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SPONGES. Pharmaceutical Specialties





(S. & M.)
Large assortmet of both
English and American The HOLGATE-FIELDING Co. Limited
Fluid Cascara Aromatic Syrup White Pine Co.

Sheepwool, Velvet, Yel- Fluid Extract Cascara
low, Hardhead, Reef and Menthymol Antiseptic Ferri Perchlor.
Essence of Pepsin

Triple Phos.
Elixir Lactated Pepsin

Ferri lodid Calisaya Cordial


Vitalic Hypophosphites Trifoliumo. LYMAN, KNOX We now manufacture the above and solicit the atten

tion of the trade. We also invite inquiries on crude drugs and powdered drugs in packages.

Agents for “Carnogen," Keasbey & Matteson, & CO.,

and Watson's Rheumatic Pills. Importers Jobbers,


25 Melinda St.,




We beg to announce to the Drug Trade

that we are now placing our Specialties on the Market throughout Canada, viz :





The Great Pain Reliever.

A Guaranteed Cure for Catarrh.

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A Guaranteed Cure for Asthma.



Fine Confectionery

for Druggists

These preparations have met with marked success throughout the West, and large contracts have now been placed with all the leading papers throughout Ontario and Eastern Provinces.

We intend contining our business exclusively to the Drug Trade and will not supply Cutters.

Order through your Wholesale Druggists.

Stewart's Extra Strong Horehound.
Stewart's Cough Drops has no equal.
Stewart's Floral Tablets.
Stewart's Fine Chocolates in great variety.

Stewart's Medicated Lozenges.

410 Queen St. W., Toronto.

Griffiths & Macpherson

Druggists, Vancouver, B.C.

Branch office-121 Church St., Toronto, Ont.

Dr. F. W. Mann in The Medical Age on this phase which they are justly entitled to as the result of their of the subject are most apt :

enterprise. Messrs. Parke, Davis & Co. have re“If Professor Behring admits any merit in the tained the foremost firm of patent lawyers in the work of his predecessors and contemporaries, his Union to look after their interests, and one of the claim to be the exclusive inventor of diphtheria biggest legal battles of a generation may be looked antitoxin is in contravention of all the ethics of a for, before the deciding judges of the Supreme Court scientist's career. His claim is an offence against deliver their finding as to the means and influences common morality. Had Simpson patented chloro by which this patent has been secured. form anæsthesia, or had Lister patented antiseptic surgery, the world would have had two selfish

THE PREVENTION OF CUTTING. empirics and lost two medical herves. If Behring, by the righteous judgment of mankind, can be ad

Whlle the majority of patent medicine manufacjudged sole and undisputed inventor of antitoxin,

turers are talking about schemes and plans to prevent he has a place in the Temple of Fame for achiev

cutting, and violently protesting their desire to proing the most beneficient discovery of modern tect the retailer, cutters are getting their supplies times. It remains to be seen whether the tempt from some source. There are a few notable excepation to be rich will overcome his ambition to be

tions to the general indifference to the demands of great, and whether for a tinsel crown he will barter

the retailer. The principal aniong those who are a diadem of everlasting renown.”

making an honest and successful effort in that direcThe commercial aspect of the case is worthy of a tion are the Quickcure Company, and the Abbey notice in passing. If there is not political corruption Salt Company. These two concerns are keeping in the securing of this patent then our neighbors their goods in the legitimate channels, and i? occasioacross the border have urgent need to rearrange the nally a cutter secures a small supply of either of registrations of their patent department. A law these articles it is through the treachery of some of which permits the most gigantic injustice of a cen those whose interests lie in the opposite direction. tury cannot be repealed any too soon.

The present

Manufacturers give as one reason for their indifferposition of Serum Therapy is the result of the de ence that druggists “substitute" (of course our views velopments of the last half dozen years. In attaining differ as to what constitutes substitution); but the fact this position the brightest intellects of the most ad is that if a druggist makes a fair profit on an article vanced epoch in the world's history have been aided it is not to his interest to substitute, but if the article by unlimited capital placed at their disposal by men is sold by cutters and departmental stores then the ever ready to encourage those who have devoted druggist in self-defence is compelled to get up and their lives to advancement of scientific knowledge. push a similar preparation. That this is so, is proved This decision of the U. S. patent office simply pro

by the fact that although Abbey's Salt is probably claims to the world that the men whom we delight to

the best selling specialty in Canada,

we have honor are frauds and imposters, and that Pasteur,

never heard of a druggist getting out an article reRoux, Chamberland, Kitasato, Arouson and Einer sembling it, or which by any stretch of imagination ide have been posing before the world as philan

could be called a sustitute, and the same with Quickthropists when they should occupy a place in a

If manufacturers would only see that the inpolice court beside the man guilty of petty larceny.

terests of the druggists are identical with their own, It means also that this man Behring and his asso

they would not hesitate so about doing what is ciates are to receive all the financial benefits which right. The concerns before mentioned understand will accrue from the labor of such intellectual giants,

the question thoroughly and they have not been as the foregoing, joined to the commercial enter

afraid to take the right road, and it has lead them to prise of such firms as Parke, Davis & Co., H. K.

