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Bromo Soda.

Highly Effervescing.
Needs no Stirring.
The most Efficacious Remedy of its kind.

Composition: CAFFEINE, I gr.

BROMIDE OF SODIUM, 30 grs. Useful in Nervous Headache, Sleeplessness, Excessive Study, Over Brainwork, Nervous Debility, Mania, etc., etc.

Dose-A tablespoonful in half a glass of water, to be repeated once after an interval of thirty minutes, if necessary.

It is claimed by some prominent specialists in nervous discases, that the Sodium Salt is more acceptable to the stomach than the Bromide Potassium. An almost certain relief is given by the administration of this Effervescent Salt. It is also used with advantage in indigestion, depression following alcoholic and other excesses, as well as nervous headache. It affords speedy relief for mental and physical exhaustion.

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URE Drugs in the hands of our experienced chemists result in

producing a pill that is permanent, soluble, potent and reliable.

All Private Formulæ sent to us for quotation and manufacture are under our personal supervision, and are absolutely protected.

Sugar Coated Pills, any color.

no “Pin” Holes.

Our Pill List comprises all Standard Formulæ.
Write for Epitome of Prices Current.

2 Grain Quinine Pills.


In Bottles of 100 with your label,

For handy retailing. We make a specialty of putting up in this form (in lots of 3,000 and upwards) the best seller the druggist has, and the one in which he finds the most competition.

Our quotations are subject to the ruling price of quinine, but our customers always get the benefit of our large quantity buying, and facilities for economical manufacturing.

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Mass.-Skilfully prepared from pure drugs.
Shape.-Round, Oval, Lentiform.

Coating.–Sugar or Gelatin.
Absolutely reliable and will resist atmospheric conditions.


2 drs.

16 m.






quiry for this preparation in a contemporary. The CREAMY TOOTHPASTE (Montreal.)

best way to fill the bill is to get a bunch of parsley

from thə market, put it into a wide-mouth bottle and A very nice preparation can be made by the fol

cover with alcohol. Use this as required to color lowing, which appeared some years ago in the Phar extract, peppermint, etc., and you will get a reputamaceutical Record :

tion for making essences directly from the fresh Precipitated chalk

herbs. The most celebrated perfumery houses use

5 oz. Powdered Soap..

some such preparation in Extraits, White Rose, Lily Sodium Salicylate..

of the Valley, and Violet. There is no loss, as the Oil of Rose Geranium

Ya dr.

colored spirit simply replaces an equal volume of un

colored. Care must be taken not to overdo the Oil of Wintergreen..

- 24 m. Solution of Carmine..

coloring ; to this end small standard samples of each Glycerine

preparation should be kept. Water..

GERMAN GREEN SOAP. Frequent complaints are Mix the powders, add the oils, and solution of car heard of the green soap, as usually supplied, losing mine, and make into a paste with the mixture of color and becoming unsightly, and this arises from

the demand for a pronounced green color.

The glycerine and water.

officinal green soap is made with potash and a vegeFIRE EXTINGUISHER SOLUTION. (S Morris.) table oil, generally Linseed or Olive, and should

naturally be of a greenish yellow color, but to suit Sodium bicarbonate and sulphuric acid are used

popular taste a little indigo powder or extract is in the Babcock machine. We know of none using added. This in process of time being decomposed ammonia, which to be of any service would have to gives rise to the objectionable, muddy mottled apbe very strong and consequently too dangerous for pearance. Indigo is no use in the soap. If buyers

in Canada would be content, as they are in New use. Perhaps your customer requires a solution for

York and Philadelphia, with the natural color they use with hand grenades; if so, he might try the fol would have no trouble or loss. lowing: Calcium chloride ..

18 Magnesium


1/2 Barium

% Water to make...

SALOSANTOL is a compound of salol and oil of


santal and is recommended for use in gonorrhea. PRESERVATION (Winnipeg.)

GUAIACOPHOSPHAL is a phosphite of guaiacol There is only one really effectual method, and containing 92.2 per cent. of guaiacol and is in white that we have already mentioned several times in this crystals soluble in alcohol, glycerine and olive oil. Journal, namely, expose the syrup to full sunlight, The dose is from 1 to 3 grms. (15 to 45 grs.) three and you will never have any trouble with it.

times daily. SELTZOGENE CHARGES (Montreal.)

