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"PINTS" $1.60. "QUARTS" $3,
is the best value on the market.
largely in MINERAL ACIDS and make close prices.
oholine Lotion,

Bryant's Root Beer. , 55 and 125.

Adam's Root Beer. Fly Felts, boxes

Foot Eim, (special offer.) gs (35). 900, each.

Hoyt's Cologne, (special offer.) ły Poison Plates.

Maypole Soap Dyes.

Oil Peppermint, Hotchkiss. 25 oz. bots. nicky Paper.

Somerville's Gum with Hammock. Juices.

Soda Silicate. , low figures.

Mass Liquorice Extract. Clioical Thermometers, each with certificate of CORRECTION. or Oil, ist pressure, pharmaceuticai or mechanical, 40 lb. screw cap tins. of Orders Our Specialty.

Special Attention to Letter Orders.







Pharmaceutical Specialties.

op selectation the way is open and plain be- rebate of the am retro

, viz : protect their goods so that the re- ported. llere i

sy get a living prott and substitution make Canadian spcar .

share of tax by


Cases Bales


(S. & M.)

now Large assortmet of both English and American The HOLGATE-FIELDING Co. Limited packing

Fluid Cascara Aromatic Syrup White Pine Co.
Fluid Extract Cascara

Sheepwool, Velvet, Yel-
low, Hardhead, Reef and Menthymol Antiseptic Ferri Perchlor.
Essence of Pepsin

Triple Phos. Elixir Lactated Pepsin

Ferri lodid Calisaya Cordial

Phos. Vita ic Hypophosphites Trifoliumo.

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Are we goin this? Are we and not resent us to fight os

We commend in the following *Go and do in

We, the u
boma Phari.
of Oklahoma
hereby agree
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force prior!

We frei!! tutions that of the preparatie low ebbe la gists, not fi addition the intent in show their

I there is a man in the United States to whom Ndersacists of that country owe an especial debt game, that man is Professor Geo. F. Payne, lanta

, Georgia. Persistently, courageously, ut since the day in Asheville when he first pete the subject, he has fought for the proper egreton et l'nited States naval pharmacists. L'nunted in the face of apparently unsurmountable Altzibes

, he has with true Anglo-Saxon tenacity se postery battled to accomplish his purpose d'acomplish his labor of love, and on the 17th of

2 st he had the proud satisfaction of realuing

na labor had not been in vain. On that day stat McKinley signed the bill which conferred nk members of the profession serving on board up the title of Pharmacists of the Navy, with - ek of warrant officers. To use Prof. Payne's res

: "This work shows that organized pharmacy a complish mach, but disorganized efforts can na bet litle. We feel that the whole profession permacy of the l'nited States has good cause to

We now manufacture the above and solicit the atlen. tion of the trade. We also in vile inquiries on crude drugs and powdered drugs in packages. Agents for "Crnogen," Keasbey & Matteson,

aud Watson's Rheumatic Pills.


Importers & Jobbers, MONTREAL


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esidence is accumulating


nak tell for the success of its efforts in this great sit be this recognition of the profession of phar

the vid post 4:" The magnitude of the task undertaken can

burdenso e apreciated when it is known that the movement svet strenuous opposition from the naval medical * 1 pharmacy had more Geo. F. Payne's with

THE ABE as anks it would speedily occupy the position in sonunity to which its importance renders it

This content

efforts in en THE ADVANCE IN PRICES.

on the subre

price slaugh to show that the not a large 1 medicine man is not going to forts. We s the "whole say" in shouldering his share of any genera ka ver las upon the retail dealer. The readiness the absenie mit vhich they proclaimed their intention of rais- cannot be s prates to cover the stamp tax is meeting with a Pieler's rebeter blast from the more independent retailers, brought li as com present indications these gentlemen may “The retai one this last development a "harder not to crack" done,” ann This mater receives attention from us bec use of ture of

PE importance to Canadians. Already we are cal served the du bear a share of this war burden. Our whole. at full que tik yolubers are receiving invoices with the addi- sults tha ad amounts to cover stamps, and in other cases Ties for proprietaries have been advanced. Sec

and look and Schedule B. of the Act provides for a

portuni! ate a ir

These preparations have met with marked success throughout the West, and large contracts have now been placed with all the leading papers throughout Ontario and Eastern Provinces.

