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Mr. F. D. Lyman, of Lyman, Knox & Co., spent the Easter holidays with his parents in Montreal.

J. W. Urquhart, representing J. W. Tufts, Boston, soda water appliances, has been in the city and reports sales good, and predicts a rapid expansion in the soda water trade of Toront).

Mr. F. S. Ibbotson, of Montreal, recently with Messrs. F. Stearns & Co., is in the city represent

, the city he is making his home at the Grand Union Hotel.


Mr. McGarrity will replace Mr. Woolley in the East End in the interests of Messrs. Kerry, Watson & Co.

Students are working hard for the examinations which take place o. the 18th. The non-arrival of Squire's Companion on which the most of them depend, instead of the official B. P., fills them with dread, the arrangement of the text being more convenient for study.

The sympathy of the drug trade is with Mr. Manson, many years Treasurer of the College and one of the founders of our Association, in the great loss which he has suffered in the death of his wife, which occurred early in this month. The deceased lady left a large family and an extended circle of acquaintances to mourn her decease.

A couple of East End grocers were a little hasty in putting in stocks of patents which they commenced to sell at cut prices. The attention of the Secretary, Mr. Muir, having been drawn to the fact, he wrote them informing them that the law did not come into force for 60 days after the passing of the Act, and that if they did not immediately cease contravening the law he wruld be compelled to take action against them, and they stopped selling

Fred Woolley, for the past seven years one of Messrs. Kerry Watson & Co.'s staff of travellers, has resigned his position to go into the commission business on his own account. During the years that he has been calling upon East End druggists he has always been a welcome visitor, his genial ways and business ability making him a prime favorite with all, from the boys up to the proprietors. His success as traveller for Kerry Watson & Co. augurs well for him in his new sphere, and we only echo the wishes of all his friends in wishing Mr. Woolley a successful career as a business man.


Show Cases,


Druggists' Cases.


Manufacturer and Dealer,

155 King St. West,






COPYRIGHTS &c. Anyone sending a sketch and description may quickly ascertain our opinion free whether an invention is probably patentable. Communications strictly confidential. Handbook on Patents sent free. Oldest agency for securing patents.

Patents taken through Munn & Co. receive special notice, without charge, in the

Scientific American.

A handsomely illustrated weekly. Largest cir.
culation of any scientific journal. Terms, $3 a
year: four months, $1. 'Sold by all newsdealers.

MUNN & CO.361 Broadway. New York

Branch Omice, 625 F St., Washington, D. C.

Special to Retail Druggists

ROACHES AND BED BUGS. Only infallible remedy known. Expressly for the destruction of these, the greatest pests in the world. Once used, always recommended-never fails. Price—25 cts., $1.75, 50c., $3.50, $1 00, $800 per doz COMMON SENSE EXTERMINATOR

FOR RATS AND MICE. Free from poison, not dangerous to man or beast. DEAD RATS make no smell, as this preparation eats up flesh and bone before decay sels in. Four sizes-Price, 15C., $1, 25c., $1 75, 50c., $3 50, $1, $8 doz. fo Above goods advertise themselves. Sold by wholesale druggists generally. Manufactured by


523 King St. West, TORONTO, Ont.

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A good story of a new boy comes all the way from Halitax. He was admiring some new trusses with extra large fat pads, which had just been received, and asked one of the clerks what they were used for. He was told they were a new style of car muffs. A short time after he was sent out with a parcel to one of the hospitals situated a mile or so from the shop. During his absence the clerk noticed that one of the trusses was gone, but what was bis surprise to see the boy march back with the truss carefully placed under his chin so that the pads covered his ears co.nfortably. The lid explained that as it was a very cold day he had borrowed on:e of the new 'ear mults" to keep that part of his anatomy safe from freezing. And it was only when he asked the boss for the loan of it again later in the day, that he discovered that he had been the subject of a joke,

The Gladstone Pharmacy, No. 4110 St. Catherine street, opposite the Arena rink, is one of the best and finest-appointed pharmacies in the city. The fittings of the building inside are of light-colored oak, set off by fixtures of dark cherry, polished in piano style, which, along with mirrors and antique oak show cases with plate glass fittings, also rosewood tables, and chairs for comfort of customers, make it one of the latest and best-equipped phar. macies in the city.

The genial proprietor, Mr. W. J. Furse, has had experience in almost all parts of the world, having travelled through the West Indies and the greater part of South America in the interests of the drug trade, He is also a graduate of a N. Y. College of Pharmacy, besides having graduated from Quebec in 1891. He has had twelve years' experience in the best drug stores of Montreal; he also spent a year travelling and two years in New York city. He has also instituted an all-night and Sunday service, with qualified assistants in charge at all times. The prescription department is under his own inmediate supervision.

He also has several proprietary articles on the market, such as Gladstone toilet cream for softening and beautifying the skin; Gladstone cough emulsion, an invaluable remedy for coughs and colds; laxative bromo capsules for grippe, cold in the head, etc., and several others.