The results are that these companies are Mulford & Co., who have done so much to bring prosperous, their goods sell well, the druggist is satisthe manufacture of antitoxin serums to the present

fied with the profits obtained, and everyone concernperfected condition. All their labors then have been

ed is pleased with the results. If this be so why Sabors of love”_not for humanity—but for Profes

cannot other manufacturers adopt similar means to sor Behring. That such a monstrous iniquity could be

prevent their goods getting into the hands of cutters. perpetrated, without protest even in the home of combines and monopolies, is inconceivable. The in Moissan has prepared a hydride of calcium by terested scientists named have no legal redress heating calcium in a hydrogen. This body is a against the man who is endeavoring to filch from powerful reducing agent ; it is decomposed on conthem the merit and credit which is their just due, but tact with water, giving off its hydrogen. Heated to the manufacturers interested are determined to fight dull redness it burns in oxygen, chlorine, bromine to the bitter end for the enjoyment of the benefits and iodine.





A. A. Stilwell, a New York dealer in essential oils, has sent out a circular with regard to the test which he recommended to his customers. According to some the test can be nullified by the addition of 25 per cent. of rosin, but Stilwell says that such an addition would render the balsam so thick that its appearance alone would be sufficient to condemn it. Mr. Stilwell repeats his assertion that all pure balsam, except Para Balsam or similar thin, limpid balsam, will answer the test, which is applied as follows :

In a test tube put two and a half parts of balsam, and one part of Aqua Ammonia 20° (U.S.P.), cork and shake thoroughly. If pure, the balsam will at first become cloudy; then, immediately becomes transparent and remains so. If impure, it will remain cloudy and opaque.


Since our last issue the Privy Council in England have rendered judgment in this now celebrated case. This case has been frequently referred to in our columns, so that most of our readers are familiar with it. Briefly stated it is as follows. In Feb'y., 1894, the wife of Dr. England, of Montreal, was suffering from some stomach trouble and the Dr., wishing to administer Bismuth Subnit. telephoned to the firm of H. J. Dart & Co. for 2 oz of the drug. A parcel marked Bismuth Trisnit. was sent over and a dose taken from it administered to Mrs. England. Shortly after swallowing it she realized that it was not bismuth. This proved to be correct, for on investigation it proved to be tartar emetic. Medical aid was secured, but she died a few days after.

Dr. Eng. land brought action against Dart & Co. claiming damages for himself and son. It then transpired that the container from which the drug was sold had been received a few days previous from Kerry, Watson & Co. containing tartar emetic and labeled “Bismuth Subnit.” Dart & Co. pleaded that the fault was on the part of Kerry, Watson & Co. The action was then dropped and a new one commenced against Kerry, Watson & Co., with damages set at $20,000. This case was tried by a jury who found for the doctor and his son, with damages for the latter of $1,000. During the trial evidence was put in to show that Mrs. England had not died from the effect of the medicine but from previous disease, accelerated by the tartar emetic, though not to an “appreciable extent.”

Both parties were dissatisfied with this verdict. Dr. England applied for a trial and the defendants moved for judgment their favor. In Nov., 1896, the Superior Court sit

ting in review gave judgment in favor of Kerry, Watson & Co., and dismissed the doctor's application for a new trial on the ground that he had failed to show that the defendants were guilty of any fault in law toward him, or that they were responsible to him in the matter. Dr. England immediately appealed from this decision to the Court of Queen's Bench, who is Sept., 1897, reversed the superior court decision and ordered a new trial. From this ruling Kerry, Watson & Co. appealed to the Privy Council, who have now reversed this past decision and restored the order of the Court of Review.

The importance of this case in its bearing on the responsibility of pharmacists has been entirely lost sight of in the legal battle over the question as to what should have been the proper judgment following the jury's finding, and the only thing decided is that Mrs. England's death was not caused by the tartar emetic but from previous diseases.

The trial court's findings are contained in the replies to a number of questions submitted to the jury.

