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to the work, and what is the result ?

If we compare the equipment and curriculum with :hose of any of the American colleges we will find that it is so far in the rear that the hope of catching up with the procession seems an impossibility. One reason for this is the lack of funds, the other is the general apathy of the graduates and pharmacists in general towards the college; not 20 per cent. of the graduates ever become members, and the average pharmacist does seem to care whether the college goes out of existence or not.

The curriculum of the college is totally inadequate to the demands of modern requirements. The least of American colleges of good standing requires at least 100 hours per term of practical work in both the chemical and pharmaca! laboratories. In our college students receive at the most 25 hours in the chemical laboratory, and none at all at practical pharmacy. Can this be remedied ? If the college had a fund of about $100,000 it could be; $60,000 to put up and equip a proper building, and the balance as a reserve fund. Then, to carry on a college of pharmacy properly, the lectures must be given in the day time, and the laboratories, chemical, pharmacal, and botanical, must be open all the time with a professor or proficient assistants in charge of each, No one fit to fill such a position will do it for less than $2,000 a year, and as we would require two staffs (French and English) of at least three professors each, it would involve a salary list of $12,000 per annum. We do not think that such an annual income is within the range of possibility, and nothing else will do if we are to compete successfully with other institutions.

Everyone who has given any study to the question of pharmacal education and has observed the improvements that have been and are being made everywhere else in this line must acknowledge that some change must be made. We must either find some millionaires generous enough to endow the college with the amount stated above, or else find some institution such as McGill or Laval University which will undertake to give courses on the necessary subjects. McGill has the funds, the laboratories, and everything necessary to give a bearer of its diploma a standing second to none in America.

There are but two objections which can be urged against such a plan. One is the lectures must be in daytime and students will be taken away from work for so many hours daily. On this point we may as well state the facts squarely, the time has come when a student cannot divide his time between work and study, he must give up one for the other. Many do it now, and it would be better

for pharmacy if this were made the rule, not the exception.

The other objection is that the lectures, etc., would be in English, and consequently French students would be handicapped. This is the only valid objection which can be urged against the scheme. But it is not sufficient to block it, as most of the French students are conversant with English and use only English text books in their studies, and consider the question of language as of very secondary importance when compared with the obtaining of a good pharmacal education. In order that pharmacy in Quebec keep pace with the general advance, it is necessary that we have an institution which will give an up-to-date education, that is, requiring at least two years attendance at lectures, of which there should be four per week on chemistry and pharmacy with from 10 to 16 hours weekly laboratory practice in both branches, and two per week on botany and pharmacognosy with four hours laboratory work, with lectures on materia medica, bacteriology and kindred subjects. Nothing else will fill the requirements of modern pharmacal education, and is the authorities of McGill are willing to offer such a course, the Montreal College of Pharmacy should accept it, in the interests of the students and of pharmacy in this Province.


We are not in a position to know just how many of our readers acted upon the advice in last month's JOURNAL and wrote to their Legislative representative on the subject of the Assessment Act Amendment, introduced by Mr. German at the request of The Retail Merchants' Association, but those who did so can congratulate themselves on the results of the efforts expended. The bill came before the Municipal Committee of the Legislature for consideration on Thursday, March 23rd. The case of the Association was presented by the Solicitor, President, and Secretary, in forceful and convincing speeches. These speeches were backed up by a numerous depu. tation of Toronto merchants, who crowded the Committee room, swarming over the table and chairs and overflowing into the corridor without. The interest taken by the druggists in this movement was evidenced by the number in attendance, there being a larger proportion than any other line of business.

The Chairman called for an expression of opinion which started a discussion by members of the Committee, and when the Attorney-General put the ques. tion for the adoption of the principal of the bill, the resultant vote was a surprise to those who had anticipated a fight for it, as the adoption was unanimous; not a single hand went up in opposition. This grati


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fying result was achieved through the earnest and lish word which is more convenient than a French persistent labors of the Executive Committee of the one they adopt it. The same with German, which Association, who have been in daily attendance at includes hundreds of French words, some without the house, discussing the merits of the bill and en change, others slightly modified. Colloquial Eng. lightening the members on the iniquities of the pres lish contains many French words adopted for convenent unjust methods, which permit the perjurer and ience, so that the objection with regard to Anglicism artful dodger to escape taxation and loads the bur is of no value. den on the honest, truthful dealer.

