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Philadelphia ; Mr. T. Andrews is al Jackson Point; Mr. T. McIntyre is at Port Sandheld, Muskoka, while Mr. Jas. Watt, the sec'y.-treasurer, is imbibing renewed health and ozone at Rosebank-on-thelake.

W. F. Daniels of Lyman, Knox & Co., is recuperating at Detroit and Windsor.

R. W. Campbell, of Spadina, is on a fishing tour through Parry Sound and Muskoka.

Mr. F. Niehaus, manager for G. E. Gibbard on College St., is doing the northern lakes.

Mr. John McKee of the Dodds Medicine Co., sailed for Europe on the Germania July 20th.

Mr. W. J. Dyas of the Canadian Druggist and Druggists' Corporation, is also across the “briny," having sailed on the 16th.

Mr. W. S. Elliott, of Elliott & Co., is taking a trip through the rivers of Parry Sound, the Georgian Bay and northern lakes.

Mr. J. E. D'Avignon of Windsor was in the city during the month attending a meeting of Directors of The Druggists Corporation.

Mr. G. C. Hawkins, of Scott & Bowne, has just returned to the cares of business after a three weeks outing in and around New York.

H. Sherris of The Toronto Pharmacal Co., is summering at Roches' Point, Lake Simcoe, and C. D, Daniels at Long Branch on the lake.

Business except at the soda fountain languishes in the dog days, and many of the city pharmacists seize the opportunity to hie themselves away to ** cooling shades by rippling waters.”

A. R. Greenwood, recently with Mr. Geo. Bingham, of Yonge St., has secured a situation in St. Pauls, Mino. H. A. Schaler, who has been since his graduation in '97 filling a responsible position in Worchester, Mass., has returned and is again with Mr. Bingham.

Of the Lyman Bros. Staff Messrs. E. H. Sterling and Jno Barrass have just returned from their holidays, and Mr. T. Hagerty is doing New York and

Col. L. A. McIntosh of the Munyon Homeo. Remedy Co., paid the city a flying visit of a few days during the month. The Colonel is quite a Britisher. His two years sojourn in the tight little island makes him think that there is only one country in the world now. After a short stay in Philadelphia he returns to the old land, having charge of the companys' business there.

Another fake has been successfully worked in the city. This time it is tooth powder, and a coupon with each package entitling the holder to draw for a valuable (?) prize was the bait with which the "suckers" were caught. When the day for drawing came the gentlemen in charge were missing, much to the disgust of a crowd of women and also a large staff of canvassers, who had been working the city. • Next!”

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Medical circles and the community at large were greatly shocked on July 21st to hear of the terribly sudden death of the above gentlein in, the cause of which was chloroform, administered while having teeth extracted. The doctor had taken Dr. Bray with him to the office of Mr. Lougheed, the denttist, chloroform was given and some of the teeth extracted, when collapse took place. Further medicai assistance was instantly secured, but the patient was beyond human aid. The doctor was a young man, somewhat over 30 years of age, and had been in practice some eight years, during which he had built up a lucrative business in the east end of the city.


"Eyes” Wide open, Druggists.

Are you




You, and you only do we mean. ready to greet us? Are you, yes, you, ready to cooperate with us ?

With the Druggists' strength and help, and our determination, we will make a mighty team, and the Beauty Prices will be obtained. Drug Friends, write us. We are open

for communication. Dr. Allison's Kidney Buds," 40c. per Box ; 3 for $1. Postpaid. Address


Sharpe, Eakins & Ferris, Dr. Allison Kidney Bud Med. Co.,

94 Bay St., TORONTO, Ont.



Dr. M. O'B. Ward, of Maisonneuve, has been obliged to give up business for a while, on account of ill-health, and has gone to the Lower St. Lawrence to recuperate.

Another member of the trade who has been on the sick list, is Mr. J. E Tremble, who has been laid up for some weeks, but who is now, we are pleased to say, able to attend to business as usual.

Mr. Blundell, of Kerry Watson & Co., is also seeking a rest from Bell telephones and town orders at Newmarket, Ont., "here he will sojourn wi:h his family for a few weeks and enjoy a well earned rest.

A. Lebeau has bought out the International Pharmary on St. James street. Mr. Lebeau, who has a more extended experience than usual both in the retail and wholesale business, passed at the last examination and will make a success of his venture, if energy and ability count for anything.

