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J. E. MORRISON Business Manager, - G. E. GIBBARD

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of men in the community, not excepting the physician. “All that a man hath will be give for his lise” was spoken by One “having authority,” and should be accepted as our standard of value on human life, and the inspiration of our acts when dealing with an article of such priceless worth.

The present prevailing custom of handing out harul, ss

inixtures for internal in bottles identical in shape, size, color and generai appearance with those in which dangerous lotions and liniments are dispensed is a perilous practice, and when the two bottles go together, is little short of crime.

Avarice and parsimony will, we fear, prevent an initiatory movement foi reform in this matter among those who

financially interested. There are poison bottles and poison guards, plenty on the market today, which can be procured at a moderate outlay and yet how few drug stores are provided with them or make use of them in general dispensing stringent. Lcgal enactments entirely prohibiting such practices should be placed on the statute books without delay by our Legislators.

Communications bearing on the text to be addressed to Editor, P.O. Box 683, Montreal.

All Copy for publication must be sent in by the 20th of the month.

New Advertisements and changes received up to the 25th or 20th if proofs are required.

Advertising Rates sent on application.

Address all communications on business CANADIAN PHARMACEUTICAL JOURNAL,

287 King St. West, Toronto, Ont.





The painful frequency with which this head line appears in our daily papers should induce the pharmacists to allow their thinking outfit to get into active inotion. A question to ponder is, in how many cases are we directly and indirectly responsibie when fatal accidents occur due to the above cause?

Have not the majority of us been all too ready to shift the responsibility for the public safely from our shoulders the moment we pass prescriptions or other preparation over the counter, confident that they are properly dispensed and labeled ?

In how many pharmacies of the Dominion are "all rcasonable precautions observed ?" We hold that such is not included in merely proper labeling with correct directions or even a verbal warning, "be careful and not take the wrong medicine one of thein is a poison.”

In our hands are matters of lite and death," more completely than in those of any other body

Since July manufacturers of proprietary articles, soaps, perfumery, chewing gum, etc., in the United States are required to aflix stamps in proportion to the retail price of their goods before offering them for sale, and the holders of stocks, whether wholesale or retail, are required to do the same, but there is a provision for a rebate on goods exported. The securing of this drawback will no doubt be attended with rigmarole, affidavits, red tape, fees, loss of time, etc., that will in most cases eat up the return, and so many proprietors advise that they will sell in Canada at old prices, standing the cost of stamps themselves. Others say they will rebate the stamps, charging the expense of Consular and other fees, while the Cuticura people of Boston write · We do not rebate for stamps on any of our goods. Our prices are uniform throughout the world." In other words, consumers of

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their goods throughout tle world. naust påyå Share: tbc graduaics of this:ibstitution. It is time some of the American war tax whether legally required means was provided for bringing members who disto or not.

gric their profession by such disreputable tactics to
It is not unlikely that proprietors who have a a realization of their true position,
considerable foreign trrde, will establish manufac-
turing branches here, from which not only the
Canadian but other foreign markets can be sup-

plied without paying the stamp tax. The only
drawback to manusacturing many of these prepara-

It is becoming more certain as time passes that tions on this side is our outrageously high excise

the pharmacist can expect no assistance from the duty on spirits.

patent medicine man in the struggle for fair treatment and just rights. · Object lessons, il such are

needed, are furnished at all meetings of proprietary FRAUDULENT ADVERTISING.

men, which should convince those concerned that

upon themselves and themselves alone must the The unscrupulous methods resorted to by depart retail interests depend for any improved conditions mental stores for drawing trade are more fully illus that the future may have in store for them. Intrated by their advertising methods than by any of stead of a body of earnest, determined men astheir other numerous fakes. Owners of proprietary sembling themselves together bent on rectifying a articles who have been successful in saving their wrong and putting forth their best efforts to acgoods from ruin by price-slaughtering, have had to complish the object for which they came together, suffer from attacks through the medium of their ad their meetings usually develop into a whining vertisements.

match, wherein each airs a grievance and offers The latest firm to receive the undesirable attention sundry resolutions regarding their bete noire, the of these pirates through the daily papers is the On Dragon “substitution,” while conspiring with tario Chemists' Manufacturing Co., of Hamilton. the newspapers for the complete annihilation of This firm has been most successful in controlling the that fiend the retail druggist, who dares to occupy price of their goods by confining their sale exclusive

so small a space on this mundane sphere ly to the pharmacists and as a consequence have in without offering an apology for his presumption. curred the enmity of these vipers and must needs This howl of "substitution" is becoming mighty taste their venom.

monotonous and more than a trifle stale. On July 18th the advertisement in the daily Now as a inatter of fact, why should the pharpapers of the R. Simpson Co. contained in its list of macist not substitute if he is so disposed ? There prices “Standard Sarsaparilla,” 35c. Immediately is no unbalanced account between the patent medion the appearance of the advertisement, representa cine man and himselt unless it be the debt owed hy tives of the 0. C. Co. made efforts to secure what the former for services rendered in introducing his stock they might have on hand, þut to all enquirers goods and helping to build up a trade for him. the response was the same, “We have none." The pharmacist either owns or pays rent for the Finally one of the employees induced a lad to accept store he occupies, and to the assistant he pays a bottle of some fake preparation of their own, as “a wages. What right then has any body of men to better article."

dictate as to the manner of conducting his busiIn the mouthings of these concerns they ever proclaim in trumpet tones their thorough reliability and We have long been convinced that as a matter of unswerving integrity. What have they to say to business it is bad policy to endeavor to persuade a such a low-down piece of rascality, so worthy of a dis customer into the purchase of one preparation credited race track tout ? What chance has an when they have come in with their mind made up honest man in conducting a legitimate business, when for another. The results of patent medicine using opposed by methods of which this is only a sample ? are usually unsatisfactory, and a wise pharmacist The heads of this concern are Christian gentlemen, will allow the proprietor to bear the burden of rehigh up in church circles, posing as disciples of the sponsibility ra: her than assume it himself. The meek and lowly One, who taught a religion, one of purchaser comes in with a inind biased from readthe basic principles of which was man's duty to his ing misleading statements of miraculous cures, fellowman.

which have never taken place, and doubtful testiFurther, the drug department in this establish monials of unlocateable people. Better let him ment is under the management of a graduate of the learn at the cost of a little money and some exOntario College of Pharmacy. Surely he is not a perience rather than constituce yourself the guardcriterion by which to judge the code of honor and ian of his interests. standard of professional ethics which prevails among !I thę patent medicine proprietors are so anxious


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“PINTS” $1.60. “QUARTS" $3,

is the best value on the market. We deal very largely in MINERAL ACIDS and make close prices. Pepper's Sulpholine Lotion,

Bryant's Root Beer.
Sheep Dip is, 55 and 112s.

Adam's Root Beer,
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Foot Elm, (special offer.)
of 50 pkgs (35). 90C. each,

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Maypole Soap Dyes.

Oil Peppermint, Hotchkiss. 25 oz. bots.
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Hance's Fruit Juices.

Soda Silicate.
Chloride Lime, low figures.

Mass Liquorice Extract.
Clinical Thermometers, each with certificate of CORRECTION,
French Castor Oil, ist pressure, pharmaceuticai or mechanical, 40 lb. screw cap tins.
Prompt Shipment of Orders Our Specialty.

Special Attention to Letter Orders.




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