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press dispatch and was the first intimation received by the family or Parke, Davis & Co, of the sad event. Naturally it was discredited, but later reports proved it only too true. Death was due to heart failure following a chill.

It was Mr. Parke's custom to spend the winter months in California, where he has a beautiful home where the climate was less trying on a bronchial affection from which he suffered,

Mr. Parke had only arrived a week previous, accompanied by his son and letters received from him reported his health as the best.

Mr. Parke was a native of Michigan, born in Oakland county Dec. 13th, 1827, his father being a hard-working country physician. He secured an education by his own efforts and started life as a teacher, but soon dropped this for a mercantile life, first clerking in stores for a few years and then managing a mining interest in Northern Michigan. In 1866 he married, and started a hardware store at Portage Lake. At the end of four years he sold out and removed to Detroit, where he formed a partnership with S. P. Duffield, as Duffield, Parke & Co., Manufacturing Chemists. Two years later the firm became Parke, Davis & Co., with Mr. Geo. Davis as manager. Eight years later the firm was incorporated with a capital stock of $500,000, which a year later was increased to $600,000 and subsequently to $1,200,000. The growth of this company from that time forth is one of the marvels of the pharmaceutical world, and today the products of the Laboratories of Parke, Davis & Co. are known and used in every civilized country in the world. This wonderful growth is in a large measure due to the skilful management of Mr. Parke and Mr. G. S. Davis. From the incorporation of the company until his death Mr. Parke held the position of president.

Mr. Parke was a consistant and active member of the Episcopal church ; for fifteen years he was vestryman of St. John's church, Detroit, and since 1894 has held the position of senior warden. Mr. Parke's liberality is testified to by the fact that one-tenth of his income was given to ihe church of which he was an adherent.

The following resolution, passed by the Merchants and Manufacturers' Exchange, of which he was a charter member, bears testimony to the esteem in which he was held by those with whom he associated :

“Whereas, The death of Hervey C. Parke, president of Parke, Davis & Co., and a charter member of this exchange, is announced, and is the source of profound regret to all the members ; therefore, be it

“Resolved, That we regard his death as a great loss to this city, to the great business enterprise that was founded and built up largely




Sold from Halifax to Victoria by

H LIF X-Brown & Webb, Simson Bros. & Co., For

syth, Sutcliffe & (o ST JOHNS-T B. Barker & "ons. YARMOUTH-C. C. Ricbards & Co MONTRE IL-Kerry, Watson & Co Lyman Sons & Co.

Evans Sons & 10 KING-TON-Henry -kinner & Co. TORONTO-Lyman Bros & Co Evans Sons & Co.

Northrop & Lyman Elliot & Co T Milbuin & Co. H MILTON - Archdale ilson & Co J. Winer & Co. LONDON-London Drug Co Jas n Kennedy & Co. WINNIPEG-Martin, Bole & Wynne Co. NEW WEST. INSTER-D S Curtis & (o. VICTORIA and V:NCOUVER--Langley & Henderson QUEBES-W. Brunet & Co. ST. JOHN-Capadian Drug Co S. McDiarmid & Co. PRISCOTT--T. W Chamberlain & Co. MONTREAL,-Hudou, Hebert & Co.


SITUATION VACANT-A strictly first-class man wanted. Must be a graduate and understand Optics. Permanent situation to a good man. Address J., care of PH RM. JOURNAL, Toronto.

through his efforts, and to all his business associates, who have always been attracted by his genial and cordial disposition. While we realize that nothing we can say can add to his reputation at his home, where he was so thoroughly respected and beloved ; still, we desire to place on record our admiration for his integrity, energy and generosity. Through all the years of struggle and varied fortune which have befallen him as a business man, he has preserved a spotless reputation, and to-day leaves his grandest monument in the business institution that has made our city famous throughout the world. We testify most gladly to the noble qualities of his mind and heart, which have made him welconie and popular in our homes, as well as in our offices. His kindness of heart, his devotion to his friends, his public spirit, and his activity in all good works, have endeared him to us all. We recognize his signal business ability, in the successful conduct of a great enterprise, and commend the example of his life to the emulation of all business men. We shall miss his cheering greeting, and those only can appreciate his loss who have been numbered among his friends.

“Resolved, That we tender our sincere sympathy in this severe affliction to his family, his his business associates and his friends, who mourn his loss so deeply to-day, and that our members be requested to attend his funeral in token of respect for one who was so actively engaged with us, and whose life has been an inspiration to better things, and filled with the influence of charity and love."