The “Sen-Sen" Co’y., of Rochester, U. S. A., have secured a temporary injunction against the agent of “Senti," a Canadian article which is claimed to be an imitation.

Alderman R. Gibson, ex-Lord Mayor of Manchester, was recently presented with a service of silver plate by the members of the Manchester City Council as a token of their appreciation of his services during his term of office.

500 lbs. Buchu,

400 lbs. Kola Nut, 1400 los. Gentian Root, 1000 lbs. Dandelion Root

500 lbs. Liquorice Root (Lady Bundles,) 500 lbs. Uva Ursi,

ovo lbs Aniseed,
600 lbs. Lavander, flowers, Eng.
200 lbs. Quince Seed (very fine.)
500 lbs Sassafras Bark,
500 lbs. Cinchona Bark (quill,)

300 lbs. Ergot, (German) 100 lbs. Oil of Lemon, 100 lbs. Oil of Orange.


121 Simcoe St., TORONTO.



To the Trade

We desire to call the attention of the trade to the above package dyes, which have been on the market for the past 9 years.

The sales have increased wonderfully in that period, and they have given every satisfaction, both to retailer and

Every LIVE DRUGGIST handles Turkish Dyes.


Write for Prices, Samples, etc., to



& CO.,


Among recently recorded deaths is that of Dr. W. Rutherford, Professor of Physiology in the University of Edinburg. He is principally noted for his researches on the liver, his work “The action of Drugs on thc Secretion of Bile," published in 1879 being the standard authority on the subject.

Dr. Rutherford commenced life as a pharmacist at Jedburgh, but gave it up to study medicine,


Michigan druggists are threatened with an addition to their other numerous woes of a $500 Liquor License fee.

The druggists of Minneapolis are considering the nickel-in-the-slot telephone plan as a means for correcting the may I use your 'phone" nuisance.

Politics prevailed in the scrap between Governor Tanner and the Illinois Board of Pharmacy. The latter refused to dismiss the secretary for “political reasons,” and now the Governor has fired the Board.

A $1,600 drug store robbery is reported from a Missouri town. The Pharm. Era (from which we cut the item) has scarcely recovered its equilibrium since receiving the despatch. $1600 from a drug store! Whew!

Indiana Pharmacists after years of struggle have at last secured a pharmacy law. A year ago they secured the passage of a law, but the Governor refused to sign it, but they secured his acceptance to the present act before submitting it to the Legislature.

Several of the large American Chemical Companies have amalgamated under the title of the General Chemical Company of Phillipstown, N. Y. The The capital is $25,000,000. The objects of the amalgamation are to secure more economical working and less competition.

A bill is before the Legislative Assembly, of Albany, N. Y. to wipe out the abuse now existing in New York, where the Board of health enters into competition with private firms in the manufacture and sale of Antitoxin. Druggists handling the Board of product are obliged to do so on a 10% basis.

A bill was introduced in the Senate at Albany on Wednesday, March 8th, prohibiting department stores from dealing in any patent or proprietary medicines or drugs whatsoever, or putting up or furnishing upon physicians' prescriptions or otherwise any compound, mixture or combination of ingredients containing medicines or drugs.

An effort was recently made in Kansas to legislate a man into pharmacy, a special bill being introduced with that object. The friends of pharmacy were wise and offered no objections, but killed it more effectually by ridicule. As the bill passed through its various stages numerous names were added of people who had no notion of becoming pharmacists. The climax was reached when the Lieutenant Governor's name was added. The ridiculousness of the whole thing was apparent, and speedy death was the result.

An insurance company in Denver endeavored to establish that phenacetin is a narcotic. The court ruled otherwise, and the company had to pay the amount of a policy on a man's life which they were trying to beat the widow out of.

Some practical joker sent Edward Thimme, sec'y. of Shorter Hours League, an infernal machine. This on investigation proved to be a package of cowhage. The “infernal" phase of the incident applied more to the language induced rather than the nature of the machine.

The Physicians of Muncie, N. J. have purchased a drug store, named it the Physicians Drug Co., and incorporated a company with $20,000 capital. Their object is to counteract the influence and work of the counter prescribing druggist, who they claim is ruining their business.

The Telephone nuisance in Chicago drug stores has been solved by means of the Slot machines. Instead of the instrument now being a cause of annoyance and loss to the druggist, it has become a source of revenue, besides serving the good purpose of making the public pay for their 'phoning.

The supreme court has given a decision in favor of the government in the Dunlap alcohol case, which was brought to recover duty on alcohol which according to plaintiff should have been free under a clause in the Wilson Tariff Law of 1894. The U. S. government held the contrary and the court of final resort has decided in favor of the government. The decision means a saving of many millions to the treasury.


