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Be it resolved, that a committee be now named onto ; H. L. Pieler, Montreal ; J. M. Brayley,
to reconsider the proposition made at that meeting Montreal. Legislation Committee T. Milburn, To-
and the modification of it as adopted and brought ronto ; H. Miles, Montreal ; D. Densmore, Toronto.
into active operation by the Abbey Effervescent Membership Committee- J. McKee, Toronto; G.
Salt Co., Limited, of Montreal, a member of this T. Fulford, Brockville ; E. D. Howe, Toronto.
Association, and report to this meeting upon the Votes of thanks were tendered to the retiring
advisability of adopting such a scheme, with any Pres. Milburn and Secy. Levee, the latter of whom
moditication that would render it generally applic- was re-elected and granted an appropriation of $100
able to the businesses of all the members us this as substantial evidence of the esteem in which he is

In speaking to the resolution Mr. Pieler referred Dr. Pierce, as representing the American Pro-
to the existing relations between the manufacturer prietary Assoc., invited the members to attend the
and retailer and the desirability of placing them

St. Louis meeting in October.
on a more satisfactory basis. The resolution pre-

Mr. Pieler moved, seconded by Mr. Milburn, that sented pointed in that direction. He regretted the

the Board of Control be authorized to name the comfact that when the matter was before the Association

mittee, and that this association extend greetings to
a year ago a committee had not been appointed and

Dr. Pierce, Mr. Moliber (the President) and to the
an agreement entered into. The Abbey Effervescent Proprietary Association of America. Carried.
Salt Co. had decided that it was possible to protect

It was moved by Mr. Foster, seconded by Mr. H.
the retail trade, and while not claiming infallibility

L. Pieler, that the Board of Control get up a series for the plan proposed, yet it had been fairly success

of advertisements re substitution and if two thirds of ful when applied to their own business. He asked

the members approve of them, that the Secretary fair consideration for the resolution.

procure electros and forward same to the newspapers Dr. Pierce, of the World's Dispensaries, Buffalo,

for insertion. Carried.

The business being completed meeting adjourned.
replied, giving the results of similar plans tried in
the States, which had been anything but encourag-
ing, and giving it as his opinion that the successful

plan had not yet been devised.

A general discussion followed, resulting in a mo-

ASSOCIATION. tion to file, which carried.

"Substitution," a topic of perennial verdure, was then broached by one of the members, and the dis- Usually the Quebec meeting is attended by only a cussion following demonstrated a strong disposition

few of the faithful from outside the city, but this on the part of a certain class to start a campaign of

year the Quebec pharmacists desiring to surpass abuse and vilification of the retail druggist. The

the efforts of their Montreal brethren last year had suggested plan was to be modeled after the Ameri- prepared such an enticing programme that a large can scheme wherein the newspapers were a factor of

number of Montrealers were present, thoroughly the conspiracy The veteran Dr. Pierce, of Buffalo, prepared to spend two enjoyable days in the Ancient came to the rescue, however, and true to his reputa- Capital, nor were they disappointed. Quebec is retion for sturdy integrity, combatted the suggestion, nowned for its hospitality, and on this occasion the his wise counsel prevailed and the scheme in the ruggists amply sustained the reputation of the city, form propose was abandoned.

and the strangers left loud in their praise and enElection of officers then resulted as follows :

thusiastic over the royal good time they had had. President, J. H. McKinnon, Toronto ; vice-presi- The most important business at the meeting which dent, G. F. Fulford, Brockville ; secy.-treas., L. S. took place in Laval University on the morning of the Levee, Toronto ; board of control, J. McKee, chair- 54th, was the election of officers, at which the followman, Toronto ; G. T. Hawkins, Toronto, E. H. ing were elected for two years : S. Lachance, Jos. Woolley, Toronto; W. J. Edmanson, Toronto. Contant, A. Robert, R. McNichols, A. B. J. Moore,

At the request of President Milburn Mr. J. Mc- and W. H. Chapman, who with the following carKee escorted the president elect to the chair. Mr. ried over from last year, will form the council : R. McKinnon, on assuming control of the association, W. Williams, J. E. Tremble, A. Macmillan, J. E. expressed his appreciation of the honor conferred on Roy, C. J. Covernton, and A. E. Duberger. him by his fellow-members and assured them of his The question of the new Pharmacopæia was disbest efforts in the interests of the association during cussed at great length, especially with regard to the his incumbency.

time at which it should come into force. It was The following standing committees were appoint- finally decided that after October 1st would be ed: Infringement Committee-S. Gi Detchon, Tor- suitable, as giving pharmacists a chance to get rid


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of the old preparations.