W. H. Butt is opening a business in Carbnnear, Nfd.

C. A. Parr is opening a new business in Gretoa, Man.

Hastings & Co., of St. Johns. N.B., are selling


E. Jenner, Digby, N.S., was burnt out on Feb. 13th.

B. P. Porter, Bridgewater, N.S., was burnt out on Jan. 12th.

Cheval & Gauvereau, Montreal, have dissolved partnership

Smith & Sons, Bathurst, N.S., were burnt out on Feb. 14th.

The Farral Co., of Markham, Ont., have been granted incorporation.

A. C. Lochead. Thedford, Ont., has sold out his business to J. H. Grimby.

The wholesale drug firm of E. Giroux & Sons, Quebec, has been dissolved.

The New Century Toilet Requisite Co., Ltd., og Toronto, has been incorporated.

H. N. Packet, of Stratford, has taken a holiday and gone to California to enjoy it.

C. G. T. Taylor, of Bridgewater, N. S., is offering a compromise to his creditors.

S. E. Hicks, of Goderich, is laid up with a severe attack of inflammation of the lungs.

John Werner, of Rat Portage, Ont., was burned out on the 15th. Loss covered by insurance.

Goodeve Bros., of Rossland, report a visit from the gentry of the dark lantern brigade. Loss $400.

Griffiths & McPherson have disposed of their Vancouver, B.C., business to Wallace & Eagleson,

The J. Hungerford Smith Co., Ltd., uf Turonto, has been incorporated as Manufacturing Chemists.

The Dr. Wilson Medicine Co., A. E, Emblem. owner, is a new patent medicine concern in Montreal.

W. Arkell was among the sufferers from a fire which destroyed a portion of McGregor, Man., on the 7th.

Mr. Ranson, at one time with Mr. Jeffrey of Toronto, is now managing Mr. Dyer's business, of Strathroy.

The estate of R. H. Tremaine, Amherst, N.S., has been sold to W. L. Orniond, recently of Thornburn.

The T. B. Barker & Sons business of St. Johns, N. B., has been sold out to the T. B. Barker & Sons Co., Ltd.

This newly established magazine, the second number of which is on our table, presents an attractive table of contents, A list of the names of contributors is sufficient guarantee of excellence and merit. The name of B. O. Flower, its editor, is known to laborers in the field of social reform through the Arena, which he founded. In this issue he discusses co-operation in England. Hezekialı Butterworth discourses with the editor on the Andean Republics and their heroes. The picture of those little known South American Republics sketched by this interesting lalker is fascinating and entertaining, conveying a fund of iníormation to those who are students of the great problem of Imperial expansion just now ergaging the attention of America's great thinkers.

The April issue will possess more than usual attraction for pharmacists and physicians. Professor John Uri Lloyd will contribute a paper entitled “Do physicians and pharmacists live on the misfortunes of humanity ?" Those of us who have wandered with this versatile author through the wierd, fantastic world of “ETIDORHPA" will require n) further commendation for the magazine. The price. 20 cents, or $2 a year, appears inadequate for such a collection of articles possessing high literary merit on topics of everyday importance, Published at St. Louis, Mo.



Show Cases,

Mr. Moore Jackman, of F. Stearns & Co., was in the city for a day this week.

Capt. H. E. Rulow is at present in the city introducing the Munyon Inhaler, and reports rapid sales.

Mr. Arthur Lyman of Montreal was in the city


during the month attending a meeting of the MIRRORS A SPECIALTY.

Druggists' Cases,


Manufacturer and Dealer,

wholesale jobbers.

Irving H. Taylor, Canadian manager for Frederick Stearns & Co., paid the city a flying visit on business last week.

The Toronto Pharmacal Co. of Toronto has opened a branch in Montreal. Mr. Murchison is looking after it for the present.

We are pleased to know that Mr. Carmichael of Evans & Sons is nearing recovery.

He is out of bed and expects to leave the hospital in a few days.

Mr. Wm. Soper is still confined to the house. The heart affection from which he is suffering, being of a persistent character, makes recovery slow.

Mr. Bert Smith, representative for Messrs F. Stearns & Co. in Western Ontario, has deserted the ranks of bachelorhood and become a family

Mr. Smith will take up his abode in Toron

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COPYRIGHTS &c. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly conddential. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for securing

patents, Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the

Scientific American.

A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir. culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a year; four months, $1. Sold by all newsdealers.