Stanley Martin, the head of the town department of Lyman, Sons & Co., is seeking a respite from his arduous labors, with rod and line after the finny denizens of the Laurentian lakes. No doubt there will be a notable diminution of the piscatorial inhabitants of the aforesaid lakes, as Mr. Martin is a great disciple of old Ike Walton.

A class has been formed by several of our drug. gists for the study of bacteriology under Dr. Bruère, of Bishop's College. The class is composed of Messrs. Lanctot, Chapman, Laurence, Lecours, Tremble, Dowler, and others. The growing importance of bacteriology makes it necessary that pharmacists should be thoroughly posted on the theory and practice so as to intelligently aid the physician in this line of work.

Our congratulatior.s are due to Mr. Lanctot on his election to the Board of Examiners. Mr. Lanctot is one of the best known of our young pharmacists, being a gold medalist at the College and having taken a special course at the Philadelphia College after graduation. He is well prepared to fill the position of Chemistry Examiner and to do justice to the association and the candidates.

W. A. Hendrie has opened a branch on the corner of St. Mark and St. Catherine. Mr. Hendrie has carried on a successful business on St. Catherine St. East, for some years past, and has now ventured into the extreme west end of the same street. We have no doubt that Mr. Hendrie will be as successful in his western establishment as he has been in his eastern, as he is well known among the west end physicians “as a careful and accurate dispenser, and a thoroughly competent pharmacist."

At the first meeting of the new council of the Association, all the officers were re-elected. Mr. R. W. Williams, of Three Rivers. President: Mr. S. Lachance, ist vice; R. M. Nicholls, 2nd vice; J. E. Ray, 3rd vice; C. J. Covernton, Treasurer; E. Muir, Secretary-Registrar. Mr. E. Duberger having resigned as Examiner of Chemistry, Mr. Henri Lanctot was appoi ited to the position. Mr. Macmillan having resigned his position on the council on account of removal from the provin 'e, Henry Willis, of Quebec, was elected to fill the vacancy.

Mr. Willis, of Quebec, is to be congratulated on his election to the council. He is probably the youngest man who has held the position, and although he passed his exam. only a year ago, the fact that, in his first contest for the council, he wanted only a few votes for election, shows his ability and popularity. However, by the resignation of Mr. Macmillan, he was called to fill the vacancy. Mr. Willis is a member of the A. Ph. A. and has attended some of the conventions. The experience thus gained will be of service to him on our council.

The Sulphur Spring at Maisonneuve, through a little judicious advertising on the part of the Street Railway Co., is daily visited by large crowds. The spring is situated on the Viau property, which is now being opened up by the proprietor, who has placed comfortable seats and a covered pavilion along side the well, so that the delightful fragrance and favor of the water can be discussed comfortably and at leisure. One dose is enough for the average Christian, but some by judicious training have come to acquire a taste for the article, and they evidently enjoy it. However, we don't envy them.


Mr. Dowler, who recently bought out the Macmillan Pharmacy, is a believer in judicious advertising. He has just got out and distributed a handsome little booklet entitled "In Health's Sake," which is devoted mainly to advertising his prescription department and a few specialties. The booklet is well written, and neatly printed and is altogether a good thing, and a credit to Mr. Dow. ler, who reports business as first rate and his pre. scription trade constantly increasing.

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secretary informed the House of Commons that the

department was prosecuting enquiries both at home Another case of poisoning by carbolic acid is re

and abroad in relation to the use of phospherus. ported from Hullened, Brockmoor. This time the “The sale of poisonous substances” bill of the victim thought it was ginger beer.

Lords appears destined to meet its fate in the ComThe Pharmacy Act Bill has virtually become law,

mons where it has been sent. It is meeting with opas it has passed its second reading in the House of

position from the Pharmaceutical Society, backed Lords without objection or discussion.

by all the chemists in the kingdom. Manufacturers

of substances scheduled and also seed men are proThe early closing bill may be counted out for this testing, so it is considered doubtful if it emerges season at least, as the gentlemen having it in charge from its present abiding place. are unable to advance it to a second reading.

Mr. Wm. Adams, a chemist of Dudley Road, Birmingham, was severely injured and his store set

AMERICAN NEWS NOTES. on fire by the explosion of a bottle of collodion in the cellar,

Michigan Board of Health have commenced a A Richmond chemist has been fined 20s. for

campaign against artifical essences, the use of which making a boy drink a quassia cup full of water. The

is forbidden by law in that state dose was administered as a punishment for swinging Almost all the senior year class of the California on the shop blind.