Stewart, now one of the best known literateurs of The afternoon was devoted to sight-seeing, and in Canada, put in some years service at pharmacy, so the evening the banquet took place in the Chateau is more capable of seeing and appreciating the funny Frontenac.

points of the business than is the average humorous Needless to say, the dinner was superb, and the after dinner speaker at a banquet. . Needless to say company included not only the city and visiting that his hearers were in roars of laughter, and every pharmacists, but the leaders of society, business and point was thoroughly appreciated. Mr. Chambers politics. On the right of the President, Mr. Wil of the Chronicle, and Mr. Ern. Pacaud of Le Soleil, liams, were the Hon. Mr. Marchand, Premier of the replied in eloquent terms to the same toast. Province; Mr. Dupré, President of the Board of

The following day a visit was paid to the famous "Trade ; and on his left Mr. Ed. Giroux, Chairman of shrine of Ste Anne de Beaupré, and the trip was the Banquet Committee; Mr. Levasseur, Secretary most thoroughly enjoyed by all who took part in it. of the Board of Trade. There were also present Mr. The committee which had charge of the enterE. D. T. Chambers of the Quebec Chronicle ; Dr. tainments must be congratulated on the great sucGeo. Stewart of the Mercury, and other well-known cess of their work, and especially is credit due to Mr. public men.

H. Willis, the efficient secretary upon whose shouldThe menu was one of the best ever prepared, and ers fell most of the work in connection with the banthe chateau and the decorations and service left

quet, etc.

Mr. Edm. Giroux, the chairman of the nothing to be desired. The menu was as follows :

committee, was also indefatigable in his efforts to MENU.

promote the success of the meeting. The committee Canapé Frontenac.

in charge of the meeting was as follows: Edmond Salted Almonds. Straw Cakes.

Giroux, chairman; J. E. Morrison, Alexis Robert,
Puré à St. Germain du Printemps.

J. E. Barnabe, J. E. Tremble, J. E. W. Lecours, E.
Filet of Gaspé Salmon, Napoléon Stylé.

Muir, Montreal ; E. C. Fraser, Sherbrooke; E.
Potatoes Noisette, Fine Herbs.
Grenadine of Turkey Westphalienne.

Ostigny, M.D., St. Hyacinthe ; Ed. Morin, M.D.,
Roast Filet of Beef Lardé à la Richelieu. Geo. H. Brunet, J. E. Dabe, Jno. I LaRoche, J. E.
New Bermuda Potatoes.

Roy, Quebec; Henry Willis, Sec.- Treasurer.
Fresh Asparagus, Sauce Hollandaise.
Punch Surprise.

The Mercury of Quebec published the following
Golden Plovers sur Canapé au Cresson.

report of the banquet, which we think worthy of Garden Lettuce, French Dressing.

being reproduced, as it is a little out of the usual Orange Pudding.

trend of the remarks about pharmacy, seen in newsBlanc Mange à la Vanilla. Jelly Macedoine. Strawberry Ice Cream.

papers :
Assorted Pastries.

Yesterday our city was enlivened by a visit of

about a hundred knights of the pestle and After the toast to the Queen Mr. Willis, the sec mortar. They came here to talk over matters conretary of the committee, read letters from the Lieut. nected with a craft, which is now recognized as a Governor, Hon. Mr. Parent, Mayor of Quebec, learned profession. To-day no one can embark in Mgr. Laflamine and others, expressing their regrets the business of chemist and druggist without passing at being unable to attend the banquet.

a searching, and often severe examination, by a Hon. Mr. Marchand replied to the toast of “Can board of experts, specially trained in the art of askada” with his usual eloquence, and touched upon the ing troublesome questions of young aspirants on the services of pharmacy in the interests of humanity. road to fortune and fame. It is well that our legisHis remarks were most encouraging, having in view lators have acquiesced in the demands of the Pharthe possibility of another legislative attack on the maceutical Society of Quebec, for after all, it is the Pharmacy Act.

skilled apothecary to whom we are indebted for the Mr. Dupré, president of the Quebec Board of safeguards against the inroads of disease. Trade, replied to the toast of “our guests.

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Crossbones is all well enough in his way. He diagMr. W. H. Chapman spoke in reply to “Our noses cases, he prescribes remedies, he shakes his Sister Associations in his usual' convincing style, wise head, and he feels the pulses of his patients. and was followed by Dr. Reid on the same subject. But the pharmacist is the real power behind the

Mr. Alex. LaRue replied to the toast of “ The throne of Æsculapius. The doctor may write his Ladies" in an eloquent and witty speech.

mandates in an illegible hand-he usually does. He The effort of the evening, however, was Dr. may forget an essential ingredient in the prescripStewart's reply to “The Press.” The doctor was in tion. He may order a mixture which on the very his best trim and his speech in his best vein, his re face of it, is unchemical. But the careful pharmaference to the drug trade being to the point, and copolist stands as a guardian angel between the phyevery one of them brought down the house. Dr. sician and the sick man. It is to his skill that the




last appeal is made. No matter how brilliant your sented the allied professions of pharmacy and medimedical man is in his profession, if your chemist is

cine, was also in a most interesting frame of mind,

and his words carried conviction with them. Of not equally well equipped in his knowledge of drugs and their effects, your life is not worth a moment's

course the evening's entertainment would not have purchase.

been complete without a post-prandial utterance from Well, yesterday, we had a visit from the members of this strong and progressive association.