Another phai macy for the city. Mr. F. T. Carey, recently of Caswell Massey's, New York, is opening a store on Queen St. West, near the new City Hall, which will be known as the City Hall Pharmacy.

A quiet wedding was celebrated in St. Thomas Episcopal Church on March 4th, when

Mary (Polly), only daughter of Wm. Soper, of Elliot & Co., was united in Hymen's bonds with Mr. A. E. Andrews, of Wyld, Grassett and Darling, Toronto. Congratulations.

MUNN & Co.361 Broadway, New York

Branch Office, 625 F St., Washington, D. C.

Special to Retail Druggists

Common Sense Exterminator



T. E. Barbeau of Ontario St. has joined the ranks of the benedicts, and has just returned from a honeymoon trip.

Mayor Rogers, A. Lyman, W. S. Kerry, and F. Y. Lyman were in Quebec in connection with the grocers' amendment, and to help the retailers in

Only infallible remedy known. Expressly for the destruction of these, the greatest pests in the world. Once used, always recommended-never fails. Price-25 cls., $1.75, 50C., $3.50, $1.00, $800 per doz COMMON SENSE EXTERMINATOR

FOR RATS AND MICE. Free from poison, not dangerous to man or beast. DEAD RATS make no smell, as this preparation eats up Aesh and bone before decay sets in. Four sizes - Price, 15€.. $1. 25C., $1 75. 50c., $3.50, $1, $8 doz. Ju Above goods advertise themselves. Sold by wholesale druggists generally. Manufactured by

the fight.

0. H. Tansey was the recipient of a handsome present consisting of a copy of the U. S. Dispensatory and Remington's Pharmacy by the employees of Lyman, Sons & Co. on the occasion of his leaving to prepare for his major examination.


523 King St. West, TORONTO, Ont.


& CO.


Tire St. Denis Pharmacy was the scene of a bold attempt at robbery which, however, was frustrated by the vigilance of Mr. 'Levesque. One of the thieves was caught in the act, the other two bolted but were caught later on. They will be boarders at the government's expense for some time to come.

'The CANADIAN PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL is being commended for its article in the February issue on the Quebec Pharmacy Act, and every member of the Legislature was furnished with a copy as a complete statement of the pharmacists' position. The editor is being congratulated on the clear exposition of the case which he made before the Legislation Committee which had summoned him to testify as an expert.

The grocers and department stores are preparing for the harvest they imagine they will reap when their amendment to the Pharmacy Act becomes law. Several of them are already making arrangements for increasing their stocks of patents, and soine druggists are preparing to put in stocks of package teas and canned goods, etc. Perhaps the grocers will be sorry before a year is over that they had not left the Pharmacy Act alone.


Dr. Roux of the Pasteur Institute has been elected a member of the Paris Academy of Sciences.

The formation of a syndicate is reported from England with the object of supplying perfumes and various kinds of medicines by means of the “nickel in the slot” machines.

An English wholesale house has been fined £10 and costs £3 3s. for putting false labels on Seidlitz powders. The action was taken in the interest of small dealers who purchased from the house.

A London chemist was prosecuted for selling Gregory powder containing magnesia carbonate instead of oxide as ordered by the B. P. The case was dismissed, as the purchaser was informed that the powder was not standard.

A chemist of Edinburgh, Scotland, has been entirely cured of “acute phthisis” by taking the open air treatment in Baden Black forest, Germany. In a period of 372 months he gained 42 pounds in weight and 6 inches in chest measurement.

Ottoxeter, Eng., possesses the most inquisitive animal on record. A bull, while being driven to the auction market, visited in succession a newly fitted up pharmacy, two public houses, and a bank. What he but at the last he received a "check."

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500 lbs. Buchu,

400 lbs. Kola Nut, 1400 los. Gentian Root, 1000 lbs. Dandelion Root

500 lbs. Liquorice Root (Lady Bundles.) 500 lbs. Uva Ursi, 1000 lbs Aniseed,

600 lbs, Lavander, flowers, Eng.
200 lbs. Quince Seed (very fine.)
500 lbs Sassafras Bark,
500 lbs. Cinchona Bark (quill,)

300 lbs. Ergot, (German) 100 lbs. Oil of Lemon, 100 lbs. Oil of Orange.

Fielding-Kennedy & Co.,


121 Simcoe St., TORONTO.




To the Trade

We desire to call the attention of the trade to the above package dyes, which have been on the market for the past 9 years. The sales have increased wonderfully in that period, and they have given every satisfaction, both to retailer and

Every LIVE DRUGGIST handles Turkish Dyes.