College of Pharmacy enlisted in the hospital corps At a coroner's request at Ulpha, the evidence

attached to the army sent to the Phillipines under

Merritt. pointed strongly to death from bromide, prescribed by a chemist in a case of mild epilepsy. The coro

One. young man killed and a second seriously ner held that the chemist had rendered himself wounded is the result of a soda water system exliable to a charge of manslaughter.


plosion in a Washington, D.C., drug store. Two London chemists were summoned for selling

cause of the explosion unknown. Spt. Ether Nit. not up to the standard of the new A fire which started in the laboratory of Geo. B. pharmacopeia. In consideration of the fact that

Evans’ Chestnut St. Pharmacy, the largest in Philachemists had not had time to acquaint themselves

delphia, nearly destroyed the whole building. The with the new order of things the summonses were damage amounts to about $15,000. withdrawn.

The country's need is proving to be the pharmaAn English firm has got out a new alcohol meas

cists opportunity. The army and navy are in urgent ure for the preparation of the alcohols of the B.P. need of men with pharmaceutical knowledge and exIt is graduated in ounces and ccs., with a third grad perience and are offering good pay, with prospects uation for the quantity of alcohol necessary to pre of promotion. pare one pint or 500 cc. of 20 per cent., 45, 60 or 70 per cent. alcohol.

The Antikamnia Company has had a number of

men arrested in Atlanta, Ga., for counterfeiting Phosphorus matches are receiving attention in their preparations. All the necessary machinery, England and may receive the fate meted out to tablet machines, etc., were seized, as well as the them in France. In reply to a question the home manufactured stock.





We have been asked to extend the time for special offer, and to give every druggist in Canada an opportunity to secure the best special bargains ever given in the Dominion, as far as Fly Poisons are concerned. TIME IS EXTENDED TILL FURTHER NOTICE.

SPECIAL OFFER 2 Boxes Davis' Fly Fells, retail for

$10 00 i Cardboard Davis' Fly Felts, 20 pkgs., retail for I 00

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Na Paper and all other

Batog Couponient and

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DIREOTIONS. Place one of tho Perne apon a dish or plate: keep wet with water. Uso only enongh wate soak the FELT. Flies will drink the poisoned wator of the Frut and die immediamiy,

Placer un do con FEOTTES RU-dessus d'un plat on assietto; tanas lez bumide aroc do l'ean. Usez doulement assez d'eau pour tomper le FEDTEX. Los moonghes boiront l'eau ompoleonseo, sortiront de FECT 3 et trorront immodiorment

CAUTION.-Should the liquid bo swallowed by accident at once administer in large doses, Lime Water. Flexsand Tea, or Iron Rost, followed by an arpetic and drinks of Milk or Floor and Water.

11 00 Price to retailer

4 50 Profit

$6 50 really making 2 boxes Fly Felts, retailing at $10, cost but $3.50.

Send order direct to manufacturers, naming wholesaler that goods are to be shipped through.

Handle and push Davis' Fly Felts, the popular Fly Poison, profit the largest. MANUFACTURED BY POWELL & DAVIS CO., Chatham, Ont,

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C.F.G. Meyer, of the Meyer Bros. Drug Com the wife of Mr. F. Hirseman, who has been prominpan y, recently celebrated the jubilee of his entrance ent in the German Apothecaries' Assn. into the drug business. The occasion was marked by a dinner, at which all the heads of departments

The Hunter Drug Company, of Denver, which and many friends were present.

originated cutting in that city has, after a most de

termined fight, been bought out by the Denver A young Washington drug clerk, named Curtin, Pharmaceutical Association, which is composed of was killed on June 13th by the explosion of a soda all the other druggists in the city. The price paid fountain which he was charging. Another named is said to be $30,coo, contributed by all the memRogers who was working with him at the same time bers. was severely injured, but is recovering.

A man named Hermity was arrested at Buffalo on Professor C. P. Fennel has acquired the sole own June 1st for smuggling. In his possession were ership of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy. He in

found 50 100 oz. packages of phenacetine, 60 oz. of tends adding to its facilities and equipments so that trional, and 50 balf pound boxes of solol, the duty it will be second to none in the Union. Contracts on which would have amounted to $700. The U.S. for $5,000 improvements have been let.