Mayor LeVasseur, the enterprising secretary of the

Board of Trade, who was in fine form and spirits. They came from Montreal, Three Rivers, St. John's, Sherbrooke, St. Hyacinthe and other towns and

He made an address which fairly bristled with fun villages of the province.

and good humor, and at the close of his remarks he

They came their brothers who ply this splendid

proposed the health of the ladies. The gentle sex

calling in Quebec city, to talk over matters, to elect officers

would have been proud to hear Mr. Alex LaRue as their sponsor.

He was witty and serious by turns, and to dine at the Frontenac. All of that excellent programme was carried out to the very letter, and

and his good opinion of the fair sisterhood was well to-day a pilgrimage to La Bonne Ste. Anne com

worth cherishing. The press brought out a carefully pleted the tour of the pharmacists. The society con

prepared and arranged reply from Mr. Chambers

who had the nerve to tell his audience that he was a tains as fine a body of men as anyone would wish to

worker. He was probably believed by some. Mr. see. Intellect is stamped on their foreheads, which in many instances ought to be called beautiful. In

Ernest Pacaud, always eloquent, was felicitous and tegrity of character is another virtue with which these

sympathetic, and in him the pharmacists have a de

voted friend. compounders of nostrums are blessed. They are, as

A representative of the Mercury said

a few words, and then, after toasting the chairman, a rule, good speakers, and they are accustomed to

and Messrs. Giroux, Willis, Roy and the Pharmagive advice to the poor gratis. They gave a grand banquet to themselves and a few invited guests last

ceutical Association, the very happy gathering broke night, in the spacious and handsomely decorated

up, by singing the national anthem. It was a fes

tival to be remembered.” dining-hall of the Chateau Frontenac. About seventy gentlemen sat down, under the presidency of R. W. Williams, who ably presided at the festive board,

TWENTY-EIGHTH ANNUAL REPORT flanked on the right hand by Premier Marchand, J. Edm. Dupré, Esq., President of the Board of Trade,

Of the Pharmaceutical Association of the Prov. and Edmond Giroux and Ernest Pacaud, Esqrs., on ince of Quebec. Reports of Council his left. The tables were handsomely decorated, and

1897--98. the menu, which embraced all the delicacies of the season, was elaborate, and served in Manager The twenty-eighth annual meeting of the PharBeliveau's best and most engaging manner. There maceutical Association of the Province of Quebec, was music of excellent quality, and the flowers were was held in one the lecture halls of Laval University, abundant and fragrant. The flow of wit and of soul Quebec, on Tuesday, June 14th, at 10 a.m., when charmingly enlivened the proceedings. Mr. Willis, quite a number of the members of the Association one of the most rising of our young pharma from Montreal and other places in the Province, cists, acted the role of secretary, and read letters of joined their confrères in Quebec at this meeting. regret for non-attendance, from some leading citizens. The question of fixing a date upon which the new Mr. J. Emile Roy occupied one of the vice-chairs, B.P. changes would be universally adopted by the and he was, as is his wont, affable and courteous, as druggists of the province insofar as the dispensing of the French secretary of such societies always should prescriptions was concerned, when it was unanibe. Mr. Williams made an admirable chairman, and mously agreed that the 12th of October be the date his little introductions to the toasts were made in fixed when all physicians' prescriptions would be disperfect taste. The health of Her Majesty was drunk pensed according to the new B.P., unless otherwise with all the honors, and the toast of Canada drew ordered by the physician, and that this association from the Hon. F. G. Marchand a witty and happy issue to every physician and druggist in the province speech. To the toast of “ Our Guests,

a circular to that effect, and Dr. T. D. Reed, who interesting reply could have been made than the one represented the Medico Chinnnnn Society of Monwhich was returned by Mr. J. E. Dupré, who made treal at this meeting, was requested to convey to that a capital business speech, which pleased all present body the decision arrived at. Since this meeting the very much. It was practical and historical, as well doctors have concurred in the suggestion of the as entertaining. Mr. Chapman spoke for pharmacy, druggists, and therefore on and after October ist, in which art he is a recognized leader and teacher, 1898, the new B.P. will be universally used in this and he made a strong plea for the upholding and province. elevation of his profession. Dr. Reed, who repre Subjoined is the annual report and president's ad

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