PHOSPHOTAL is a phosphite of creosote introThese are simply tartaric acid and sodium bicar duced by the Société Chemique des Usines du bonate, the quantities of which will vary with the Rhône, who are also manufacturers of gyaiacophos. size of the machine. For a two pints seltzogene take phal. Phosphotal is an oily liquid and is given in Sodium bicarbonate 17 scruples, tartaric acid 14

the same dose as the preceding. scruples. For 3 pints : Tartaric acid 17 scruples, VALERYDIN is a compound of valerianic acid sodium bicarbonate 21 scruples.

with paraamidophenetol, which is said to combine WEIGHT OR MEASURE ? Etudiant, Montreal.) the sedative properties of valerianic acid with the In dispensing metric prescriptions, there should be

analgesic properties of phenacetin. It is in white no question with regard to weighing or measuring.

acicular crystals, freely soluble in alcohol, chloroIf a physician write Syr. Aurant 25 grms., you

form and acetone, and insoluble in water. The dose should weigh it. If he write Syr. Aurant 25 ccs.,

is about .50 to i grm. (7.5 to 15 grs.) three or four you should measure it. But another factor now

times daily. comes into play ; very many, in fact, the vast majority of physicians do not know the difference between

WATERPROOF PORCELAIN CEMENT, a gramme and a cubic centimetre, and although they Dissolve (1) 10 parts of mastic in 60 parts absolute prescribe syrups and other liquids by the gramme alcohol ; (2) 20 parts isinglass in 100 parts water they really mean that ccs. shall be taken, so that and 10 parts grain brandy ; (3) 5 parts gum ammon. possibly it would be better to find out from the phy- iac in 25 parts grain brandy ; whereupon solutions i sician exactly what he wants. If you follow the rule and 2 should be thoroughly mixed, No. 3 added, and first laid down you will be right.

she whole boiled down to 180 parts.




Departmentof Pharmacy

of the

Detroit College of Medicine,


Important Announcement to Prospective Students.
Both Men and Women Admitted.

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ing it.

The College opens September 28th, 1893, and closes My 11th, 1899.
Midwinter vacation from December 22nd, 1898, to January 3rd, 1899.

Examinations for admission to and for advanced standing in the Phar-
maceutical, Medical, Dental and Veterinary Departments, September 26th
and 27th.

Students are admitted on credentials from high schools, academies, colleges of medicine or pharmacy, or any incorporated literary college.

Students on arriving in the city may call at the Secretary's office, 27 Adams Avenue East, Detroit, where proper directions and infornı ition can be obtained.

We will mail a copy of our 1898 and 1899 Catalogue to any one request

Our buildings have all been remodeled or rebuilt with the latest equipments for practical and demonstrative work in Pharmacy, Chemistry, Dental and Veterinary practice and clinics.

The total college fees will not exceed $55 to $60 per year. graduation fee included.

With rare exceptions, all our students secure positions in the city in manufacturing, wholesale and retail houses, so that they are enabled to defray part or all their current expenses.

The degree of Graduate in Pharmacy (Ph.G.) is conferred upon those completing the two years course.

We solicit a careful perusal of the announcement. Write for a copy, being careful to sign name and address plainly.

All the branches pertaining to Theoretical and Practical Pharmacy are included in the curriculum, and the course of study has been carefully arrang. ed to give the student a comprehensive and thorough knowledge of the several branches necessary for the education of a pharmacist.

The instruction in pharmacy is mostly given in the evening, so that those in attendance are enabled to engage in practical pharmacy through the greater part of the day.

Detroit has a population of about 300,000, and is one of the greatest
drug and pharm-iceutical manufacturing cities in the country; her goods have
a world-wide reputation.

All things considered, the School of Pharmacy of the Detroit College of
Medicine is the most economical school to attend.

Further information may be obtained by addressing or calling on H. 0.
Walker, M.D., Secretary Detroit College of Medicine, 27 Adams Avenue
Eest, Detroit, or upon C. C. Sherrard, Ph.C.,B.S., Secretary of the Depart-
ment of Pharmacy, 121 Twentieth St., Detroit.