We intend contiging our business exclusively to the Drug Trade and will not supply Cutters.

Order through your Wholesale Druggists.

Tine Confectionery

for Druggists.


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Stewart's Extra Strong Horehound.
Stewart's Cough Drops has no equal.
Stewart's Floral Tablets.
Stewart's Fine Chocolates in great variety.
Stewart's Medicated Lozenges.

410 Queen St. W., Toronto,

Griffiths & Macpherson

COMPANY, Druggists, Vancouver, B.C.

Branch office-121 Church St., Toronto, Ont.

e way is open and plain be't their goods so that the reving protit and substitution


the United States to whom country owe an especial debt is Professor Geo. F. Payne,

Persistently, courageously, ay in Asheville when he first he has fought for the proper tates naval pharmacists. UnE apparently unsurmountable th true Anglo-Saxon tenacity ad to accomplish his purpose or of love, and on the 17th of roud satisfaction of realizing

been in vain. On that day gned the bill which conferred profession serving on board armacists of the Navy, with C'ers. To use Prof. Payne's us that organized pharmacy but disorganized efforts can cel that the whole profession ted States has good cause to ess of its efforts in this great 1 of the profession of phare of the task undertaken can is known that the movement sition from the naval medical

more Geo. F. Payne's withedily occupy the position in h its importance renders it

rebate of the amount of the tax when goods are exported. Here is a clear case then of intention to make Canadians relieve the manufacturer of his share of tax by the advance in prices.

Are we going to sit calmly down and endure this ? Are we going to allow ourselves to be kicked and not resent it? Is there spirit enough left in us to fight or are we milksops ?

We commend the spirit of the west as displayed in the following resolution. To Canadians we say “Go and do likewise.”

We, the undersigned members of the Oklahoma Pharmaceutical Association and Druggists of Oklahoma Territory, in convention assembled, hereby agree upon our honor that we will not accept advertising matter, nor keep for distribu. tion in our places of business any sort of advertising, nor permit our names to appear in any of the Territorial papers beneath the local adver-, tisements of any patent medicine firms who have on account of the stamp tax raised the price of their medicines.

We further pledge ourselves to discourage the use of all medicines that have been advanced in price on account of the stamp tax until prices have been reduced to the established prices in force prior to July 1, 1898.

We feel that the patriotism of these large institutions that have grown wealthy at the expense of the people of this country, is at an extremely Jow ebb when they force upon the retail druggists, not only the full burden of this tax, but in addition thereto a large profit on the money they invest in revenue stamps, and we ask that they show their patriotism by at once placing in force the old prices and bearing their share of the burdens of war taxation."



lating to show that the icine man is not going to in shouldering his share of lail dealer. The readiness med their intention of raisstamp tax is meeting with a more independent retailers, itions ihese gentlemen may nt a "harder nut to crack" ion" or "cutting." attention from us beciuse of lians. Already we are calis war burden. Our wholeig invoices with the addir stamps, and in other cases have been advanced. Secof the Act provides for a

This Company are putting forth commendable efforts in endeavoring to stir up the manufacturers on the subject of protecting their preparations from price slaughtering. We confess our opinion is that not a large measure of success will attend their efforts. We have failed to fine among Manufacturers any general desire to regulate this matter, and in the absence of such, anything like energetic action cannot be looked for. The discussion on Mr. Pieler's resolutions at the P. A. T. A. meeting brought forth nothing but the same old tune, “The retailers are not united and nothing could be done,” and this in the face of the fact that the Abby people had done something. By the expenditure of properly directed efforts they have preserved the sale of their goods to the retail druggist at full prices. So well satisfied are they with results that they propose continuing their efforts, and look for aid from the retailers.

Here is an opportunity for the latter to show that they appreciate a friend.

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