Those material to the appeal, with the answers to them, are as follows:- "3rd. Was the death of said Carrie Ann Galer caused by her taking a dose of tartar emetic in mistake for subnitrate of bismuth, on or about the oth day of said month of February? It was accelerated, but not to any appreciable extent. 4th. Was the said tartar emetic supplied to the plaintiff by Henry J. Dart and Co., druggists, upon an order for bismuth, and was the package in which the same was contained marked •Bismuth Trisnit, 2 ounces?' Yes. 6th. Was the supply of the said tartar emetic in said package marked 'Bismuth Subnit' by the defendants to the said Henry J. Dart and Co. due to neglect, carelessness, want of skill, and fault of the defendants or their employees? Yes. Sth. At the time of the administration of the dose mentioned in Question 3, and previous thereto, was the plaintiff's wife suffering from an illness known as La Grippe?" Yes. 9th.

9th. Was the death of the plaintiff's wife caused by the last mentioned illness or by disease, independently of said dose of tartar emetic? From previous disease, but accelerated by the tartar emetic. Toth. Has the plaintiff suffered any damage by reason of the death of the wife, and, if so, to what amount ? No. uth. Has the plaintiff's minor child suffered any damages by the death of his mother, and, if so, to what amount? Yes. $1,000, one thousand dollars. E. A. Whitehead, Foreman.

Dr. England's ground for asking a new trial is contained in questions 3 and 9.

As to Question 3:—“The said answer is inconclusive and inconsistent, and in so far as the same states that the death of the late Dame Carrie Ann Galer was not accelerated to an appreciable extent by the taking of the said dose of tartar emetic the said answer is unsupported by proof, and is contrary to the evidence adduced. The answer to the ninth question, insofar as it purports to show that the death of the plaintiff's wife was caused by previous disease, is unsupported by proof, and is contrary to evidence adduced.

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Distinctly A Case
Where The Need
Sought The. Prep-
aration !

For years before we ever heard of Taka-
Diastase we frequently received letters
from prominent practitioners throughout
the Dominion, urging the need of a
powerful and reliable diastase in the con-
ditions which unite to form the

Clinical Tableau of Starch


and emphasizing the fairly boundless
range of usefulness in store for such a
preparation, as compared with the rela-
tively limited indications for pepsin.

Taka-Diastase is beyond all com-
parison, the most potent digestant of
starchy foods ever available in medical

Parke, Davis & Co.,

Walkerville, Ont.

Eastern Depot for Canada,

378 St. Paul St., Montreal.






Some Specialties.-Sandal Pure ; Sandal, 1-10 Cassia ;

A piol; Wintergreen ; Terpinol ; Erigeron ;

Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Etc.


Encapsuling Private Formulas a Specially. Correspondence solicited. IMPORTANT–We will gladly send Druggists or Physicians, on receipt of list price, direct by mail,

any of our Filled Capsules and Perloids. Specily PLANTEN'S on all orders. Send for samples.

H. PLANTEN & SON, Established 1836, NEW YORK.

Dandruff Shampoo Soap

Should have the preference as a Toilet and Bath Soap.

Why? Because it comes the nearest being a neutral soap, and will remove Dandruff and perspiratory matter when all other soaps fail. Make this test : Try any other soap as a Shampoo soap ; after allowing your hair to become thoroughly dry, comb with fine comb and you will bring out soapy dust. Use DANDRUFF SHAMPOO and you comb out nothing.

We claim it a fraud on the public to offer a medicated skin soap ; when the qualities of the best soap should be strictly neutral, removing the perspiratory matter from any part of the body without irritating the skin. 5 All orders promptly filled by jobbers. " Write



24 Wellington St., West., TORONTO.



In Pint Bottles..

-$5.00 per doz. Winchester (12 Imp. Gal.)...

2.00 each. Imp. Gal., in 5-gal. lots and over, 3.50 per gal. With handsome lithograph labels, buyer's name promin.

ently printed on same, at following prices : 4-gross lots, and over.... $60.00 per gross.

Packed in 4-gross Cases. We use a pure Sherry Wine in the manufacture of this article, assuring a delicate flavor, and we guarantee

The reasons that Druggists should handle the quality to be equal to any in the market.

ire invite comprison with other manufacturers, and BROCK'S Bird Seed will cheerfully furnish samples for that purpose.

Your early orders and enquiries solicited through
Wholesale Jobbers or direct to us.

It is perfectly clean, pure seed.

It contains no hemp.
Very truly yours,

3. The packages contain a cake of Bird Treat for

loning up the bird.

4. It contains a piece of Cuttle Fish Bune. HENRY K. WAMPOLE & CO.,

5. Because your customers will like it better than

any other. Manufacturing Pharmacists, Teto Order from your jobber ; if he don't keep it write Canadian Branch: PHILADELPHIA, Pa. 36 & 38 Lombard St.,


Colborne St.,


1. 2.

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