The French society for the encouragement of agriculture are discussing the substitution of alcohol for petroleum for lighting purposes. The idea is that alcohol could be produced from beetroot. The growing of beetroot would encourage agriculture.

Pharmacists are licensed in the Transvaal according to the following schedule based on the yearly turnover. A turnover not exceeding $12,500 pays a fee of $37.50. From $12,500 to $25,000 the fee is $50. Up to $37,500 the fee is $75, etc., information as to volume of business to be furnished by pharmacists.

The Atlantic Refining Co.

This firm have placed on the market pharmaceutical oils and petrolatums that for excellence and elegance commend themselves to the critical

pharmacist. The pharmaceutical castor oil offered is water white and almost tasteless, and at a price but a trifle above that usually asked for ordinary East India oil.

Glycoline (Alboline) is another article to which they wish to direct special attention. A liquid petroleum product, colorless and tasteless, for nasal spraying purposes.

Here also their price is very much below that of siunilar products on the market.

For the other articles of their list we refer to their advertisement on page 425.

Write for quotations before purchasing.



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60 cc.

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600 gms

8 cc.

Extract of liquorice....

30 gms
Camph. tincture of opium.

I 20 CC.
Antimonial wine...
Spirit of nitrous ether.

30 cc.
Mucilage of acacia..
Water to make.

1000 CC. Dissolve the extract of liquorice and caramel in 300 cc. of water, add the wine, spirit of nitrous ether and camphorated tincture of opium previously mixed; filter into a bottle containing the sugar and mucilage, and wash the filter with water to make the volume measure 1000 ccs. Shake till the sugar is dissolved, then strain through flannel.

Ammonium sulphate.

Ammonium carbonate.

Boric acid.

FOR SALE.-One of the best paying drug businesses in the city of Toronto. Prominent corner. Good dispensing trade. Clean stock. Low rent. Satisfactory reasons for selling. For all particulars address Editor PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL, 287 King St. West, Toronto.


FOR SALE OR LEASE. -A drug business in the western part of the province in a go ahead town. Either for sale or a suitable person can have it under lease, as both the store and property belong to the present party, and his reasons for disposing of it is on account of other business interests. It has a good dwelling with modern improvements over store, and it is a rare snap for any married man, as he can have a lease for one or more years with privilege of purchasing. For further terms and conditions address “ ESCULAPIUS," care PHARM. JOURNAL.

The SYDENHAM GLASS CO. intend using this space during the coming year to advertise their high grade Druggists' prescription ware in flint, green and amber.

A trial order solicited.

of Wallaceburg, Limited,



MR. DRUGGIST: Send us your list of unsalable patent medicines. We change and buy.

3 Gelatine.

0.4 Water Dissolve, and steep the cotton in the solution and dry.

-Pharm. Zeitung


Market Report.

March 30th.-Trade continues of good seasonable proportions, and markets are generally firm or advancing. An exception is to be found in opium, which is still further depressed. Quinine is booming, present prices being fully double those of a year ago; the Amsterdam sale of bark on the 23rd resulted in prices 65% higher than the foriner one; some think the light shipments of bark from Java are due to the large quantity required to keep the Java quinine factories going, and that European and American manusacturers are paying excessive prices for their supplies. Camphor is firm on a generally believed report that Japan will make it a government monopoly. Cantharides are cheap. Cream tartar easier. Rumors are still current that phenacetin will be advanced by a combination. Ergot, no demand; price much lower. Cod Liver Oil easier. Oil peppermint much depressed.

A sure way of getting your money out of dead stock or overstock. PARKE & PARKE,



Nux vomica and strychnine are advancing Cin: ACTIVE SELICITORS WANTEP EVERY:


sulphate and carbonate continue firm. Carbolic acid has advanced. Borax is holding up well. Sodas are affected by competition between the Solvay and electrolytic processes. Glycerine is strong, and makers will duplicate recent sales. Gum arabics are firm for Soudan sorts, the home consumption increasing. Ipecac and Golden Seal are still dear. Spices are generally off, demand being light. Mercurials hold the advance. The Iodine situation is complicated by the Japanese production outside the syndicate, said to amount to 70.000 to 80.000 lbs. per annum. Linseed oil has advanced, and likely to go higher. Spirits turpentine firm. White and Red Lead decidedly dearer, in sympathy with the mutal.

for of the Philippines," by Murat Halstead, commissioned by the Government as Official Historian to the War Department. The book was written in army camps at San Francisco, on the Pacific with General Merritt, in the hospitals at Honolulu, in Hong Kong. in the American trenches at Manilla, in the insurgent camps with Aguinaldo, on the deck of the Olympia with Dewey, and in the roar of battle at the fall of Manilla. Bonanza for agents.

Brimful of original pictures taken by governinent photogranhers on the spit. Large book. Low prices. Big profits. Freight paid. Credit given. Drop all trashy unofficial war books. Outfit free. Address H. L. Birber. Gen. Manager, 356 Dearbora Street, Chicago.

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