druggists and this Association, the act four hours after administration. They were not no has been repealed and the bill now in your hands is ticed in the stools. More recently similar tablets in full force. from another maker gave no relief whatever. They

I would also strongly recommend that all disputes were increased up to ten daily without producing any

or differences of any kind with members of this Asphysiological action on the patient. These tablets

sociation, be settled by arbitration in the usual way, were sometimes vomited many hours after adminis

each party choosing an arbitrator and these two tration, and were passed in the stools quite un choose a third. changed. Antipyrin gr. x in water was then pre

I have made my address brief as the work this scribed, with the most happy results. — Pharm

year has been limited owing to the committee apJournal.

pointed by the Retail Drug Association failing to

meet the committee appointed by this Association P.A.T.A. ANNUAL MEETING.

last September, to take into consideration the best

plan to prevent the cutting of prices and further to The meeting of the above association took place in

see if some plan could not be inaugurated to restore the parlor of the Queen's Hotel, Toronto, July 6th. prices where they have been cut. The attendance did not realize anticipation and the I will now call upon the Secretary to read the business transacted was principally of a routine na minutes of the last meeting. ture. President T. Milburn was in the chair and On motion of Mr. J. McKee, seconded by Mr. H. after calling the meeting to business presented the L. Pieler; the address was received and adopted. following address :

Minutes of previous meeting were adopted as GENTLEMEN,

printed. Then the secretary's report was presented It is my privilege to call the second annual showing the numerical strength and financial standmeeting of the Proprietary Articles Trade Associa ing of the Association: Both are in a satisfactory tion to order. In doing so allow me again to ex condition. The membership is 46, practically the press my thanks for the honor you have conferred on entire patent medicine trade of the Dominion. me in electing me the first President of this Asso Matters of business which had received the attenciation, and as members of this Association I think tion of the executive during the year were briefly reyou will regret with me that there has not been more ferred to accomplished in the way of protecting the Retail On motion the report was received and adopted. Trade from the cutting of prices. I also regret that The next item of business was the following resoluthere has not been a more united effort between the tion presented by Mr. Pieler, of The Abbey Effervesthree sections of the Drug Trade, namely, The cent Salt Co. : Wholesale and Retail Druggists and the Proprietary Whereas, despite the repeated efforts of this Medicine Manufacturers than there has been in the Association, aided by the efforts of the Wholesale past year to that end.

Before calling upon our Sec and Retail Drug Associations, to prevent sales by retary for the reading of the minutes let me say it is


persons not entitled to trade in to be regretted that the Wholesale Drug Association proprietary medicines, no system has as yet been has been disbanded without any hopes at present for proposed which could be considered feasible or its re-organization and I personally regret that more practicable ; good did not result from the efforts of the three As And whereas, at the meeting of this Association, sociations in their joint efforts to stop the cutting of held on the 7th of September, 1897, the proposiprices in all sections.

tion of the Wholesale Drug Association was rejectIn looking forward I feel it my duty to call your ed, owing to the general feeling that is adopted by attention to the necessity of this Association still the manufacturers it would not bring about the continuing as an organization and would recommend handling of proprietary medicines by only the legithat three new committees be appointed, one for in timate trade; fringements, one for new members, future success or And whereas, The Abbey Effervescent Salt Co., organization of this Association, and the other to look Limited, of Montreal, at the time of the last meetafter changes in the laws affecting Proprietary Medi- ing of this Association had already adopted a simicines. This has been exemplified in the last six lar plan, and have met with a large measure of months, as you will see by referring to a copy of the success in preventing the sale of their preparation act representing the sale of Patent and other Medi- by persons outside of the legitimate drug trade;


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