Write for Prices, Samples, etc., to




caused in the works of Messrs. Flockhart. & Co., Amalgamation of wholesale drug interests goes on Edinburgh, on Jany. 13th, by an explosion in the apace across the border. The last reported is the boiler room. On investigation it was discovered to absorption of the Hopkins Wells Drug Co. of St. be a steam pipe connected with the boiler bursting Louis by the Meyers Brothers' Drug Co. of that city. at very high pressure. No lives were lost nor were The sale was completed on February ist, and transfer the premises seriously damaged.

of stock is going on at present.

One member of the

firm and four travellers have gone over to Meyers During an inquest at Heaton Norris, England, in

Brothers in the transfer. the case of a death of a lady where morphine poisoning was declared by the medical men to be the Philadelphia boys have discovered a new device cause, a dispenser told a very peculiar story regard

for “having fun.A city druggist remarking the ing the manner in which the mistake had been large amount of chlorate of potash being sold enmade. From his own adınission nothing but gross

quired the purpose for which they were used, and and criminal negligence could be charged. He

was told that one of the tablets was placed in the freely acknowledged "not understanding the pre- bowl of a pipe, which was then filled with tobacco scription" and yet dispensed an 8 oz. mixture con

and offered to somebody else. Imagination supplies

the balance of the programme. taining 50 grains of morphia with directions of “Two Tablespoonfuls dose” A man who had been

Representative Burnett has offered a bill in the years dispensing and guilty of such carelessness de

New York Legislature concerning the labelling of served more than the jury's finding of “death from poisonous medicines, by the terms of which any premisadventure.”

paration containing any poisonous substance must be labelled poison in the usual manner with skull and

crossbones, etc. For every violation of the act, a AMERICAN NEWS NOTES.

fine not less than one hundred dollars will be impos

ed. The patent medicine men will fight against the St. Louis is to have a World's Fair in 1903.

bill. Irving McKesson, a son of John McKesson, was

The pharmacists of Manhattan have formed an asrecently taken in as partner in the firm of McKesson

sociation for the protection of their commercial in& Robbins.

terests, to be known as the Manhattan Pharmaceut

ical Association. The following were elected to hold A New York doctor-druggist has been fined

office: R. R. Smith, president; W. H. Ebbitt, $150 for allowing unregistered clerks to compound vice-president; John R. Caswell, 2nd vice-president; prescriptions.

Felix Hirseman 3rd vice-president; T. J. Keenan, At the next New York city pharmacy examina secretary ; John C. Denner, treasurer, with an extions homoeopathic druggists will be required to pre ecutive committee of fifteen members. sent themselves for examination and registration as

Politics permeate the whole social fabric of the other members do.

United States. From the president down to the The Ohio state board propose enforcing the law scavenger it is politics—and politics only. At preregarding the sale of carbolic acid, which states that sent the Governor of Illinois and the State Board of none but qualified pharmacists can dispense it. Pharmacy have locked horns, and politics is claimed

to be the origin of the row. A Buffalo mother poisoned her infant by following

The governor ordered the advice of a friend “to send to the drug store and

the board to elect a secretary of his own selection and procure a bottle of a patent nostrum for soothing

stripe of politics. The board ignored the command

and re-elected the old secretary, Mr. Frank Fleury. purposes.” A teaspoonful killed the infant.

Now the governor demands the resignation of the Hervey C. Parke, of Parke, Davis & Co., died at

board. The latter defy him, and so the merry dance San Diego, Cal., on Feb. 8, of heart failure. Mr.

goes on. Parke was born at Bloomfield, Mich., in 1827. In 1866 with Mr. Duffield he founded the firm of Duf

“I am looking for a man by the name of Isaac field, Parke & Co., which in 1868 became Parke,

Bildergash,” said the lawyer-looking man, who Davis & Co.

stepped off at the little Oklahoma station. The beauties of a strictly cash system do not ap “They wuz a cuss by that name here," answered peal to all individuals with equal force. Recently a

Rubberneck Bill, “but he got into a hoss trouble

and died." California druggist endeavored to establish it, but

“Er-was his death violent ?" one of his customers resented the invitation to the

"Violent? Naw; peaceful as could be. extent of knocking him down and otherwise causing never even wiggled from the time the boys hung 'im grievous bodily harm.

to the time they took 'im down an' planted ’im.”


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