Commissioner held him for trial, and in default of Another phenacetine ruling has eminated from

$250 bail he was sent to jail. Washington for the guidance of custom officers.

At the annual meeting of the N.Y. Pharm. Assn. This was occasioned by an effort to enter some of

the following were elected as officers for the incomthe drug as aristol. This was held as a violation of

ing year : President, Wm. Muir, Pm. D., of Brookthe Trade-mark Act and consequently it was not al lyn ; vice-presidents, W. Muench, Syracuse ; F. L.

Hewitt, Rochester ; Mrs. Felix Hirseman, New Beverly, Mass., is a prohibition town with a ven

York ; secretary, Judson B. Todd, Ithaca, (re-electgeance now. The people recently voted against ed); treasurer, T. W. Dalton, Syracuse. the granting of saloon licenses and now the alder

The Hale Bill which was offered as a substitute men propose applying the law to the druggist. Rather hard on the druggists, not to be deprived of

for that of the A. Ph. A., has become law, and the privilege, but to be classed with saloons.

pharmacists in the naval service now have the rank

of warrant officers, with greatly increased pay. The In the last examination of the New York City law provides for three grades, viz : twenty-five pharpharmacy board Mrs. Hirseman secured the highest macists with pay from $1000 to $1200 per annum ; standing ever achieved by any candidate before the the next rank will be that of hospital stewart, with Board, her rating being 91-75. Mrs. Hirseman is pay of $720 per annum, the same as that of apothe

lowed to pass.

Have you a stook of Reliable Antitoxin ?

The highest recorded rate of recoveries from diphtheria and membranous croup and the most extensive employment is the unrivalled record of



A stock of this serum pleases patrons and increases business.

We protect druggists by the privilege of exchanging for a fresh lot any package not sold within six months from date of preparation. We allow liberal terms and do frequent, liberal and effective circularizing.

Write For Terms,





caries under the old arrangement; and two classes of ous vote it was decided that percolation was the only
hospital apprentices with pay from $20 to $30 per

method to be used in the manufacture of tinctures.
The next thing to be done is to take up
the fight again for the hospital stewarts in the army The "pink pills" decision referred to last month
and secure for them the same recognition as has
been given their brothers in the navy.

takes away from the South Australian Pharmacy Board power to restrict the sale of many crude

poisons and permits the indiscriminate distribution NEWS FROM ABROAD.

of poisonous compounds The Board anticipate

legislative action to remedy this most undesirable Phosphorus is no longer allowed to be used in

state of affairs. match making in France. Two state chemists have The South Australian Act thus describes indecent succeeded in producing a serviceable article without advertising : “Drawing, picture, or written or printit.

ed matter of an indecent, immoral, or obscene naProf. Sanarelli, of Monte Video, the discoverer of ture, or which relates to venereal or contagious disyellow fever serum, has sold the exclusive right to eases affecting the generative organs or functions, or manufacture this article to a syndicate for the sum of to any complaint or infirmity arising from or relating $30,000 and 11 per cent. on the sales.

to sexual intercourse, or which relates to female ir. The “Frog in Your Throat” window displays,

regularities.” The post office authorities are emso fantiliar in this country a few years ago, are con

powered to destroy all such passing through. sidered a novelty in Australia worthy of note and are The Pharmaceutical Society of New South Wales referred to by the Journal of Pharmacy.

are having no end of trouble over the admission of According to advice sulpuhuric acid is a test by pharmacists by act of parliament" to their ranks. which to distinguish synthetical from natural oil of

The Council is divided in opinion on the question. wintergreen.

The law permits anyone having served three years With the latter there is a distinct

to register as a qualified pharmacist without examirise in temperature, while in the former there is

nation. Some members object to such being allownone.

ed to join the society unless they subject themselves

Others hold The report of the sub-committee on the revision

to an examination set by the Council.

that to place such a barrier in the way would proof the Codex was presented at the June meeting of duce fatal divisions in their ranks. So far a dethe Société de Pharmacie of Paris, and by a unanim cision has not been arrived at in the matter.

That Silky


counts for a great deal in TOILET PAPER, and customers are learning to ask for Eddy's make.

We can stock you up in full ; we make

over 20 brands--$5 to $16 per case. THE E. B. EDDY


HULL, Que.


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