As regards the cause of our editorials, Mr. Laurence We look upon this as the initial step in bringing is mistaken, as it was due to French-Canadian stuabout a much needed retorm. Too many business dents, so many of whom had spoken to us about the men are disposed to be pessimistic, sitting down in matter that we took it up. We do not know of any their shops, deploring existing conditions and la English pharmacist who is interested in the question menting that "nothing can be done”, when all that at all, but as this journal numbers amongst its subis required is an effort. We do not wish to magnify scribers almost all the pharmacists of the Province of results achieved, but make use of them as an object Quebec, both French and English, as well as a large lesson and encouragement for more earnest labor on number of the students, we took the matter up in the the part of those who have taken the burden up and interests of the latter. We will be pleased to pubalso as a call to action for those who, up to the pres lish any further communications on the matter, ent, have shirked their responsibility.

either in French or English. (Later). A number of business men of Toronto, considering this bill as detrimental to their interests, succeeded by the aid of a large array of lawyers in

A LITERARY PIRATE. having it reconsidered by the committee. These parties were heard on Wednesday, 29th, and it was

In the March 15th, 1898, issue of Merck's Report arranged with the council of the retailers that the

appeared an article entitled “Leaks and How to Prematter should be deferred for a year, and in the

vent Them" by Edmund J. Weir, of Toronto. Remeantime a committee of the house will make a

cently a part of the article was published in the Bulcareful enquiry into the matter of personalty assess

letin of Pharmacy, and duly credited to Merck's Re

port. Reading over this portion it struck us as havment.

ing a rather familiar look, and finally we concluded

that we had seen it before, in fact, had written it. OFFICIAL AND OFFICINAL AGAIN.

And it did not take us long to find the original from which Mr. Weir had taken his copy.

In the PHARMACAL GAZETTE for February, 1896, It is with pleasure that we give space to Mr. A. J. we published an article entitled “Practical Pointers, Laurence's letter with regard to our editorial in our one section of which was devoted to “Distilled last issue. Mr. Laurence makes an able statement

Waters," and in the same journal for May we had

an editorial entitled “The Care of Stock," and from of the case from his point of view, but he has not

these two which Mr. Weir copied almost verbatim et converted us, as we still hold the same opinion on literatim is built up one section of his paper entitled the question. Admitting that the word officiel is not "Unstable Galenicals." used in France, (which we do not,) conditions are The average plagiarist will make some changes. not the same there as here. The terms offi

He will scarcely dare copy word for word; but Mr.

Weir is not an average plagiarist, he is something excinal and magistral to define two classes of prepara traordinary, for he has not taken the trouble to make tions are not used here, but the words official and

any changes whatever. He is wasting his time and officinal are ; it will thus be seen that the word off abilities if he remains cooped up in the narrow concinal has not exactly the same value in French and

fines of pharmacy. Here are a few samples: in English, and as most of our French students use


EDMUND J. WEIR, OF only English authors such as Squire, Remington and

TORON10. Merck's Auldfield in preparing for their examinations they May, 1896.

Report, March 15th,

1898. adopt the natural translation of officiel for official,

No class of prepara

There is in the drug and we asked that, in order to obviate this confusion,

tions is so productive of store no class of preparathe French examiners should have adopted the trouble as fluid extracts. tions requiring such consame translation, which we hold to be the only cor These if made of the stant attention as fluid rect one. The derivations of the two words are quite

proper strength will in

extracts. So productive enough in support of our contention.

variably precipitate after of trouble are they that
some time.
The large

the manufacturers freThat the word officiel is an Anglicism is no objec

manufacturers generally quently find it necessary tion. English words are being constantly taken up keep these preparations to store them for some by the French and used daily, as conditions in stock for some months months before sending

them out. demand new words, and if the French find an Eng before sending them out.







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