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ner, B.C.


W. J. Alkins, Madoc, has been succeeded by W. S. Harper.

J. J. Channing has opened a new business in St. Johns, N'ld.

David Oliphant, Collingwood, has sold out to P. J. Bellman.

Mr. Macklin of Roland, Man., is selling out his drug business.

Stanton A. German is opening a new business in Arden, N.W.T.

Dr. J. W. Slavin of Orillia, has been succeeded by R. R. Slavin.

George Dale, of Courtright, Ont., has sold out to J. P. Armrtrong.

D. A. Black is opening a new business at Medicine Hat, N.W.T.

G. W. McLaren of Mordieu, Man., is opening a branch at Winkler.

The assets of Adshelme Dugal estate, Montreal, were sold June zoth.

T. H. Duncombe, St. Thomas, is advertising his business for sale.

J. K. Patton of Minnedosa, N.W,T., has sold out to McDonald & Co.

W. A. McCollum, of Tilsonburg, Ont., has sold out to W. B. McCollum.

Mr. Harry Southcott has sold his branch at Niagara, Ont., to B. P. St. Johns.

Newball & Mason is a new copartnership of manufacturing chemists in Montreal,

Otto G. Palm, Hamilton, is ende .voring to effect a settlement with his creditors.

Geo. Ross of the '98 class, has purchased the business of Dr. Steele, Tavistock, Ont.

J. B. Mercier is closing out his business at Battleford, N.W.T., and removing to Edmonton.

John A. Barr of Hamilton is advertising his business, located in the Royal Ho el building, for sale.

The affairs of the Bowmanville Rubber Co'y. are bhing wound up with Mr. E. C. R. Clarkson as interim liquidator.

J. H. Batchlor, who was at one time with G. A. McCann, and afterwards with Harper & Co., has

opened a new business in Barrie, Ont.

John McNeil, sole partner and owner of the Thos. McMurdo & Co. business, St. Johns, Newfoundland, is dead. The business will be continued under the old firm name by his son, Thos. McNeil.

Mr. J. H. Flagg, police magistrate of Mitchell, died on July 13th from an overdose of Colchicum, a remedy which he was using for relief of rheumatism. The efforts of two physicians were unavailing in overcoming the effects of the poison.

The Bole Drug Co., Ltd., of Winnipeg, has been incorporated. The stockholders are D. W. Bole, J. Y. Griffin, Alex, Macdonald, Kenneth McKenzie and R. J. Campbell, all of Winnipeg. Capital stock $100,000, divided in 2,000 shares.

Our sympathies are extended to Mr. E. J. Thom of Palmerston, in his bereavement through the death of his wise, which took place on July 13th at the residence of her father, Rev. Mr. McDowell, Aurora, Ont. It is but a few months since Mr. Thom took his wise home a happy bride, and now they are parted by the grim reaper who respects neither youth nor old age in his gleanings. Mrs. Thom was a sister-in-law of Mr. Whilan, representative for Parke, Davis & Co. in Toronto.

The case of Dr. England vs. Kerry, Watson & Co., which ran the course of the Quebec Courts during the years 96-97, has reached the Privy Council in England, on an appeal of Kerry, Watson & Co, from a decision of the Court of Queen's Bench, ordering a new trial. The case was argued on July 13th before their Lordships of the Privy, who on the 26th gave judgment, allowing the appeal, thus reversing the decision of the Quebec Court of Queen's Bench, and throws the case back where the jury verdict left it.


J. F. Lemaitre is at the sea side.
Mr. White of Hooper & Co. is in Muskoka.

Jackson Little and wife are at Put-in-Bay, Lake Erie.

M. D. Hall of Queen St., is at Port Sandfield, Muskoka.

Geo. Bingham and wife are doing a month at Old Orchard.

The Mackenzie, Snyder Co., Limited, has been incorporated.

T. N. Sampson of Dundas St., is at Bayfield near Goderich, on Lake Huron.

Mr. A. J. McDonald is putting in his holidays around Brampton with friends.

J. N. Scott oi class '97, has purchased the busin ness of H. Powell, College St.

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